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hey there! just wanted to send an update on our pup! we named her Kuma. she loves bubbles, snacks, and playing with toys. thank you so much for allowing us to welcome a new member of the family 💜




Hope Miss Emma and Mr. Alvin have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Thank you for taking good care of my Mom, Wiggles, my Dad, Lil Red and all my siblings before I went to my fur- ever family. I am doing very well with my poops and most of the time I make it to the door to tell someone that I need to pee! But not always. My big fur brother, Otis, is trying to help me and we are becoming friends. I have met lots of family and friends in my new neighborhood. In a few weeks I get my rabies vaccine. The last time at my vets, I weighed 9 lbs when I was 12 wks old. I love to eat and get treats. I play ball in my big back yard and love to chew on puppy bones. I am getting to be a big boy.
Happy New Year, 2022. Much love, Hank Aaron Bayes


We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year.
We are so happy to tell you that Otis is doing so well. He was born on March 30,2021,the little orphan baby from Booty and Gunners litter, and we picked him up with our daughters on May 25th.
Our only regret is that we just got the one since he loves other dogs so much!He is very strong and healthy and still plays hard and sleeps good!
He will soon be 9 mo. old.
Our neighbors say that he has modeling legs and prances just like a pony.
You might say he walks with an attitude.
Keep well and be blessed!
Jean and Bob Zimmer


Happy Thanksgiving! Thirteen years ago today, one of your pugs, Spudder, had a litter of 3 little girls. On January 20, 2009, we brought one of them home and named her Ginger. Ginger is the most wonderful little girl anyone could ever hope for. We can't thank you enough for our little baby.

We thought you might enjoy seeing that little puppy now. Please see the attached pictures.
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,


Hi Emma and Alvin,
I hope you both are doing well. I just would like to give you an update on our little girl Bizzy. She is an absolute babydoll. She is such a confident puppy yet still a lovebug. She constantly makes us laugh, loves to sit on my lap and be cuddled, and drives her partner in crime, Bean, crazy. Where Bean is a little uncertain and barks, Bizzy is measured and quietly observant. She is a mischievous little girl who is full of energy. She and Bean love to run and chase in our yard, around shrubs and flower beds. She is the best ‘helper’ too, wanting to be closely involved in anything that I do.

We are so happy that we found you and appreciate your help to get us the two little girls that we wanted.
Take care.
Colleen and Jerry


Our sweet Ruby is now 1.5 years old and we are especially proud that she was the first red boston terrier of Howling HIlls Kennels. We are so grateful that she has come into our lives. Our experience with acquiring her was organized, hassle-free and enjoyable. We love the owners and are pleased with our new beautiful baby girl. Thanks Howling Hills Kennels!


Had a pretty good night— missing his dog MaMa and trying to nurse my face— gave him some food/ water— went right back to sleep. Had his 1st vet appt— a fine specimen — all 6 lbs of him. He is so sweet and is settling in nicely with his big brother( 68lbs) Otis. Thank you again for breeding such beautiful pups and taking care of them. Will send pics periodically. Best to you.PS. No accidents!!!


This is Marco at six months old. He's spoil, want everyone to play with him. No one can come to our home without showing him love. He's been a great joy to our around.


My pug of 15 years just passed.. this is a great place to get a pug for sure! He was healthy, full of life, and the sweetest pup to be with. Absolutely NO complications.


I just wanted to dropped you an email and let you know Candy is doing well, growing and a joy to train. Thank you for all you do.


Stitch has become such a treasured member of our family. He is absolutely perfect. Thanks again for letting us know he was available and was ready to join his new family.


I got my pug Mico from Howling Hills Kennels in June of 2021. He's the greatest little dog I could have asked for and so so smart! I absolutely hope to one day be able to come back for another!


In August 2004, I met the love of my life at Howling Hill Kennels - a spunky fawn pug boy, who I named Cookie Puss. Cookie Puss lived a wonderful life of 17 years, 72 days. Cookie Puss was a beautiful soul who loved life, friends, and food-a true pug! Alvin & Emma, thank you for my best friend. I am forever changed because I had the love of a pug!


Venom is our 2nd pug from Howling Hill. He's so different from our first one. Way more athletic and crazy. We picked him up right before COVID lock-downs took hold so he's a giant Mama's boy, but I can't say I have a problem with that lol. Super healthy and fun loving. We can't say enough good things about Howling Hills and their dedication to raising healthy Pugs. Thank you!


Hope you and your family are all well.
Just a little update on Otis our orphan pug born March 30th.
He is almost 5 months old now and is doing very well.
He is strong,healthy and independent.
He loves everyone,especially children.
He has two walks a day and enjoys walking in the rain, digging in the dirt,and plays fetch over and over in the morning.
He is a typical boy!
He is completely house broken. This totally amazes me. He cries to go out.  He sleeps from 9pm till 6:30 am and will only get up when he is good and ready!
He constantly has to be kept busy because he has a LOT of energy!
We love him soo much!
God bless you both.


