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Harrisburg Hypnotherapy

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Forever grateful!

I had been trying to quit smoking on and off for years with no success. I had already tried everything and nothing worked long term. I was getting depressed because I could not quit and my health was getting worse. Dr gave me not even 10 years if I kept smoking. By the way I'm in my early 50's. The more I tried to quit and failed the more i got depressed. I finally looked up hypnotist and found Colleen. She came highly recommended. I'm so glad she is the one I went with. She not only helped with the smoking but she has also helped with my anxiety from not smoking. I no longer have the depression because for the first time since I started smoking Iam smoke free. It feels so good to have that power back. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking for help with stopping to smoke and anxiety. My only regret is I did not try this sooner. I know Colleen you keep telling me I did it but I could not have accomplished this by myself and Iam forever grateful. Thank you for helping me to get my life back! ❤

Testimonial - #25

I’ve had tons of therapy & was always left feeling unhappy & disappointed. Colleen was the real breakthrough artist for me. She has a way of relieving anxiety that I’d never experienced before, being an anxiety patient. She made me feel safe and the work was done.


Colleen did a great job for me re: overcoming pain....she made a custom recording for me to use at home in addition to office sessions. She is an absolute professional and very caring to do all possible to help. Developed a course of action and fulfilled all goals that were set forth. We are lucky to have her in the Harrisburg area.


Colleen helped me tremendously I went from smoking a pack and a half on a daily basis for a little over 12 years and after about 12 weeks with Colleen I have been cigarette free for 7 months now. After countless attempts to quit I felt hopeless. I tried patches gums medications traditional counseling vaping meditation everything you could think of and got absorbed no where. My quality life has dramatically improved. Colleen support and help through this journey was amazing and I know if it wasn’t for her I would never be where I am today.
Thank you Colleen for you support and patience through this long journey with me.


I can't say enough good things about Colleen. She is a kind, compassionate, caring lady that always takes time to listen and help you through your difficulties that you're dealing with in life. Highly recommend!!


I have been seeing Colleen for two years. She takes time to listen to your needs and customize every session to best help your needs. I feel so comfortable with her that she has become as much of a friend as she has a therapist. My wife heard me talk so highly of her that she started visiting and has become a customer and a friend. Highly recommend!!


Colleen is kind and knowledgeable and sets you at ease. I have seen improvement in my life from the sessions we have had and always leave feeling wonderful, like previously closed doors have been unlocked. Thank you Colleen, for the time, effort, skill and understanding you bring to each session!


Colleen Lopez is phenomenal at what she does. She always goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are well taken care of.
Since meeting her I have over come obstacles I never thought I would. I wake up every morning as a whole new me!
After being in the dark for years with my anxiety and depression I wasn’t sure which way to turn. I had found myself bouncing from therapy center to therapy center just trying to feel at home and comfortable enough to tackle the issues at hand. Colleen made me feel right at home and had no issue helping me get to the root of my issues and forming me in to the confident woman and mother I am today. Colleen Lopez answered every question I had about her services, and reassured me on any concern I had as well.
Colleen Lopez turned my MESS in to a MESSAGE and I will always be grateful for the work that she does.


As a mental health professional, it is often hard to find services that you haven't provided or been through. After years of conventional counseling to deal with childhood trauma, I turned to hypnotherapy. Harrisburg Hypnotherapy/Colleen Lopez have been a God-send. After decades of blockages in trauma recovery, I finally have peace of mind to be a survivor. As I continue to work through the trials and tribulations of life, Colleen is right there always trying new techniques and methodologies to dig deeper and truly resolve core issues.


Colleen listens to what is on your mind, , counsels, clarifies the situation and then develops personalized sessions. I came in with severe anxiety and depression and her methods helped me get back on my feet


Colleen has helped me more than I ever thought possible. She helped me break through what was blocking me from moving forward. I have found the strength and confidence to step out of my comfort zone and it's been life changing. She's kind and generous with her time and I feel grateful to have met her.


