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How 2 for Entrepreneurs

Practical hands on training

I've been working through Lauren's training and taking copious notes. I am thrilled to bits with how deep the training goes. I've seen other "how to set up your website for traffic and sales" training videos, most which I got through in about and hour. Lauren's training takes a day to work through, because you're getting much more value. 

Lauren not only shows which systems she's using, but why, as well as others that she's tested, with her list of pro's and con's of each. There are so many benefits  I could list here, but the best one for me being told that a Thank You page on your member site actually requires 5 different pages (with explanations of each) that make the backend process from sale to product access work smoothly. Well that explains why I've failed in the past... 

I'm chomping at the bit to start implementing what I've learned, and look forward to giving an update once I've done do. 

Informative training

Lauren's step by step and DIY program is informative and packed with information for online entrepreneurs to follow. Her attention to detail is exceptional. 

Truly valuable learning program

This training was such an eye opener. It demystifies the whole " getting your work online" process. I also really liked the added extra's of breaking down all the options into three different budgets which suites the beginner through to advance Budget.

Truly valuable content and I would highly recommend it.


A Must Have Program

Lauren manages to consolidate all aspects of turning your content into a digital product, into a comprehensive yet easy to follow and to implement process. She holds your hand, step by step, regardless of your tech skills - and budget - from the basics to the high level stuff. She turns all the "techie" concepts into everyday language whilst empowering and encouraging you all the way. Taking this program saves a lot of time (and tears) in trying to find all the right experts, tools, support and resources - and best of all you learn from the best. The program is a must have for every coach who wants to taking their work online.

Thank you, Lauren for sharing your brilliance and generous spirit with the world!

Excellent step-by-step demystification!

I've previously built my own website using online templates and knew that much of this functionality exsited, however, Lauren Fleiser has a real gift for simplifying and packing information in a way a layperson can understand and use.  This course really cuts through the muck and makes setting up a solid content website with sales capability attainable for anyone. This course has also opened my eyes to strategy options and revenue streams I had not thought of. I feel excited and reinvigorated to get back to the drawing board regarding my content and sales strategy. Bravo!

Great How 2 guides to help you get started creating websites and marketing pages

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when creating a website or marketing page. These tutorials help show you through the process and make some great recommendations of systems you can use. I would recommend you save yourself the time and headache of trying to figure everything out on your own and rather follow the step by step systems provided by How 2 for Entrepreneurs


The research has been done for you

Great content, Lauren makes it easy to understand the process and takes out a lot of the hard work of research as to which platforms to use etc. Really enjoyed the course, found many benefits and learn't plenty.

Vital Content - Tremendous Product!


The content in this training course is essential information for the first time entrepreneur as well as an amazing reference guide for serial entrepreneurs. The content is current and vital to the success of business people looking to set up an online presence that WORKS! The fact that the narration is done at a highly effective pace, with extra vocal titbits thrown in to boot,  adds tremendous value to this already worthwhile educational treasure. Some tremendous benefits include that fact that you can indulge and learn at your own pace, in your own time and can track and trace areas of concern and re-do and re-listen when and how it suits YOU! Yes! Impressive compilation!