We got Penny from Howling Hills back in 2012 and she’s been incredibly healthy so far in life. She’s an absolute doll baby. We will definitely finaty adopt from them again in the future!!!!!

The Breakfast Gang

In order is Sausage, Gravy, & Biscuit. We love our little Pug Pack!

- Rodney


Bella is 12 and Pug is 1 and they are the best of friends. We are so thankful for the healthy life that Bella has been enjoying and Pug has just begun! Thank you for being responsible breeder! We are adding our name to your waiting list for our 3rd little lady.


Good Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Brenneman,

Just a quick update on our beautiful puppy from your lovely kennel which we named her “Bella”. Thank you again for allowing us to purchase her-she is gorgeous!!

She has grown quite a bit and is very active and loves being outside (in the evenings and early morning) if cool enough we go outside three or four times to run around the yard-you should see her run (very fast-she leans sideways)

We took her to see our family vet at Fairfax animal hospital Dr. Goldfarb examined her and gave her the second round of shots and she will be on third round of shots in August and the last 4th round in September. She had an ear infection which was treated and we have her on flea and heartworm preventatives-she had a perfect check-up from Dr. Goldfarb and is growing as expected.

She is a healthy eater and eats 4 times a day at scheduled times and does not ever miss a meal. She is a real sweetheart and greets my son when he comes home from work and greets me even if I am outside for a few minutes and come back in (she licks my toes like my pug Gracie did)-gets so excited and we are just in love with her.

She has too many toys to count but her favorites are an apple that squeaks, and a her Kong toy which gets filled occasionally with treats.



Emma and Alvin,

I hope all is well with you.
So BarkStarr will be 3 on July 22nd.
I have treats and hopefully his 2 closest friends will come over to celebrate.

Someone in our neighborhood has a pug from HH and he is vintage HH adorable! His name is Mayday and when the weather is nice he and Bark get together. It is interesting how pugs play together--their own style.
And another neighbor is on a waiting list for a pug.
Bark is so sweet, maxing out now at 25 lb's!! He was so skinny the whole first year.
Booty and Gunner are his parents and they would be proud of how wonderful he is representing them, lol.
He is such a sweet dog and the kids in the neighborhood love him and he has great manners.
Emma, we can take him anywhere and he is calm and happy.
Bark is definitely the dog for me.
Say hi to Alvin.
God is so good!


We love them!


I want to thank Alvin and Emma for our new pug. His name is Marco, he has taken to our home as if he was born here. My grandkids, neighbors love him. The Brennemans was great to work with, if anyone looking to purchase a loving pup they wonderful.


We are so in love! He (Coco) is such an awesome puppy! Is doing amazing with potty & crate training. Attached a couple pics! ❤️


I purchased a Boston Terrier puppy 5 years ago from Howling Hill and our sweet Jioke has been an absolute delight. Our vet has commented what a fine specimen she is. She is healthy, fit,and a joy to have in our lives. She has had no significant health problems and she has a wonderful personality. So much fun and love !


We submitted a request back in June of 2020, and were told that we would be put on a waiting list. We waited and got lucky and contacted to pick up in August! We picked her up, and everything fell into place after that. She has been healthy and active since we got her, and the vets love her! She has been a perfect addition to our family! We love our little Lola!


Otis did so well on our 7 hour trip back home to Erie pa. We can't thank Emma and Alvin enough for our beautiful puppy. He sleeps through the entire night from 10 to 6 am. and already at almost 9 weeks old goes to the door when he needs to go potty.
What a beautiful Christian couple they are.I felt like I had known them forever!


Can’t begin to explain how much we are loving this adorable baby!! Was soooo good on the drive home and only getting up once in the night to do his business...and is such a cuddler !!!Thank you for helping us bring a dog back into our lives!!❤️


We now have three pugs from Howling Hill, and they love each other as much as we love them. They have all been wonderful additions to our family!


It’s hard to believe our Oliver turned 2 on
April 14th. He was from Lily and Sheriff’s litter and we love him so much. Thank you for breeding such great dogs.


Our family is finally complete with our new pug Kardi from Muffen’s litter January 2021! Emma and Alvin were amazing! They were responsive, knowledgeable, and warm! Definitely will recommend to friends and family!


Hi Alvin and Emma -

Hannibal (Stinger and Bandit June 18) just received his AKC Canine Good Citizen this week. He's been working really hard on being a good boy! He is still a ways out, but our goal is to get him into a program at my Dad's retirement home to be a therapy dog.
In other news, he won't let anyone sit down without being on their lap, plays fetch better than a Lab, and brings smiles to everyone he meets. Our lives couldn't be fuller.


Couldn’t imagine life without our pugs from Howling Hill Kennels. Our youngest, Nugget just turned 2 and our oldest will be 5 later this year. Thank you so much for our bundles of joy!


We are so blessed to have Riley (on the right) from HHK/2009. She just celebrated her 12th birthday. Elsie (2019) has been the perfect addition to our family. Can’t imagine life without them!


Hi Emma,

Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know “Penny” is doing great and she is such a cutie. The kids adore her!