My name is Pete Dows. I had been seeing Colleen for awhile. She helped me in so much. Three and a half years sober now. Problem behind me. Now different circumstances have led me back to Colleen.Two sessions and I can see daylight again. She is so compassionate and caring it is nice to know somebody is on my side. Colleen has helped my daughters, granddaughter and myself. I highly recommend Colleen and Hbg, Hypnotherapy. GOD bless her! Seeking help is not a sin!!


Going to Harrisburg Hypnotherapy was one of the best things I ever did. I basically carried 25 yrs of baggage around with me. It caused me anxiety and depression and weight issues and low self esteem. I had a consultation with Colleen and layed it all on the table. She was very caring and listened to all my stuff and did not make me feel crazy or judged in any way. She broke it all down and explained why I struggled with closure on all of it. From child hood issues, to relationships, to the weight struggles. She helped me get passed it all and for the first time in my life I have self esteem and a back bone. She gave me closure on stuff that kept creeping in my mind over and over . I no longer have that. I've lost weight and no longer binge eat on sweets. I understand the sub conscious more now. I definately recommend her to anyone. She can't help with everything, but however there isn't much that she can't help with. She is honest up front and also provides a very relaxing environment and makes you feel comfortable. She has a gift for helping people and she is Amazing at what she does and she really cares about her patients.


I highly recommend Harrisburg Hypnotherapy as treatment for stress and anxiety issues, as well a multitude of other problems. Having completed all of the hypnotherapy sessions, I’ve noticed remarkable changes as a result. I’ve suffered for many years with anxiety issues when faced with groups of people (any number greater than one person!). This includes both work and social circumstances. In working with Colleen, I was able to reign in the fears I had. Colleen understands personal situations and she explains the why so that you’re able to understand the problem as well as the solution. Colleen takes a personal interest in you and creates a plan of treatment which is tailor-made to fit your situation. As a personal testimonial, I recently attended an important meeting at work with no fears and no negative expectations. Prior to Colleen’s treatment, I would have been sleepless and working through numerous possible scenarios in my head the night before the meeting. I have experienced none of the “old behaviors” and have Colleen to thank. Thank you Colleen!

Testimonial #24

I found my hypnotherapy experience with Colleen quite helpful in overcoming my anxiety/stress related to taking an important exam related to my employment. She spent a lot of time gathering detailed information, related to my fear/concerns that plagued me. She is caring, and very professional at the same time. She made me feel very comfortable and positive that I would do well on test day. I passed, as she assured me I would. I wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Colleen. I will always refer others to her.

Testimonial #23

Colleen is a fantastic clinician and fantastic person. She really takes the time to get to know her clients, explain what is going on, and really puts quality time into each session. She helped me through a very tough and sensitive situation when Dr's and other professionals couldn't. I appreciated the time and care she provided with hypnosis. I would suggest going to Colleen to everyone considering hypno-therapy.


Colleen has helped me in unbelievable ways!!!!
After countless years in counseling I started believing my PTSD would never get any better. A co-worker of mine had suggested trying Hypnotherapy. He had worked with Colleen to help quit smoking and he has been smoke free since his 3rd session. At that point I decided to look more into the idea of hypnotherapy I looked around online to see who had the best reviews. When I seen all the testimonials on her website about how much she has helped people and how happy and satisfied everyone was with her service and knowing someone personally who has gone to her and has success I knew I should give it a try. During the first appointment I had with Colleen I was very nervous about Hypnotherapy but by the time I left she answered all of my questions and gave me peace at mind that with her help and effort from myself that my PTSD would get better. She advised me it would take 8 sessions to work through everything and she recommended once a week to come in so for the next 8 weeks i continued going to Colleen and every session I was a little better. I absolutely loved that she recorded my session so I can take them home to listen to periodically throughout the week in between sessions. I can honestly say after my 8 session she gave me a whole new outlook on life and for the first time in years I am happy and able to have healthy relationships with friends, family, my children and husband. She saved my marriage by helping me and saved my family. I can never begin to express how thankful I am that Colleen worked with me! Thank you Colleen !!


