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Howling Hill Kennels LLC

11347 Eskridges Lane
Catlett VA , 20119


Cannot begin to say enough about the Brennemans. Alvin and Emma are very kind and loving, and it shows tremendously in the puppies and parents that they raise. When we first visited Howling Hill two years ago, Emma met us with a basket full of baby Pugs, it was the most adorable thing ever. We instantly fell in love with our pug Twinkie and she has filled out home and our hearts with love and joy. We recently returned a few weeks ago to pick out a little sister for Twinkie and we have added Tinkerbell to our family, who is another blessing for which we are very thankful. If you are looking to add a Boston Terrier or Pug to your family, we would highly recommend that you visit Alvin and Emma at Howling Hill.


I picked up my little black pug (Teddy) over a year ago and he’s the absolute cutest, smartest, healthiest, and BEST looking pug I’ve EVER seen! This breeder was absolutely amazing, so friendly and they take very good care of their pugs. I highly recommend anybody getting a pug from them! We will be returning when we get our second pug this summer! Once you have one pug you will want another one! BEST dog EVER!

RIP July 24, 2004 - Dec 29, 2019 ~ Black Hawk aka Poogey

It is with a broken heart that I am taking BlackHawk/Poogey in today to be put to sleep. He has had 2 seizures today and is barely walking. For right now he is resting peacefully snuggling on the couch with me and all of his blankets. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you again for entrusting him to me. He had my heart the second I saw him! He has been the most special little guy. I thank God  and you both for the time that I have had with him and only wish it could have been longer. Kera Brannen, RT (R)

~ Good bye Black Hawk (as HHK knew you).  Thank you for being such a huge blessing to so many families across the country.  You have brought so much love and joy to many homes with your beautiful babies.  You are loved by many and we still smile when we think about how you spun around on your front feet while pottying.  Thank you also, to the Brannens for giving him a wonderful retirement home. We appreciate all you did.  ~ Emma for HHK


Merry Christmas from Switzerland where Marlon (October 2013} is doing great!

Great breeders and I will most definitely be getting another pug from them in the future! Highly Recommend

We absolutely love our girls!!! So happy we could keep them together so they can play forever

We so love him

This WOULD have been our third pug from here, however, due to poor business/customer service and miscommunication between the owners, we will never do business here again. Called and spoke with Emma inquiring on the availability of a pug who informed me that she was still available. Made a prompt deposit payment and noticed my name on the website instantly next to the pug I chose. She called back this morning informing me that she had made a mistake and that this pug had been sold previously AFTER taking my money and adding my name to the website yesterday. As a business owner, this mistake is unacceptable as they state to make sure the dog is available by talking to them before you make a deposit under their own deposit rules. We had already started to get attached looking at pictures and picking out a name. She did apologize however, but when I asked how they were going to make it up to me, her husband wouldnt budge on price or really anything to try and satisfy a loyal, repeat customer. They didnt seem to want to take ownership of their own mistake and rectify this situation and I felt treated just like their dogs....a paycheck! Go elsewhere!

We picked up Peppa on 17 October 2019, and she had a good vet check. She is full of life, and we’re enjoying her.

Charlie (my pug) has been a delight to have. No issues expect for worms which were easily taken care of. He is a sweet heart and what i needed in my home

We got our pups back in April and they are the best dogs!! We can’t imagine life without these sweet girls. My parents got a pug from the same liter and we live so close to each other so they get to play all the time; they are best friends/sisters !

Hi Just to let you guys know that Rocco is the best dog ever .... we have him 3 years ago and is a lovely and playful doggy

This is Buddy. I bought him from you 4 years ago. He has brought so much joy to our home, I truly believe he was a gift from God. He has so much love and personality; I couldn't have special ordered a better dog and companion. Thank you, Laurie Williams, Chester, va


Hi Emma, I have been meaning to drop you a note and let you know that Bandit is doing just great. He is an absolute delight and has fit into our family like he was always there. I cannot believe how sweet and smart he is! Attached are some pictures of him as he is growing up fast. Hope all is well with you. many thanks, Leyla

Leo Riley

Leo Riley is 6 years now. I just adore him. He is healthy and loyal. Thanks and God's Blessings!


Hi Emma, Milo is acclimating beautifully. He had a great check up at the vet this morning. He is so loving and has a great temperament. Thanks for everything, we are in love! -Haley


Well Emma we have had our PJ for 10 days now and he has been such a blessing. I want to let everyone know that we own a pool and the pool has basically 3 decks it's got a lower deck one that you step up on and it's got like a small little bridge in it and an above ground pool with a deck around it and gate. I need to let everyone know how smart Alvin and Emma can raise their pugs. I have yet to have 1 accident in my house and have had him for 10 days. And while we were out at the pool playing with the bigger dogs cause they jump in-and-out of the pool he was watching well he did this all on his own... he went through the slats in the gate down the little bridge and down the deck and out to the yard to use the restroom. number 1 and number 2 in and he brought himself backup on the deck and backup to me. These pugs are so bright that a is just amazing me the things it this little guy can do he is definitely learning to keep his own here in the house he loves to play with his big sister and they play together very well because she is a border collie Aussie mix and she plays very gently with him so just to let you know I think he is got the best life a little pug could have but I needed the let everybody know how amazing this little guy is about no accidents in the house he has done very well so thank you very much Alvin and Emma for bringing us such a bright beautiful wonderful little pug he has definitely filled our hearts with joy and definitely help now heal that major sorrow of losing our last pug PC. I would give Howling Hills Kennels a 10 star rating but they only allow 5 so yes a 5 star rating with plus 5 more stars. This is PJ's swim vest. He has been in twice and seems to like it.

We love our Oliver so much. He was from Lily and Sheriff’s litter and was definitely worth the wait. This is our second Boston from HHK. When our Checkers past away we knew we wanted another Boston Terrier from your loving kennel. I would recommend anyone looking for a Boston or Pug to give you a call. Thank you again Emma and Alvin. Have a great summer.