We picked up our little “Romeo” on Nov 29th. He is the absolute love of our lives! Our 10yr old pug & Romeo are best buds. Romeo is sweet, smart, independent, strong willed and the perfect amount of energetic. He makes us smile constantly. We will be back for another pug someday! He is perfection❤️


We picked up our little girls on November 28. We have named them Coco and Poppy. They are healthy and adorable. We are so happy they are a part of our family.


Hi Emma,
We picked up Murphy 28Nov2020. He is a delight and yes very spoiled. He comes to work with us and gives love to lots of kids and adults. Thank you


It’s been 7 months since we picked up Fred (Winifred) and we couldn’t be happier! She loves to go camping, the beach, playing with her siblings (an 8yo lab and a 12yo pug), and is sweet and smart! Fred has already traveled to 3 states on our camping adventures and has even earned her swimming badge! She was very quick to house train, since we already had a doggie door and is great on road trips! Fred is a complete snuggle bug and a bit of a busy body, mainly because she’s a curious pug ???? We are so blessed to have her!


I wanted to give you an update on our puppy that my family received from you. We received one of the male puppies from Tweet and Uno's litter and we couldn't be more happy. We named him Suede and he is the happiest and most playful puppy. Oh, and house training is going great! Thank you again!


Notorious P.U.G. is doing great! His turned 6 in August 2020 and he is from the Skipper and Targot litter!


Hi Mrs. Emma,

I had to share because she is the sweetest puppy I’ve ever had. Texi and Sheriff were a great combination. Her personality is so loving and she is very smart. I said she’s very spoiled but my husband disagrees. He said she very well loved. I’ve had 7 Boston Terriers I’ve loved them all but Callie has the best personality.
God bless you guys
Sarah Startzel


We thought you'd like a birthday picture of Pebble, from the 10/14/19 litter. She is doing well and is 16 pounds now.

Connie R Hedgepeth, Ed.S.


I live my newest pug puppy. She’s adorable. I named her Mei Mei which means little sister. I will be back in the future for another pug puppy. You guys rock! Thank you Susan Oliver


Hi Emma and Alvin

I just wanted to let you know how amazing our new puppy, Nelson, is. Not only is he so adorable, but he is such a good boy! He's smart, sweet, funny, and just an absolute joy! Housebreaking is going well too! Thank you so much for all you do to provide such amazing puppies!

Take care,


We are in love with our new puppy! We had a wonderful experience with the kennel from start to finish, and we’re sure to come back in a year or two for a sibling for Reggie!


We purchased a female fawn pug and we are so in love with her. The breeders were super nice and I appreciated how fast they would always respond to my emails. This was such an amazing buying experience I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a pug.


Good afternoon.....I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful dog.He is the best puppy,so smart and good and funny. It was great being there again too,beautiful area.


Vader is 7 now and doing great! Thank you again! Could not be happier. Both of us lol!


My wife and I decided to start looking for a replacement puppy for the one we lost in May 2019. We had Tutt for 12 years when he finally succumbed to a collapsed trachea that nearly broke our hearts. We decided we wanted another pug and found Howling Hill Kennels. We have been delighted with our new additions to the family. That’s right, that’s plural, we chose to get two female Pug puppies out of the same litter.!This is not my first pug rodeo, as I have owned three pugs across the last 20 years or so. I find them to be very well behaved and docile around our grandchildren and therefore they do better than I do sometimes. Our two little girls were born April 4 of 2020 and were the only two females in a litter of seven black pug puppies.!Grace and Frankie stole our hearts across the month or so that we visited at the kennel before they were to be weaned. We pick them up on June 1, 2020. By then, we had visited them at least once a week starting from the time they were two weeks old. As of this writing, today our girls are 12 weeks old and have developed quite distinct personalities. Grace is the biggest of the two and Frankie, is a little bit smaller and spunky as she can be. But when you see one of them you’re probably going to see the other one very close behind as they are inseparable. Plus, these are the smartest pugs I have ever owned,!If you are a new pug owner you’ll find that they do not come housebroken. But, having had a lot of success with housebreaking pugs I decided that we would do something a little different this time and chose to do what is referred to as “bell training”. We started from the minute we walked into our home with the puppies for the first time. Bell training is very simple and in fact it certainly isn’t original as it repeats the process that Pavlov used in the early days of psychology. We hung a string of Christmas bells on our back door, which is the door we will always use when the girls need to go outside to do their business. !Step– By- step instructions for bell training your puppy:!1. Hang a string of harness bells on your back door and at the right height so your puppy can hit them with their nose or paw.!2. You must initially ring the bells every time you open the door to go outside when taking the puppy for a walk.!3. Your little pug will start to associate the bell ringing with the door opening. To give you an idea of how fast this can occur, Frankie the littlest of our two pugs began to ring the bells on the third day of training. I honestly have never had a dog do that this quick. We were really impressed with her.!4. For a while, you will need to continue to ring the bell when you open the door for your puppy to go out. However it takes very little time for them to understand that when they ring the bell you have to get up, put the TV on pause and take them out. Sometimes I am a little slow at getting to the door and Frankie will repeatedly ring the bell until I get there.!Some owners will reward their dog with a treat when they come in from a potty trip after ringing the bell. However, I don’t like to do that because pugs have as much of a weight problem as I do and it just makes it more difficult for them to keep their weight down where it supposed to be. If you are feeding them as recommended, they will get plenty to eat. But everybody is different and that becomes your preference. Just remember that you’re dealing with a smart little dog who will quickly figure out when the bell rings the door opens and there will then be a treat waiting. However, sometimes I’ve had a dog do this just to get a treat. Just remember no puppy is perfect and will make mistakes. Don’t be too harsh on them when they do and they will love you forever. As they grow up their mistakes become very few and far between and they will never be much older than two years as compared to a child.!Sincerely,!Grace and Frankie’s Mom and Dad


