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Inanna Sanctuary

Rivas San Jose Province , 11904
Costa Rica
+1 (813) 938-0023

Beyond Powerfully Transformative!

My experience with Freyja and Mika was beyond powerfully transformative, I was able to dive deeper within myself than I have ever previously been able to go to release and heal past wounds (including past life!) I credit this to the absolute safety and trust I felt in their presence and facilitation. Freyja's intuitive energy work and card readings were epically inspiring and Mika's gentle yet strong guidance was exactly what I needed to restore my trust in male practitioners. I absolutely could not recommend them more highly. I am forever grateful to this incredible couple!

Peace and Focus, Finally!

Mika and Freyja are so powerful together. Their energy flows so effortlessly and they know just how to bring out all your anchors and blocks. I felt safe releasing the anger that I had stored inside of me because the space they hold is so open and nurturing. When I got off the table, I was at peace finally.  After years and years of anxiety and my mind racing to every different possible thought, I can finally sit in peace and focus clearly.  It feels absolutely amazing and I'm now fully in my power. Thank you, from every ounce of my mind, body and soul!