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Hinkle Hemp

500 Dry Hollow Road
Elizabethton TN , 37643
United States

Mitigates Pain and Soreness

I use the product often and it really does help to mitigate pain and soreness. I keep it by my nightstand! Thanks, Hinkle Hemp, for making such a great balm!!!

Hinkle Hemp Stands Out from Competition

Infused balms are a relatively new product, coming out to the market in mass starting around a year and a half two years ago. I have had the opportunity to try a few CBD and THC infused creams and balms and I have to say that I really like the Hinkle Hemp Product. Where it stands out is that its a really high quality balm. Warms in your hands nicely, applies very smooth. Smells great. The coconut oil is a great addition because of its anti bacterial and microbial qualities as well its moisturizing qualities. I haven't encountered an infused balm as high quality before trying Hinkle Hemp. I am usually one for flashy labeling, but the traditional small and compact tin maintains the quality of the balm from use to use, and is durable so it can fit and survive inside my gym and soccer bag which is a huge plus for me. Love it and would definitely try again.

Worked on minor burn & pulled muscle!

I burned my thumb and put the balm on and got immediate relief. Also I pulled a muscle in my hip area and put on the balm and worked in into the muscle when I get up and just before I go to sleep so it can do its thing during the night. It is definitely helping and gives immediate relief as well. Also put on my sore elbow joint. I love the texture and the scent.
Congratulations on creating a very high-end product. I will be ordering more when available and recommending to family and friends as well!

Especially great for outdoors!

This product is especially great for the outdoors - easy to pack and can use for a multitude of issues.

I personally used it to treat a bee sting and it both numbed the pain and eliminated the itching while the swelling subsided. These properties are also applicable for mosquito bites!

Amazing Products!

Amazing products! Immediate relief from their Pain Relief Balm - and all hand-grown and processed from their eco-friendly small farm. Plus their clothing and accessories line are just exceptional in wearability and fashion-forward.

Relieved Leg Joint Pain

Amazing product!! Helped immediately with leg joint pain I was having. I highly recommend this product!