We purchased Jioke about 4 years ago. She is healthy and brings so much joy to our life. Such personality ! Very pleased and hope to get another puppy from you one day!


Hi, Emma. I just wanted to send you a quick update on Blitz (now Twix). She is really blossoming. She kept to herself for quite awhile but has now started playing with my other dogs and is eating much better. She has learned that my lap is a great place and loves the attention. Thank you so much for letting me add her to my little family.


On May 8th, it will be three years since I got my female fawn pug from y’all. What a wonderful three years it has been!! My pug Stevie has been nothing but a pure joy in my life, and I cannot thank y’all enough for the laughs and comfort and love she has given me. Thank y’all so much, and Happy Easter!

Almost One!

Emma and Alvin,
I hope you both are well. Thanks for bring this bundle of joy into my family’s life. We truly love him. Hard to believe he’s a year old and I will have had him for a year in May. Stay safe and have a fantastic year.
All the best, Daria


We got our Spencer back in '14, and little did we know we would have the best dog ever. We lost him on Jan 12th due to an illness, and still cannot believe he is gone. He was the most loving,affectionate dog ever.Never snapped,bit or was mean to anything or anyone. I could walk anywhere and he was by my side,even off leash. He was also the smartest dog,and the funniest and playful. Whenever let out of the cage,he would not run away unless you leaned over so he could kiss you. How I miss my little buddy,my special boy...

RIP Winnie

I got this awesome dog 15 years ago from HHK. She was a healthy dog until the very end. She was about as great of a temperament as you can get and she will be missed dearly. While I’m not anywhere near replacing her yet, I am a forever home for a pug. Best dog for young children too. Soon.
RIP Winnie. June 2005 - feb 2020


Today, on her second birthday, we wanted to thank you again for Rey. She’s such a character: happy, clever, brave, mischievous, and so affectionate. Despite being half the size of her “big brother,” Rey rules our roost. :) She is so very loved!


Alvin and Emma, 

I just wanted to write and thank you for our pug. We got him from you in November and named him Poncho. He has been an amazing dog and we are thrilled with him. Since getting him we have heard from many people with pugs that had gotten a dog from you and they also loved the experience. The vet loves his personality and says he has great joints :)

We will be looking for another Pug at some point. If you all ever get a dog returned to you that needs a home, please feel free to reach out to us. And if you ever start to think of retiring PLEASE let us know before you do so.

Thank you again for the work you do. You are amazing people.

God Bless,
the Blas


We picked up Peppa in October 2019, and she is a healthy beautiful pug. Thank you Howling Hill Kennels!


Cannot begin to say enough about the Brennemans. Alvin and Emma are very kind and loving, and it shows tremendously in the puppies and parents that they raise. When we first visited Howling Hill two years ago, Emma met us with a basket full of baby Pugs, it was the most adorable thing ever. We instantly fell in love with our pug Twinkie and she has filled out home and our hearts with love and joy. We recently returned a few weeks ago to pick out a little sister for Twinkie and we have added Tinkerbell to our family, who is another blessing for which we are very thankful. If you are looking to add a Boston Terrier or Pug to your family, we would highly recommend that you visit Alvin and Emma at Howling Hill.


I picked up my little black pug (Teddy) over a year ago and he’s the absolute cutest, smartest, healthiest, and BEST looking pug I’ve EVER seen! This breeder was absolutely amazing, so friendly and they take very good care of their pugs. I highly recommend anybody getting a pug from them! We will be returning when we get our second pug this summer! Once you have one pug you will want another one! BEST dog EVER!

RIP July 24, 2004 - Dec 29, 2019 ~ Black Hawk aka Poogey

It is with a broken heart that I am taking BlackHawk/Poogey in today to be put to sleep. He has had 2 seizures today and is barely walking. For right now he is resting peacefully snuggling on the couch with me and all of his blankets. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you again for entrusting him to me. He had my heart the second I saw him! He has been the most special little guy. I thank God  and you both for the time that I have had with him and only wish it could have been longer.

