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Helping Hands Veteran & Non-Veteran Consulting


I would like to start by thanking Mr. Ron Blanch for helping me in my VA process. With his expertise and guidance in the process I was able to receive 100% in my VA disability claim. Mr. Ron always treated me like family, he was there for me through out the entire process always answered my calls, emails and texts. If I had a question he had the answer. Its people like Mr. Ron that make the VA process easy for Veterans. I would recommend anyone who needs help with the VA process to give Mr. Ron and his team a call. Thank you for what you do for us Veterans. ( You are family always)


The experience and comfort of working with Ron and Helping Hands Veteran &Non-Veteran Consulting (LLC)is truly worthwhile. From day one, Ron was transparent and communicated each step of the way. At the beginning of the year, I was not service connected for any disabilities. After working with Ron, I am now at 90% service connected with a few things working to get me to the 100% permanent and total. I highly recommend the utilizing of his services to ensure the job is done right. He works tediously and ensures you understand the process that it takes.


I only got one thing to say about Ron’s services, “100% Permanent Total!!!!!” :-)
Prior to Ron I had worked with two other well known service providers, both of which made multiple attempts to get me what I deserve and every attempt failed. Working with Ron and his detailed meticulous approach, I received my 100% on my first submission. Ron will ensure you have everything properly documented and accounted for prior to any attempt of a percentage increase, to ensure you get the absolute best possible result the FIRST time. What makes him stand out to me is his transparency and his constant communication and updates throughout the process.


I highly recommend the services of HHVNVC. Ron’s breadth of knowledge, experience, professionalism and passion for achieving the best results imaginable for his clients is what sets HHVNVC apart from other firms. He provided me invaluable advise & assistance in achieving a very successful outcome on my VA claim; landing my first civilian job after transitioning out of the military; and negotiating an amazing salary/compensation package well above my expectations. There’s a lot more I could write about my experience. But, the bottom line up front is that if want guaranteed exceptional results, choose HHVNVC.


Hand Veteran and Non-Veteran Consulting, LLC is a first class organization genuinely concerned about the health and welfare benefits of their client. Leading the charge and setting the tone for the client's success is Ron Blanch. A veteran who served his country for over 30 years of service. Ron has the very best interest of the client at heart. He identifies the client's skill sets and serves as their lead in finding the right job the client desires. Ron was directly responsible for helping me transition from the Army to the civilian culture by helping me improve my Resume and setting up my LinkedIn page with a professional look. Since then, I have received numerous job offers from various companies and with the assistance of Ron and his network and received my first civilian job since my retirement from the Military. In addition, Ron has also provided me multiple job announcements, familiarized and helped me navigate through USAJOBS, Indeed, Clearance Jobs. He has formatted and edited my resume, as well as provided guidance for interviews. The goes the extra miles to provide advice on negotiating compensation all of which contributed to me being hired. I am truly grateful for Helping Hands Veteran & Non-Veteran Consulting and highly recommend it to any veteran or non-veteran seeking employment. What ever your desire employment, Ron Blanch will make it happen.


Ron provided professional, personal and timely services that yielded immediate results. I received a number of viable job offers within 10 days of receiving his resume’ writing services.


Client Focused Service:

If you are frustrated with not getting your claims submitted properly or if you want to have you claim submitted properly the first time, this is the service for you. I struggled for nearly 14 years to get my claims validated by the VA. I used other consultants, Veteran’s Service Organizations (VSO) and submitted claims on my own. In less than 1 year, this company achieved what all the other attempts had failed to achieve. My disability rating went from 40 percent to 100 percent! Ron personally shepherded my claim from beginning to end. He provided advice and counsel throughout the process and he was persistent in submitting my claim and following up on my claim status.

Save yourself the expense, time and frustration of continually fighting with the VA. Choose the proven professionals at HHVNVC.

A True Professional

Ron is a true professional who is extremely dedicated to finding a successful outcome for his clients. He provided me with outstanding job research and placement services Strongly recommend his services.

I Owe Ron a Debt of Gratitude!

Ron Blanch is an exceptional guy that takes pride in his work. I contacted Ron while I was stationed overseas because I was needing help finding job opportunities in the states near my kids. Within 30 days, using the resume he edited and updated, I was receiving potential job offers. I owe Ron a debt of gratitude. I am now in the states, near my kids, and with an awesome job...thanks Ron!

Your Best Interest at Heart!

Helping Hand Veteran and Non-Veteran Consulting, LLC  is phenomenal!  Ron is very caring and has your best interest at heart. He is directly responsible for helping me transition from the Army to getting my first job as a civilian. He provided me multiple job announcements, familiarized and helped me navigate USAJOBS, formatted and edited my resume, provided guidance for the interview, and provided advice on negotiating compensation, all of which contributed to getting hired. I am truly grateful for Helping Hands Consulting and highly recommend it to any veteran who needs support.