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Private Information Concerns and how we addressed that issue .

Urban Legal Recruitment Ltd.   We had 4 laptops that had been used with our business. Containing
confidential client information on them , we were worried of how to discard of
them safely.  

Recycling them did not seem a safe option, if the hard
drives on those systems were reused , and not destroyed , the liability of the
confidential data being released by us was still ours. 


We contacted DriveUnDrive and went through what their
process was. 

We got the feeling immediately that their process was based
on details , confidentiality , expediency and completeness.


We are very satisfied with the DriveUnDrive service , our
digital media was handled in a confidential , private and professional manor ,
with very detailed documentation through the entire process. 

Our drives were processed with in 3 hours of being picked
up. The proof of destruction was undeniable - the
detailed video evidence of each individual hard drive removes any doubt .Stacy Cowan - President Urban Legal Recruitment Ltd.

Finally a provider that can prove what they have done

RCW Information Technologies Ltd.RCW had been struggling to find a Hard Drive Shedding provider that could give us the confidence that when we release digital media to a provider that the process used gives a complete story of how the media is handled from pickup to confirmation of destruction.Our experience with other providers  has been poor , we found that either the media is shipped out of province , or takes 3 weeks to get any type of confirmation, with ABSOLUTELY no way of telling if it was truly our hard drives being destroyed.DriveUnDrive's process is solid and they have processed over 70 hard drives for us so far. We can now confidently say to our clients that their hard drives are destroyed. and we can prove it , the process is documented and detailed. Each drive is identifiable as it is being destroyed.Its about time we have a premium service that can be trusted Worth every penny Susan M , Compliance Officer RCW Information Technologies Ltd.

Heath Information Compliance

Dr. John Fernades Exemplary and prompt service, with a
solid chain of custody.

I had been frustrated with the 2
obsolete computers I had in storage, with confidential information on them that
had only undergone a software erase of the sensitive data - hardly good enough
for such sensitive information. 

I had struggled in finding a
solution that I felt comfortable with for destroying the computers and the
sensitive data stored on them. 

I contacted other companies that claimed to document and destroy digital media,
but I did not have confidence in their professionalism or ability to meet the
standards and requirements of my Profession. 

I was happy to have found
DriveUnDrive; their process from start to finish was detailed, prompt
and professional. 

They even went out of their way to
remove the hard drives for me and they took care of recycling the computers
without the hard drives.

As the hard drives were removed, DriveUnDrive documented the serial numbers on
each drive and provided me with email confirmations during the process.
The Video documentation left no
doubt in my mind that the data on the hard drives I released was gone and no
longer a liability risk for me.

 This was accomplished by video
documentation of the serial numbers on the hard drives that were clearly
visible as they were being destroyed.
I have the utmost
confidence in this company’s professionalism and process for attending to my
digital data shredding needs.