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Sahara Sun - Shen Sanctuary

P.O. Box 2298
Kihei Hawaii , 96753
United States

A Decade of Working Together

I cannot thank her enough. She has helped me for close to ten years and she has always been there to help when I needed it. She is always able to help. I have had major anxiety and stress throughout the years of being a mom. I am one of those who has a hard time even saying there’s a problem. I keep trudging on saying I’m alright. Even though inside I’m freaking anxiety of: Am I doing it right? Should I do this or that? What’s next? Will I be able to handle it? I have always stressed to be perfect, that has changed. Throughout the years she helped me with the passing of my father. This was the hardest thing I have had to go through in my life. She has brought me to feel like my true self again. I cannot imagine where my life would be without her work. She is the most incredible teacher, healer, acupuncturist, writer, and artist. She is very gifted. To share her work with the world will allow the world to heal. I am feeling very excited to see what the next ten years look like! Thank you from the bottom of my heart you’ve brought back joy to my life and helping me understand the pain which has taught me so much. For that I am beyond great full. 

Never have I felt more seen, honored, and deeply witnessed than in her presence

It is hard to sum up the influence Sahara  has had on my life because it is so broad, deep and intertwined with every aspect. I’ve realized how much just one person can help shape and inspire another’s life resulting in a completely different life had that meeting never occurred. For that I am profoundly blessed beyond words but will do my best to share. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for 8 years now. She’s played many hats in that time; sometimes as an intuitive, a healer, a friend, a cosmic mother, a confidant, a counselor or a mentor but always holding me with the love, wisdom and safety that I needed when I couldn’t do it on my own. During my time with her, she exudes the astute integrity of a leader, innate gifts of a shamanic heart, body and soul healer; the refined skill of a craftswoman, and the hard won timeless wisdom of a Sage. Most importantly though, she has helped guide me back to my own self, to the empowered woman that I know myself to be and to the unfolding of the greatest version of my life. Never have I felt more seen, honored and deeply witnessed than in her presence and for me that’s true healing. I am forever grateful for you Sahara Sun!


Sahara is a rare treasure

Sahara is a rare treasure in this world of healing.  She brings a grounded presence that is so comforting and simultaneously nurturing, while also being direct and honest in a way that doesn’t make you want to shrink and hide. She is my “go to” in times of difficulty, and always provides clear information with the utmost integrity.

Heidi, Portland, Oregon

My first session with her was via Skype, and although I was skeptical as to the quality of a video session, I decided to give it a go. It was actually quite comfortable, and in some cases felt more safe discussing such raw topics in the comfort of my own home. After about a year, I went for a road trip to have my first in-person session with her. Although it was wonderful working in person, it was no more important or valuable than the Skype sessions had been. I love knowing that she is just a click away, and it’s such a great reminder that we really are more connected than we realize, and that healing is not bound by space or time.


Portland, Oregon

I've grown so much

I’ve grown so much in the last 2-3 years and exponentially faster than I would have without discovering Sahara and working with her.  I feel like the work we do is work I’ve been wanting to do for years.  It’s a road to discovery, growth, insight and opportunity.

Karlyn, Snohomish WA

Owner Pilchuck Therapeutic Massage


You came into my life at the lowest point its ever been


While I was at work today I realized how totally happy and content I am with my life!  And to know that more spiritual growth is in my future makes me excited for what is to come.  I am thanking you for your work, your concern, your loving approach and for you being who you are.  I have come to realize that people enter our lives at different times for whatever purpose that they are sent for.  You came into my life at the lowest point I have ever been.  And now, because of you and your giving spirit I feel soooo wonderful and at peace.  Thank you Sahara!  You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to know you and to have you as my healer.


Monroe, WA

My son - pediatrics

I was encouraged to contact Sahara from a friend. She, herself, had benefited greatly from working with Sahara. My oldest son, 14 at the time, had long struggled with symptoms of ADD and anxiety. Both had eroded my son’s confidence and joy while middle school was exacerbating his anxiousness and distraction. His grades were awful and he began isolating himself.

My first call to Sahara was both eerie and wonderful. Within a few words exchanged, she appeared to understand my concerns, described my son’s internal struggles and gave me hope.

My son immediately liked Sahara and a trust soon developed. They met several times and each session he described a calming of his spirit. 

Sahara used a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, intuitive healing and counseling. She’d talk everything over with me after each visit and always included my son in the conversation. She demonstrated the gift of empathy, clarity, wisdom and vision. She helped my boy work through obstacles, to view some of his struggles as gifts and taught him to not be defined by a diagnosis.

3 years later, my son still has a big heart for Sahara and credits her with guiding him through a dark path he was on. Fortunately, his path is well-lit these days.


Snohomish, Washington

More powerful than traditional counseling

The sessions are more than just an outlet to vent… they assist in healing on levels much greater than what I can verbalize. The guidance,  intuition, and pure intention that Sahara provides …. results for me have been much more powerful, and immediate compared to more than a decade of traditional counseling. Sahara’s acupuncture immediately released chest tightness that I have carried for years and helped to increase my overall energy level and general sense of balance and happiness. Spiritual healing helped to remove physical and emotional pain which had created a barrier for me and my life choices. All of this combined healing has accelerated my personal growth resulting in increased success and happiness in all areas of my life. After working with Sahara, I cannot imagine going back to traditional counseling or even TCM.

Amy, Carnation WA

Sahara is HUGE

Sahara has given me insight into my past, answered questions that needed resolution, and assisted bringing back soul parts.  I’ve always asked spirit to guide me to the very BEST of spiritual healers, and in that respect, Sahara is HUGE.  I have received more than I could hope for in our sessions and will continue to seek her counseling when needed.  Sahara has a close connection to what is HOLY, HONEST,  and  LOVING.  I am now aware of the importance of listening to the voice within that speaks only of UNITY, HEALING, AND LOVE. 