I was referred to Colleen by a friend who went to her to stop smoking. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but was very impressed by the comments in the testimonials listed on her website - so I thought I would take a chance. I now believe it’s one of the best decisions that I ever made. I was very impressed with her from the get go. She took her time during the consultation to listen and ask questions to understand exactly what was going on with me. I have been in traditional therapy for years for my obsessive thoughts and behaviors but made minimal progress. I always knew what the cause of my issue is. I just needed someone to help me change the way I FEEL about it. Colleen was the first person to get this and the only one that has truly made a difference in helping me. I highly recommend her.

Testimonial #22

Colleen reignited my belief of not giving up hope. Hope was a very critical word in my life, until I met with Colleen. But I really do feel now that I can breathe and it feels good to do so. I must admit that initially I didn't know what to expect from hypnotherapy, but I quickly realized upon my first meeting with Colleen, that she is the real deal. She listened to me with empathy and instilled in me the confidence in the process--which has been very rewarding for me. She is someone I can honestly say that I trust because she took great care and complete discretion with my story. I didn't feel like a patient to her. She made me feel like a human being and she treated me as such, which was a big relief. I no longer feel that my journey for recovery is an exhausting effort. I feel quite reenergized and liberated from my pain. Even my perspective on my quality of life has improved immensely. But make no mistake, it all comes down to 'You'. You've got to do the work. And she will help you get there. She did so for me. Cheers!

She helped change my life!

Four hypnotherapy sessions with discussions in between and a Gestault evening to bring it all home.

Friends who have followed my journey since early August know that I’ve been doing Hypnotherapy with Harrisburg Hypnotherapy and the most brilliant Colleen Lopez! The goal was to finally quit smoking! You know that I had a few trigger points that were really difficult! So, I was still playing with a cigarette here and there!

Thanks to Colleen’s brilliance, I’m officially DONE! Her work is beyond remarkable! She’s brilliant, creative and strong!

See her if you have bad habits you are ready to kick or need pain management or whatever you want to work on to make a better you!

I am so happy! I mean beyond exuberant!

I highly recommend Colleen Lopez.

She helped me change my life.

Testimonial #20

Let me begin this testimonial by saying that COLLEEN IS THE REAL DEAL!I had six sessions with Colleen over the past 3 months, and since attending my life has been completely turned around.When I first signed up I was anxious, unable to sleep, unable to concentrate on my work, completely unmotivated and a was a 20+ cigarettes a day smoker for the best part of 15 years.Since completing my sessions am now chilled out, getting 8 hours sleep a night, focussed, motivated and no longer smoke.Colleen is warm, friendly and above all highly skilled (and qualified) in hypnosis. Her office offered an extremely pleasant atmosphere for the sessions. She also took the time to learn about my issues prior to delving into my mind so that she could pinpoint the root of the problem(s) and ultimately- exorcise me of my inner demons which were effectively holding me back from being the person that I wanted to be.Check out Harrisburg Hypnotherapy today. Seriously.Thank you again, C!

Testimonial #19

I can't say enough about Colleen. My daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder and the traditional therapy was making everything much worse. We decided to look into alternative treatments, that's how we met Colleen and shegave my daughter her life back. Colleen is genuine and truly cares about her clients. After the first meeting I could see an improvement in my daughter. Colleen also gave her the tools she needed to help her through stressful situations when they popped up. Colleen gave her the strength and encouragement she was not getting with traditional medicine. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it is drug free and the success comes from within you. Colleen is fantastic, each session is customized to your particular problem and if your problem changes, so does your treatment session. Her hypnotherapy is geared to have you take control of your own life and succeed. I recommend Colleen to everyone that I know that needs help.


I have wanted to try hypnotherapy for years to quit smoking because everything else I have tried did nothing. Someone told me about her so I went for a free consultation, and with in the first session went from smoking a pack a day down ti 5 a day and after the second 1 a day if that. I can not thank her enough because with in a few days that 1 will be none plus I wont even know why I did in the first place. She is awsome, and would truly recommend her and her services.