Kera Brannen, RT (R)

~ Good bye Black Hawk (as HHK knew you).  Thank you for being such a huge blessing to so many families across the country.  You have brought so much love and joy to many homes with your beautiful babies.  You are loved by many and we still smile when we think about how you spun around on your front feet while pottying.  Thank you also, to the Brannens for giving him a wonderful retirement home. We appreciate all you did.  ~ Emma for HHK


Merry Christmas from Switzerland where Marlon (October 2013} is doing great!


Great breeders and I will most definitely be getting another pug from them in the future! Highly Recommend


We absolutely love our girls!!! So happy we could keep them together so they can play forever


We so love him


This WOULD have been our third pug from here, however, due to poor business/customer service and miscommunication between the owners, we will never do business here again. Called and spoke with Emma inquiring on the availability of a pug who informed me that she was still available. Made a prompt deposit payment and noticed my name on the website instantly next to the pug I chose. She called back this morning informing me that she had made a mistake and that this pug had been sold previously AFTER taking my money and adding my name to the website yesterday. As a business owner, this mistake is unacceptable as they state to make sure the dog is available by talking to them before you make a deposit under their own deposit rules. We had already started to get attached looking at pictures and picking out a name. She did apologize however, but when I asked how they were going to make it up to me, her husband wouldnt budge on price or really anything to try and satisfy a loyal, repeat customer. They didnt seem to want to take ownership of their own mistake and rectify this situation and I felt treated just like their dogs....a paycheck! Go elsewhere!


We picked up Peppa on 17 October 2019, and she had a good vet check. She is full of life, and we’re enjoying her.


Charlie (my pug) has been a delight to have. No issues expect for worms which were easily taken care of. He is a sweet heart and what i needed in my home


We got our pups back in April and they are the best dogs!! We can’t imagine life without these sweet girls. My parents got a pug from the same liter and we live so close to each other so they get to play all the time; they are best friends/sisters !


Just to let you guys know that Rocco is the best dog ever .... we have him 3 years ago and is a lovely and playful doggy


This is Buddy. I bought him from you 4 years ago. He has brought so much joy to our home, I truly believe he was a gift from God. He has so much love and personality; I couldn't have special ordered a better dog and companion. Thank you, Laurie Williams, Chester, va


Hi Emma, I have been meaning to drop you a note and let you know that Bandit is doing just great. He is an absolute delight and has fit into our family like he was always there. I cannot believe how sweet and smart he is! Attached are some pictures of him as he is growing up fast. Hope all is well with you. many thanks, Leyla

Leo Riley

Leo Riley is 6 years now. I just adore him. He is healthy and loyal. Thanks and God's Blessings!


Hi Emma, Milo is acclimating beautifully. He had a great check up at the vet this morning. He is so loving and has a great temperament. Thanks for everything, we are in love! -Haley


Well Emma we have had our PJ for 10 days now and he has been such a blessing. I want to let everyone know that we own a pool and the pool has basically 3 decks it's got a lower deck one that you step up on and it's got like a small little bridge in it and an above ground pool with a deck around it and gate. I need to let everyone know how smart Alvin and Emma can raise their pugs. I have yet to have 1 accident in my house and have had him for 10 days. And while we were out at the pool playing with the bigger dogs cause they jump in-and-out of the pool he was watching well he did this all on his own... he went through the slats in the gate down the little bridge and down the deck and out to the yard to use the restroom. number 1 and number 2 in and he brought himself backup on the deck and backup to me. These pugs are so bright that a is just amazing me the things it this little guy can do he is definitely learning to keep his own here in the house he loves to play with his big sister and they play together very well because she is a border collie Aussie mix and she plays very gently with him so just to let you know I think he is got the best life a little pug could have but I needed the let everybody know how amazing this little guy is about no accidents in the house he has done very well so thank you very much Alvin and Emma for bringing us such a bright beautiful wonderful little pug he has definitely filled our hearts with joy and definitely help now heal that major sorrow of losing our last pug PC. I would give Howling Hills Kennels a 10 star rating but they only allow 5 so yes a 5 star rating with plus 5 more stars. This is PJ's swim vest. He has been in twice and seems to like it.


We love our Oliver so much. He was from Lily and Sheriff’s litter and was definitely worth the wait. This is our second Boston from HHK. When our Checkers past away we knew we wanted another Boston Terrier from your loving kennel. I would recommend anyone looking for a Boston or Pug to give you a call. Thank you again Emma and Alvin. Have a great summer.


We have now had our PJ for 3days now and he is such a blessing he is helping to help heal the pain we have from losing our PC ( a pug to ) 2 1/2 most. ago. We have had zero accidents in the house. He is so much fun....loves playing with his big sister ( border collie/aussie mix ). I would highly recommend this kennel to anyone and everyone looking for a well bred pug. Thank you Emma for helping to heal our broken hearts.


Thank you so much for bringing us our little bundle of joy. We have had him now for 24hrs now and we have had no accidents in the house...YEAH!!!!!!! We lost our PC 2mo.agoand it left a huge whole in our heart that PJ ( PC Junior) has now filled. Thank you to howling hills kennels.


