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3340 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta Ga , 30326
United States

Civic Association Board Member

"I’ve hired security through the Hawque app, once to watch over cars parked for a funeral service and other times for our neighborhood patrols. The app is easy to use and allows you to track the patrol cars on a map in real-time. It allowed me to rest easy and know everyone was safe! Thank you Hawque for developing a technology that makes hiring private security quick and easy for the average citizen!"

Real Estate Agent, Sotheby

"As realtor, the Hawque app provided me and my clients a peace of mind. I now feel safe and not have to worry about my safety or theft during a home showing. Life before Hawque was very scary and uncertain at times. I highly recommend this service as it's affordable and they always deliver!

Wework, Corporate Security Manager

“Hawque's technology has helped fill a gap in the security industry by pairing on-demand service with exceptional quality. This unique combination has allowed for the effective management of security guard service when situations surfaced that required swift action to support field teams. Service was prompt, professional and consistent with positive feedback.”

HOA Board Member

As a board member of a homeowners association and having used Hawque for our community, I can honestly say that my impression and experience with Hawque has been overwhelmingly positive. I could not have asked for a better company to help us with our security needs and highly recommend Hawque Security to any neighborhood. You will not be disappointed!