Testimonial #17

I can not say enough wonderful things about Colleen.  I suffered a traumatic brain injury about 4 1/2 years ago.  I have had to pry and probe alone to find any help.  Colleen has been trained and understands how the brain works.  She can help you out of the pain of an injury.  I go to my hypnotherapy session now (which she sent home to me) instead of taking some hydrocodone.  If there is anything wrong that you don't understand and/or would like to change, please to see her.  "Clinical"  hypnotherapy is like nothing I've ever heard of before and I can not understand why it is not used more.

Testimonial #16

Collen is a very caring and skilled therapist. Her treatment plans are individually crafted for the client, and extremely effective. I would highly recommend her for the resolution of a broad range of behavior modification issues. 

Testimonial #15

Colleen's work was phenomenal.  Her carefully crafted treatment plan was tremendous and supportive, as we worked through my issues together.  Her approach allowed me to feel relaxed and focused on my goals - for which I was able to accomplish!  I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to do the same! 

Testimonial #13

The best experience I couldn't even have imagined. She pours everything into each patient. She is truly outstanding and has helped me more than I can describe in a few words. She is extremely kind to her patients and makes sure the job is done right. I highly recommend Coleen to anyone.

Testimonial #12

Colleen is fantastic! I've been enjoying my sessions and have seen significant progress since starting with her! I highly recommend her!

Testimonial #11

Colleen is so very personable. You will instantly feel comfortable with her. I am looking forward to her helping me.

Testimonial #10

I've been struggling with a higher heart rate for the last three years.  I've been to several medical doctors with no explanation or solution. Then I found Harrisburg Hypnotherapy and found some hope.  Colleen worked with me through several issues, including the heart rate issue.  After a few sessions and reviewing these sessions at home, I can happily say that I no longer have the heart rate issue.  Colleen has been so supportive and helpful throughout the sessions, I always looked forward to the next session.  With each session, the improvements were visibly noticeable.  Thank you so much Colleen!  I am so thankful that I took a chance and tried hypnotherapy.  It's like nothing else you'll ever experience.  I highly recommend Colleen for any issues that you might have.

Testimonial #8

I cannot thank Colleen enough for the help she has given me, nor ever repay her for giving me my life back. I had been struggling with some issues for a while and my story was rather strange and unusual. When I met Colleen for the first time, we started to talk and to my surprise I started to feel her radiating warmth and compassion which put me completely at ease and made me feel like I could completely trust her.  As a matter of fact, before the first session I doubted that this could work, but was proven wrong the very same day. And after three sessions and doing my homework after, I cannot express my gratitude at being more calm and self-assured than I’ve felt in my last year.The most important thing I feel every time that she truly cares about you as a person, she cares about your problem, she cares about the treatment method and most importantly, she cares about the result. And usually she was thinking what treatment to choose, which can give me better results based on our conversation and previous session’s result. 

Her treatment helped me so much, that I still could not believe it could happen.   I recommended her to my friends and they all were so satisfy with the way she treated them, the level of trust, creativity and different approaches to different situations. 

She is really good and I would recommend her to anybody. 

Testimonial #7

Colleen is the best... very caring...makes you feel comfortable and is able to help guide you to your own answers.  She has a soothing and comforting way about her & I am very comfortable in knowing my discussions with her are strictly confidential.  If you are looking for a top notch counselor Colleen will not disappoint you  :-)      

Testimonial #6

I went to see Colleen regarding stress and confidence issues. I am so glad I did, she is helpful, professional and has given me the tools to change my thinking. I highly recommend seeing Colleen. Thank you Colleen


Colleen - Can't say enough about her professionalism.  She is very caring and understanding person. She has help me go from a 10 to a 2/3 in just a few sessions.  Colleen is someone I would recommend and have many times.  Thank you for all you do. 


There is one major quality I value, respect and desire in all professionals when it comes to my physical and or mental health and it's summed up in asking myself a question during in the first meeting "Do they care". And Colleen does. She cares about you as a person, she cares about your problem, she cares about the treatment method and most importantly, she cares about the result. On a scale of 1-10, this woman's a 12. She was relentless in helping me understand my need to solve a problem and empathetic to that need would be a understatement. There is no need for me to ever look elsewhere for the type of support Colleen can provide.

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