Emma and Alvin,

Again, I want to say thank you again for bringing Pedro into our family’s life, as be bites the leg on a dining room chair as I write this email:-). He’s brought joy to our family. The vet appointments have gone well and they just love him. He’s the darling of my neighborhood.

I wish you both a fantastic summer!

Ketchikan Jack

Ketchikan Jack is doing wonderfully well! He spends most days greeting tourists on his walks to my radio station. He seems to have an affinity for British and Australians? But really everyone fawns over him constantly. Also, he loves to socialize, and has been to several local events, like our big Solestice Celebration. He also really loves playing with Lily the Beagle at the Radio Station, too. What a great guy! He took his first boating outing, has been walking the docks, and has even been on the radio. Of course he is spoiled rotten, and sleeps with me every night (snoring all the way) He is super smart, and found a way to get into the Beggin Treats and hide them in the cushions of the sofa and chairs for later consumption. I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family! To say that we love him is a huge understatement.


I got my perfect Milly May in December of 2015. She is the sweetest little cuddle bug ever. She never leaves my side & is my bestest little friend!


Violet is such a love. We had a wonderful experience with Howling Hill and we are already looking forward to the possibility of another puppy next year.


Good evening! Just wanted to let you guys know that Mily is settling in really well. She loves Yoda and does everything he does. She is becoming quiet the snuggle bug and the transition into the house hasn’t been bad at all. She is so sweet. Thanks so much for suggesting her. She’s the perfect fit. ❤️ Erica


PS. Mily was retired from HHK


Good afternoon! I have been meaning to email you ....we have a puppy from booty and woodys litter he is apricot and over 2 years old he has been a pleasure ...we think he is the best dog ever ...loves to cuddle his hiney shakes when anyone comes home and then we are attacked with kisses he plays with tons of toys enjoys a quick walk and rings a bell to go outside he is friendly to all (loves tummy rubs)I just wanted you to know we are so happy we came to you we felt like the training period was relatively quick since he went out on his own from day one ....thank you!!! ❤️The Ruhl family


We can not THANK YOU ENOUGH for our baby she is 3 now and the most wonderful fur baby we could ask for .


Thank you for breeding such wonderful pugs. I wanted to let you know I named my pug Sonny. He has all his shots and is scheduled for his neuter at the end of march. Here are some photos of him and I want you to know how much joy he has brought to my life. He is spoiled rotten. Thank you and I’ve told so many people about you! I plan on coming back in about a year or two to get another pug, if you are still selling at that time. I hope you are doing well. Thank you again, Sarah


We got Oakley in October of 2018. She is so sweet & funny!!! Such a little lover that it’s hard to get mad at her when she is ornery!

Winston and Hunter

Hey guys, Happy New Year! I hope are well! Do you have any appointments available for Sunday afternoon, for a visit to look at the males, from Gunner’s litter? We are the proud owners of Winston & Hunter, who both came from you. Looking forward to hearing back.


Hi Emma, Just wanted to check in and let you know Hazel is doing beautifully. She's settling in nicely, had her vet check today and looks wonderful. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see how she's doing. Hope her sisters have been picked up and are doing well in their forever homes.


Our Banjo turned 4 today. We love him as a family member. Thanks Howling Hill Kennels.


We got our Sofie on July 26, 2018. She has been a absolute joy and so funny! I couldn’t have ask for a better friend!


Hello from Diesel. He's doing great, and thank you for our little love. Would love to maybe add a playmate for him one day. He is adjusting great. Wanted all to know that our vet even remarked on what a great pug he is. Thank you again!

Ketchikan Jack is finally in Alaska

Here are some fun photos.  He's seems to be doing great.  Shivered at first. :) He took a lot of photos in Washington Dulles and SEATAC with his adoring fans according to Holly. LOL Thank you both again for bringing such joy to our lives, and a very Merry and blessed Christmas to you!


hope you guys r doing new pup geisha is so adorable.I am thinking if getting another in the spring or before the school yr ends.I want a play mate for I'll be contacting u soon.merry Christmas to u and your hubby.susan


Good Morning, Our family got a little guy from you Sept 2017, from Lucky and Bandits June 23, 2017 litter. He is such a joy and a cuddler and we love him so much that we decided we would like another:) Is it possible to get another puppy from the next litter from Lucky and Bandit? I know they recently had one and it will be awhile before they have another. I'm attaching a couple pics of our little guy, Xander. Thanks So Much and I hope you have a blessed holiday season! ~Meghan~


We love Banner so much! He is so handsome, friendly and full of energy. We will definitely be looking to add another Boston from Howling Hill to our family in the future.


I am interested in being added to the wait list for a Boston Terrier female. My daughter and I purchased a Boston Terrier puppy from you about 5.5 years ago and he has been the light of our lives. We are looking forward to doing business with you again. This is Yoda and we couldn’t love him any more if we tried. He is one of Bozo’s puppies.


