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Helicopter CFI PowerPoints

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You have gone above and beyond

Thank you for your help on this. This will really help out our Aviation Unit. You have gone above and beyond to accommodate us.

Many ours of planning have gone into this program

I have only begun reviewing the many files that was provided, but I can already tell that many hours of planning have gone into this program. I will need to upgrade my knowledge of PowerPoint, but I look forward to working with this program. It looks great.
I had contacted Spencer several times with questions I had, regarding this program, and he responded right away. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

Thank you, Spencer! I appreciate your assistance. 

Very Helpful

This power point presentation is very helpful. I've been going through and making some minor changes to suit my needs.

Awesome Product

Awesome product with great visuals.

Definitely happy with the product

I’m definitely happy with the product. I got my fixed wing CFI back in 1996 and, remembering that experience, was dreading this part of preparing for the helicopter CFI but these PowerPoints have definitely made it easier. I wish something like this had been around for airplanes back then. I’m in the process now of going through them and switching everything around for the clockwise rotating rotor - I love flying the Cabri but the disadvantage is that everything is backwards!

Professionally Made

Let me start by saying it is obvious the author of these PowerPoints spent a considerable amount of time making them. They are professionally made, and he is correct in saying there are few options for helicopter specific lesson plans available elsewhere. I found the Fundamentals of Instruction lesson plans to be particularly helpful. These lessons are well organized and make a great study guide.
I did not feel quite the same about the rest of the ground lesson plans. For one, all the included subjects are straight out of the CFI PTS rather than following a private pilot syllabus. This is fine if you plan to use this product with the sole purpose of preparing for the check ride, but it would not be possible to use these to instruct a student after the fact without supplementing what is including with lessons of your own.
I felt that several of the lessons lacked substance. Most lessons cover essential topics but fail to reach a commercial or instructional level of knowledge in the subject they are designed to teach. I also found a few outdated topics and several grammatical errors, but overall, I feel much of the content is still current and relevant. The slides are editable so you can add or remove any content you decide.
The package also includes 24 Maneuver Lessons. These consist of 4 to 5 slides (including a title slide) that cover the maneuvers purpose, the steps, common errors, and completion standards. There are no visual aids included in these lessons.
I commend Spencer for making these available, and I do see these being a helpful template for designing your lesson plans, but know that you would likely need to edit these to make them work for you. At $300, I do not believe I would have made this purchase in hindsight. This doesn't mean that there isn't value in what is offered, and I am sure there are people out there that this program would work well. I feel that if Spencer continues to expand and improve on this program, it has the potential to be great.

Essential CFI Materials

Having been flying for the last 30 years and finally deciding to pursue the CFI, these are fantastic and essential set of materials for anyone who needs help with CFI presentations. A lot of effort was put into creating the presentations hence they are easily to tweak/adjust to suit your needs, should you wish to. I definitely would not have cleared my CFI without these. Thank you Spencer!

Super helpful!

Awesome power points with really cool illustrations, can tell that a lot of time went in to making them. They also come with notes as to what you can say to go along with the slides. Super helpful!

Very Thorough

So far seems great, very thorough. I'm printing up each lesson now and reviewing then as I go, very impressive


This content and the flow of it are GREAT!! I have been fortunate to have some awesome instructors along the way. But even they would have highly benefited from this content, design, and layout. It follows the Helicopter Flying handbook (the key!) along with some improvements to the teaching process (vs reading) along the way.

A must have for any CFI

The powerpoints are great! A must if you are teaching. Being a military instructor coming to the civilian side without these powerpoints I would have sent countless hours building training materials inside of training. Very valuable training material that can be updated and customized to your needs. I had a few questions before I purchased and the response was quick and professional. With over a 1000 hours training military pilots these PowerPoints are just as good if not better to what we used in flight school. A must have for any CFI!

Solid Foundation

Thank you for the great product to build my CFI lesson plans off of. I'm currently in a degree program which requires me to take college classes along with my aviation activities. Taking full time college classes and doing all the CFI stuff is pretty hectic so this really helps me get a solid foundation laid to build off of.

Highly recommended

Spencer's power point LPs enable me to enhance my LPs preparation which resulted in a successful LP presentation during my initial CFI check. I would highly recommend his LP PP to "seal the deal" for a successful check.

Helped me a lot

The PowerPoints were fantastic, and helped me a lot. The price was well worth it due to the quality of the product. I would reccomend this to any other helicopter Pilot