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Hardeman School of Court Reporting and Captioning

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Tampa FL , 33681

Court Reporter

I have been a working reporter for 17 years and during that time, I have acquired a lot of bad writing habits, lost speed and definitely not test ready.  I decided to take Gayl's classes to help me clean up my notes and shorten my writing and build speed so I can finally take my certification test and pass.  Gayl's classes are slowly helping me get back to where I was when I started working.  Now I can see a difference in my writing, for the better.  I am going to be taking my state certification shortly, and I feel much more prepared.  And I also have a lot more confidence on the job.   Best decision I ever made.

Testimonial #4

I have been a court reporter for many years and a CART provider in the university setting for approximately four years.  I have had the distinct pleasure of attending Gayl Hardeman’s Cart & Captioning A-Z course.   Gayl’s ability to impart her vast knowledge of the industry to her students is unparalleled.  Whether a novice or a seasoned professional, I highly recommend this course of study which develops you both technically and professionally.   Her dedication to her enrollees’ capacity to learn and thrive is exceptional.   Gayl’s unique approach to learning is result driven and will prove to be a tremendous asset to the future goals and aspirations for any working reporter pursuing a captioning career.

The Finest Court Reporting Instruction Available

Coming from a private, expensive online court reporting school where I wasn't progressing no matter how many hours I spent practicing at my steno machine, finding Hardeman School was a godsend. During my very first class session with Gayl, I knew I had made the right choice. Hardeman's holistic teaching approach and hands-on, interactive class sessions cover theory reinforcement, dictation, speed building, the reading back of notes, proofreading and scoping, and software navigation. Now that I'm attending Hardeman School, there is no doubt in my mind that not only will I finish school in a timely manner, but I will be well-prepared for my certification tests as well as emerging from a well-rounded education ready for a rewarding career in the field of court reporting.

Gayl is as fast and accurate as they come, and a total pleasure to work with.