Good Morning! We just wanted to let you know how much we love Dickens! He's SUCH a good little boy! We have him on a schedule so his day is predictable for him. He, knock on wood, is sleeping from 10 pm til 6:30 am without tinkling in his crate at night. He is using pee pee pads in the kitchen is is learning that is the spot to go. We have not let our puggle and Dickens play together yet as the first time we tried it, Bella pounced on him and he yelped. She is getting more used to having him in her world and out vet assures us they'll be fine as soon as Dickens gets a bit bigger. Speaking of our vet, she adores Dickens and gave him a clean bill of health and said he was a fine example of a little pug. She was most appreciative of your shot and worming records. She tested a stool sample and he has no worms or other critters in there! He has a tiny eye drainage, so our vet put him on eye drops twice a day til it clears up. He is a JOY, and we are so happy that he's OURS!! Thanks for taking such good care of him for us! Warmest regards, Candy 


He is getting big! Looks great & we spoil the heck out of him! Great boy!!????

He’s finntheboston1 on Instagram The Shreves

Bark Starr

Bark Starr is giving us so much love. He is adjusted quickly to his new home. About 12 weeks in this picture.
He is cuddly, smart-- goes to the front door and sits when he has to go potty. He has always slept through the night!
Greg and I are so grateful for the care Emma and Alvin give to raising these precious puppies.

My boys! Nacho and Bruno

They are healthy and happy ???? they are family! Love Howling Hill Kennels!


Winston! Big name for such a little guy!

Most ethical breeder

As we embark a second purchase from Alvin and Emma, my daughter and I had the opportunity to spend the day socializing with all the pups. It provided a first hand glimpse of how deeply they care about each and every puppy. I’m in awe of the time and care they provide. Truly a hands on and family atmosphere in which they provide to each family and of course the puppies. They are extremely cognizant in screening families for their beloved pups. If you’re looking for a “Puppy Mill,” you need to find another kennel. They take note of those who purchase to ensure their beloved puppies are going to a sound, safe and loving home. Howling Kennel is both outstanding, accommodating to all future owners. Simply lovely people to work with! Hence the reason puppies are purchased so quickly! Thank you so much for all you do.


Our 2nd baby Boston- we love him! He has already gone potty outside 2xs! Playing & very social. They were super nice at Howling! Thank u!❤️

Sofie Belle

This sweet precious little girl has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives! Sofie came home with us on July 26. We love her so much. Each day brings a new adventure. She gobbles her food, hates her leash, chews everything in sight yo include daddy’s slippers! I’m so glad we found Emma and Alvin. They were great to work with and so kind to let us visit! As soon as we fully retire we’ll be back for another pug! Thank you!


Hello!I just wanted to send you a few pictures of PJ (Princess Jasmine), the sole female puppy from the February 23rd Booty and Gunner litter. She is such a sweetheart! She loves everyone and wants to be friends with every dog we meet. PJ knows sit and stay, and we’re working very hard on heel (she likes to lead the walks). I could not be more blessed to wake up to her cuddles every day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!!Sincerely,Laura Kelly

Stellar Breeder

Our beautiful Charlotte! If you are considering bringing a new addition to your family—Howling Kennel is stellar. The effort Emma and Alvin put into breeding is extremely extensive. We’ve used other breeders in the past however, we would never consider another. Currently adding a new addition to our family. Yes, there is a wait list, but I strongly urge one to hang tight... Clearly, there is a wait list for a reason! Highly respected breeders and strong ethics. We adore you both and thank you for our beautiful girl! In closing, this is a stellar breeder. Lynne and Nicholas Griffin


(add on from HHK that Lynn emailed us. I think everyone should be able to chuckle with the Griffins) ...

Just a note; and forgive me for rambling—but she oddly swims, goes into the beach with a life jacket and rides a little surf board when we’re at our beach house. She’s been videotaped by on lookers who just laugh hysterically! I should start a blog or YouTube on her! Our lab and her best buddy is getting old and starting to show his age.  I fear she won’t do well if anything happens to him as she needs a companion for sure.


We just love our beloved Charlotte! Ready for a new friend for her!

Good morning! We are so thankful for our beloved Charlotte! Amazing character, stunning Pug and ready for a sibling! You were just amazing to work with during a difficult time after loosing our senior Pug. Would never dream of using another breeder.

Leo Riley Gotcha Day

July 20th is Leo's 5th anniversary Gotcha day. He's a great boy! THANKS!

Captain Rex

Hello. Just wanted to share another photo of the Captain. He’s a total joy and a wonderful friend. Thank you so much.

Della Mae

This is our Della Mae Crim we got her September 9,2015 we love her so mych

So Much Love!

We brought Joey home 09/10/2016. We will be celebrating his 2nd birthday 7/16. Thank you Howling Hills for your kindness during the buying process. Joey has brought so much joy to my daughter and I. We may come back for a black one!


