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Pont and Pierce

9 School St
Honeybourne Worcestershire , WR11 7PL
07411 271000

Georgie says "thank you"

Highly recommend these high quality treats. My dog Georgie just loves them. Fantastic value too!

The best natural treats in the world!

Fergie loves these treats! I only treat with Pont & Pierce, no nasty ingredients- all NATURAL and GOID FOR YOUR DOG! Sweet potato smell delicious!

Very pleased with the arrival of these lovely treats well packaged & excellent delivery time.Thank you...

My sons dog just loves these, I first saw these in Cornwall.Purchased a bag & should have got more. So pleased I can now buy on line with free delivery is even better. Thankyou for making these treat so yummy for all the furbabies


Absolutely delicious, and my spaniels love them too.

Ideal for Vegan humans

Hooray, no more smelly hands, at last a dog treat that we’re happy to touch and our Labrador loves!

Yummy treats

Harvey Loved his treats from Pont & pierces , as soon as I grab the bag he’s wagging his tail like crazy . I love the fact that they are so natural. Beetroot are his favourites 😍

Yummy treats

Holly and Rosie

We have two wonderful Labradors, both of which have healthy appetites! Over the years we've tried many different treats, and Pont and Pierce absolutely hits the mark. It's healthy and they love it - indeed, it has quickly become their favourite. We would recommend Pont and Pierce products to anyone!


Our 2 Labs, Bentley who is Choc and Royce who is Yellow [They share the same Mum and Dad], share their treats as well. It was the biggest packet Pont And Pierce do too. Didn't last 5 minutes so they must be good. Had to order several big packets now. At least when you give them a Pont And Pierce treat, it is one of the rare occasions when you are out that you actually know what they are eating.

Gone In A Flash!..

Jasper Absolutely Loved His Treats!. Will Be Definitely Be Buying Some

Charlie loves them

Charlie loved the samples you kindly sent and I have ordered more bags from you so he can continue enjoying!

Brilliant service

Receive a sample of treats for my dads dog & he absolutely loved them think my dads put a order in soon brilliant service.

3 yr old Lab loved them

3 year old Labrador loved the little biscuits, my other dog (8years old) not so much, which is what I expected as he’s a fussy eater. Thank you

Kept coming back for more

My dog is 11 years old and she really loved the sample I was sent.  She kept coming back for more,

Loved them

My dog loved them , I nearly didn't get to them before he ripped open the bag. Its nice to see a product that is natural and you know what all the ingredients are. I really hope to see these in a pet store soon. 

Puppy enjoyed them, recommended

Puppy enjoyed the tasty treats they came in different colours and were a good size, i would recommend.

Guzzled down, loved the bag

Love the bag they come in keeps them nice and crisp , the dogs loved them, they was guzzled down straight away. Will defo purchase more and recommend to others