Judy, Fort Wright, KY

I am finally working towards something I am passionate about

Hi Sahara,

The spiritual healing, along with the intuitive session you gave me, have both changed my life for the better and put me back on the path that I was supposed to walk. I thank you greatly for that. After the healing, I was on an emotional roller coaster for about a week and then as everything started to settle in, I began to ask my heart what was going to make me happy in life…..Everything just kind of came together after I started listening to my heart, which I found easier to do after the healing. I am finally working towards something that I am passionate about, I am able to spend precious time with my little boy and I am no longer wasting my time with a job that drains my spirit. This is all possible because I changed my course…..I have always felt like I was swimming against the current, getting bruised and beaten against the rocks. Since I began making these changes in my life, I feel I have found my flow and everything makes sense now. It always felt like there was something else I was supposed to be doing, but for some reason I kept myself blind to what it was. I believe that when you brought back my vital essence, it allowed me to reconnect with myself, thus helping me to open my eyes to my path. I know myself again, I know what I want, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!! 

Angela, Clearview, WA

Connection to my dad was the best!

Thank you for taking the time to give me an intuitive healing. It was and continues to be a tremendous help to me. I truely appreciate your gift and I am glad you were willing to share it with me. Being able to make a connection with my dad was priceless! I look forward to having another session with you. Until then, thank you from the depths of my soul!

Hannah, Alberta Canada

Gave me confidence and hope for the future

I met with Sahara over the phone and felt completely comfortable with her.  Sahara’s insight was a gift to me. She helped clarify mixed emotions in my life including my career, my life goals, and even issues from the past. She gave me guidance in an intelligent yet spiritual, non-judging way. She helped me see my unique talents and how I can shape them, and gave me confidence and hope for the future. I will continue to to stay in touch with my angels through Sahara over the phone.

 Wynn, Cupertino, CA

Presenting a testimonial does not do justice

When I was confronted with a dangerous situation in regards to my daughter I searched for answers and got none, when I went to see Sahara she told me what it was I needed to know, without knowing all the details, she told me what I needed to hear. When I was desperate and full of anxiety, my chest was tight and my breaths were short for months. This created pain in my back and my chest. This was all due to deadlines as a college student, single mom, and a lousy relationship.

 Sahara had changed all that in a half hour, unknowing of all the details she was able to touch my heart and sooth my soul. She lead me threw the healing, touching on issues that were constraining my breathing and counseling me on how to get rid of the pain in my gut. I left her and took with me tools for better breathing, confronting the stress at a more effective way and the knowledge of a power animal that I can call or reflect upon. Suddenly everything made sense! I return to her about once a month and take friends to her. The issue of my daughter was so serious and I had no one to go to.  Sahara was very helpful and harm has not come upon my sweet little girl. There is a spiritual universal love that connects Sahara to the issues at hand. Presenting a testimonial does not do justice in the details that I have experienced in meeting with Sahara.

Tami, Washington

New Clarity

I called Sahara because I knew it was time for me to confront some important life-long issues. I was seeking clarity and reassurance that could direct me toward better understanding and resolving them. As a dear friend of mine, I know Sahara for her gentle intuition, and her ability to read people with uncanny accuracy. With the help of her gift she illuminated some very deeply hidden and personal aspects of my nature that I was not fully aware. Because of this new clarity, I feel I can better direct my decisions and approach my personal life with a more informed perspective.
Nicole, Hilsboro, OR

Forever changed the course of my life

Hello Sahara, I stumbled upon your blog this morning and I am so happy to see you're doing well. I had the pleasure of working with you several years ago in Snohomish (right before you left for Nevada). I need to thank you...meeting and working with you truly transformed me and began a healing journey that I continue on today. Your guidance, compassion, and wisdom opened doors for me that have forever changed the course of my life. Thank you, for all you have done and all you continue to do. My life is forever better because of you.

Heart Broke Open to Touch Many Hearts

When I read the title of this book, it resonated with me immediately. After reading the first couple of sentences, I hoped this book was going to have a huge impact on my life. Just as I had predicted, I was lost into a world that unveiled its healing powers through the strength of an incredible soul that never allowed circumstances to stop her from living the life she was born to live.

I thought if this was really a book worth while I would recognise myself in it and it in me. As I read every sentence beautifully articulated and composed, I felt myself delve into a world so recognisable yet shown to me through a different veil. 

Its healing powers were expressed and experienced through the author's true life experiences. The hidden gems for healing our inner being unveiled themselves through teachers, healers and old healing methods passed down to the those gifted to teach. A beautifully written book so authentically written by someone who I'm sure will touch and heal many hearts.

Monica K


The impact you had on my family

I wanted to thank you so much for the huge impact you had on my family. I barely recognize Stephanie at present, so full of positive energy and so much more at peace with herself.So much has shifted in me also which I am so grateful for. My youngest told me she was so happy to have been with you. She told me in the car the first time she recognised her gift and the message she was told to share. It was at the time my nephew only 25 was literally dying and she was told to share the message he would be ok and so much more.I remember that time, it helped my brother and his son so much to hear what she had to say.I'm so glad you reminded her to keep it all alive. Also I just wanted you to know you are truly beautiful both inside and out.A huge huge thank you, big hugs and I hope to see again. All our love

Most prodound healing I've ever had

Sahara is a talented intuitive who was able to journey through time to facilitate my soul retrieval. The story that she brought back from the journey was wonderfully healing and enabled me to welcome back lost parts of myself with joy. 

I have done lots (and I mean a lot) of energy healing with some quite talented people and this was one of the more profound healings that I’ve ever had.  Thanks for all the help.

Mary, Seattle WA