Hi Emma,

We are in love with our Boston “Charlie”. He was from the litter of Cola and Dipstick last year 2017. Charlie and I have done 18 classes of obedience training and we earned the “Canine Good Citizenship” from the AKC. Part of the training was to take him to pet friendly stores for socialization. I’ve  met so many wonderful people because of Charlie. I have highly recommended Howling Hills Kennel to people who have stopped us, loved on Charlie, and asked where he was purchased. Charlie has brought so much laughter into our home. He is my constant companion! We would love to have a playmate for Charlie. Please put us on the list for another Boston. We would like a puppy with mostly black markings. It doesn’t matter female or male. We understand it will be next year for a puppy.

Sincerely,  the Nelsons

Absolute joy

Hi Alvin and Emma— Just wanted to update you on “Stinger Male #2.”  He is absolutely a joy. He easily transitioned into our house. We had been forewarned that Pugs are hard to housebreak— he has had his moments but 9 times out of 10 he makes it outside. At 13 weeks he was already heading to the door when he had to go out. Most importantly he is just a sweet puppy. We couldn’t be more happy to add him into our family. You do great work!Thank you,The Willens


This is Judah at about 9 weeks--one week after we got him from Howling Hill.  He is now just about 3 months old and doing great!  We love him so much.  He has a middle name now--Maccabee!  Such a big name for a little pug.  This is our second pug from Emma and Alvin and we are overjoyed to have such beautiful, healthy dogs.  

Black Pug

We love our pug Winston. Great place to get your puppy from. Everything was smooth and easy. He was worth the wait.


We got our beloved Mojo back in November of 2015 from Howling Hills and we love him to death!


Alvin and Emma-Thank you so much for our sweet Roxie! She is lovable, sweet, spunky and full of energy. Everything all rolled into one adorable pug. We couldn’t ask for more. You guys are amazing!

Captain Rex

Hello. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing puppy.
Captain Rex has been amazing from the moment we picked him up. He sleeps
through the night in his crate next to my bed. He always (so far!) goes
potty outside. What a treat. Thank you!!!-Justin


Thank you Emma and Alvin. We got 'Judah' on Aptil 20, 2018. He is our second pug from Howling Hills. He is right at home and thriving--so much love.


Max was born on November 12, 2017 and is the best dog ever! He is smart, kind and loving. I can't say enough good things about Howling Hill Kennels. Hardest part was picking which puppy since we wanted them all!Sarah and Bill 


HelloI am a return customer. I bought a fawn pug puppy in 2015. He is such a loving and wonderful dog. Best dog have ever had. He brings such joy to us everyday.I would love to be put on your list to buy another pug puppy. I would love another  male fawn.Thanks you so much.Kind regardsMary


Buddy was 2 years old March 26th. He loves to ride (and drive) the lawn
mower with me and is totally spoiled!! He completes our family and we
highly recommend your kennel when asked where we purchased him.    Hank
& Linda

Leo Riley today

So in love with my boy. Thanks for breeding Boston Terriers.


Ziggy was born April 3, 2017 and she is now 9 months old.  She is a joy!!  Such a personality!!  We had a very positive experience from start to finish.  She is a healthy, happy pug.  Emma and Alvin were very easy to work with and answered any questions we had and always got right back with us.  When its time to get another Pug brother or sister we will definitely use Howling Hills.


We are so grateful for HHK who gave us our little Louie! He is a happy healthy boy who will already be 5 this year! As spoiled as Lou is, we are hoping to bring home another Boston puppy soon!


Good Evening Emma and Alvin, My husband and I just wanted to thank you for giving us the most perfect pug! It has been a dream come true having our boy in our home. He’s been given the name Frank and he’s one smart boy. He is definitely my snuggle buddy and I just wanted you all to know how happy I am.  Hope all is well for you guys and we can’t wait to bring Frank home a sibling one day. Thank you for all you do!Here’s some pictures of how Frank has grown!

Coming back soon for #4

I have three dogs from you guys. Two black pugs and one fawn pug which are the greatest puggies!The most recent dog I got from you is Dream. She was the mom of my sweet samarai. Dream adjusted to home life and is so sweet. All of my dogs get a long and make every day an adventure. Thank you and I will be back soon for a black pug pup.Susan Oliver

Chloe and Piper

Chloe (8 years) and Piper (2 years) are our 2nd and 3rd Pugs from Howling Hills.  Emma was our first Puggie way back in 2002 but unfortunately she departed us in 2014.  All of our "girls" have brought us so much joy over the years and it's always been an excellent experience working with Emma and Alvin.  Looking forward to adding another Puggie to the family down the road.


Austin has recently turned 2 and right from day one has been a great addition to our family. We have nothing but positive experiences from the day we first saw him to uhe day we brought him home. Thank you Howling Hills for a great addition to our family.


Hi Emma and Alvin! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wanted to send you a couple of pics of Butkus. We love love love him. He has the best demeanor. Sweetest boy! Hope you all are doing great! God bless you all! Very best. Lynn and Rodney

Dexter DOB 11/15/16

Dexter just celebrated his 1st birthday.  He has brought so much joy and fun to our house. He is full of energy and well behaved. We had a great experience working with Emma and Alvin and are currently waiting for another puppy, so Dexter will have a playmate.