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Healthy with Haliko

4199 Campus Dr., Suite 550 PMB 185
irvine California , 92612
United States


It's difficult to put into words all that Shannon/Healthy with Haliko encompasses but I will give it a shot. From the initial questionnaire to the detailed appointments, Shannon gathers loads of information, but unlike other Doctor questionnaires where the information is rarely if ever looked at, all the information I provided was touched upon and utilized.

Before meeting with Shannon, I had some digestion, dietary and skin issues. Her suggestions improved my skin condition so much that I no longer have to use gloves on both hands when golfing (my skin was so cracked before that gloves were necessary). In addition, my stomach/digestion issues have for the most part disappeared. And this happened without me fully implementing all of her suggestions.

But the best part of working with Shannon (besides the tangible benefits of course) is that she made it so easy to open up about whatever issues or concerns I had. Her demeanor is both calming and non-judgemental, and this allowed me to open up to things that I would have otherwise kept to myself.

I could keep going on abut how wonderful my experience with Shannon was but the key point is that it is possible to feel healthy, energetic, vibrant and so on and Shannon is the catalyst to make this happen.

I didn't think it was possible for me but it was and is and it can be possible for anyone else too.


Dr. Haliko is an exceptional doctor who goes above and beyond for her patients, combining her expertise as an M.D. with exceptional knowledge in holistic health. She is so thorough and asks so many pertinent questions to see the whole clinical picture and address the root cause vs. a band-aid approach to medicine. She gave me hope when I felt hopeless. She gave non judgmental support and encouragement when I felt scared. If all doctors could do what she does I think we would all be better served in the medical field.