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Heart + Soul Crafted

324 East 56 street
Brooklyn NY , 11203
United States


The smell of these candles are wonderful. Definitely worth the investment!

Care + Comfort

This is by far my favorite candle and the best candle I've ever bought! I frequently by candles (Bath & Body Works, DW Home, etc.) but this by far the best most powerful in regards to its scent. Without even lighting the wick, my room smells just like care & comfort. It scent is calming and relaxing and makes my bedroom feel just like a spa. I would recommend this to everyone!

Loyal Customer

I absolutely love these candles. Compared to other candles I've tried these candles smell amazing and the scent fills up my entire studio apartment. I am on my third candle now and will continue to purchase for as long as I can! My favorite one is "Serenity" and "Care & Comfort". Can't wait to try the other scents and to see what the future holds for new products that may come out!

Captivating Peace

The candle filled up my entire apartment with the best fragrance. Will definitely buy again.