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Hablamos Today

517 Guyasuta Road
Pittsburgh PA , 15215
United States

Great for developing speaking and confidence

I took a few sessions to improve my Spanish with both Cheryl and Gerelding. They were both very professional but really relaxed, which made it easy to start talking and practicing. I learnt different topics with each of them and it’s definitely made me feel more confident before my trip to South America. Muchas gracias, Cheryl y Geraldine!


I have been studying Spanish for the past few months through books, apps, podcasts, and videos. The one thing that was missing was trying to carry on an extended conversation with a native Spanish speaker. After my first 10 immersive lessons with Gerelding, I was able to confidently converse with her and understand what she was saying. I am eager to sign up for more lessons to further increase my fluency. Thank you Gerelding, and thank you Hablamos Today!

Sage sending Hablamos Today some love from Colombia!

My experience

Learn with the best!!



Such a cool experience to learn with a one on one Spanish conversation partner while also feeling the atmosphere of being in Latin America within your computer at the same time. They're very friendly and easy to talk with. If you are ready to start your conversational Spanish skills than this company is perfect for you.


Great to see someone bringing employment to Nicaragua and providing a much needed service. To learn a language you need self study but also comprehensible input and interaction in the second language. This is a great way to get that language input.


aprendes rapido,personal listo


es importante tanto como para el que recibe y el que da la clase es recíproco , no me equivoco si equivoco


Los educadores son profesionales con pasión y entrega, te dedican el tiempo que necesitas en el momento preciso, son jóvenes emprendedores con muchas habilidades en la comunicación.