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The Pirate & The Gypsy Designs

105 - 56 Merivale Street
New Westminster British Columbia , V3L2P6

Meditation Ring

Like so many other people, I wandered aimlessly through the Christmas Market waiting to see what would catch my eye.  And there is was!  It was a most delightful hand-crafted display.  And on it was jewelry… shiny hand-crafted jewelry!  Of course I stopped just to browse; I was after all here to shop for others and was intent on not buying anything for me.  But then I spotted it… The Ring!  A beautiful band of hammered silver, fitted with two small gold bands on either side of a filigreed band of rounded silver, the three smaller bands turning on the larger one.  Never ever in my life had I seen something like this!  It was a meditation ring, and it took my breath away.


Despite my resolve to not buy something for myself, I asked to have a closer look.  I twirled the bands… light reflecting, feeling their rhythm, hearing the gentle tingling as they spun… calming.  Resolve weakening, I tried it on.  Designed for my finger… a gift meant for me! 


When Paula described her labour of love to me and I knew that my ring was created by a true Artisan who translated her vision and soul into her work. 


Paula, I love my ring and wear it daily.  Your gift of creativity has been shared, and I’m sure will be for many others.  Thank you.

Mandala Tapestries

Loving my mandala from The Pirate & The Gypsy! Really adds life to any room! Now to find a wall for my new elephant Mandela!