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Chick Hill Guide Service

Clifton Maine , 04428


Thanks for a great Maine grouse hunt - ended up with three birds! Your dogs did great, and I really enjoyed the area, Maynard's in Maine, and your company. I learned a lot from you, and you really put me at ease. Looking forward to a future trip!


Mike is a great guide. He knows the water, put me on fish, had the right gear, worked hard to keep fly rigs changed and productive, and gave me every opportunity to catch fish (which I did). But, that’s just the beginning! Mike is personable, listens, and communicates well. As we began planning the trip, he understood that what I was looking for was more than a just a couple of days of fishing. In short, he did what he could to ensure I had a memorable experience and I would say that he succeeded beyond expectation. I caught fish and had a great time, making memories that will last a lifetime! I am already trying to determine when I can schedule my next trip with Mike. I recommend him highly and without reservation!
Lou Forbringer
St Lois, MO


What a pleasure it was spending a day on the Penobscot River. The river’s tranquil beauty and excitement of catching fish with friend Nancy C. made for a great day! Our expert guide Mike Hagerty provided all the equipment necessary, a boat load of enthusiasm, encouragement and helpful tips. There wasn’t a care in the world except to enjoy the picnic lunch, company, conversation and laughs! Thanks Mike for making the day fun and memorable! I highly recommend Chick Hill Guide Service for its attention and commitment to provide clients with an exceptional experience!


A fabulous day of fishing on the Penobscot River with my friend, Carol T. And guided by Mike Hagerty of Chick Hill Guide Service. We caught and released bass, had a picnic, shared stories, and had fun! Ladies, you have got to experience a day of fishing where you are waited on the entire time! Just sit back and enjoy🎣


Thanks for a great day out on the lake. Enjoyed the fishing as much as the company. Been out with a few guides in my time and you are absolutely top notch!


Mike organized a great half day fishing trip on Toddy Pond with a second guide and boat for our group of 5. We all caught lots of small and large mouth bass using a variety of different types of lures and bait. Both guides were knowledgeable and fun to spend a half day with. I look forward to fishing again with Mike!


Mike took my sister Liz and I out for 2 days of fishing on Toddy Pond for both fly and spin fishing and we had an amazing time! We caught a lot of largemouth and smallmouth bass and he helped us land a couple of monsters. Mike was very personable and patient with us and was a lot of fun to be around. One day we also brought our mother who was a total novice and Mike was very helpful with making the day fun for her too. Overall, we had 2 great days with Mike and I would highly recommend Chick Hill Guide Service.


My Son Sean and I spent a fish filled day with Mike while on our Bar Harbor family vacation. Mike was both personable, funny and an excellent teacher. We are average fly fisherman and Mike put us on both Large & Small Mouth on Toddy Pond. His insight and practical way of teaching made us better and also allowed us to land some very nice fish. If in this area again, we will fish with Mike again. Highly recommended.

Thanks again Mike.

Number 37

What a wonderful day!....first time day on the Penobscot river with Mike Hegarty. Awesome boat. Wife and I really enjoyed the day. He provides everything. I have not used a guide but once before and that was way out west with the friend of a friend. It was different than Mike. Mike provided EVERYTHING. Rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets, flies (and changed them when they stopped working, he tied them on as well) All I had to do was show up, no gear required. Mike provided everything and knew how to fish for the species targeted. All I had to do was show up and enjoy the day. Mike put me on lots of smallmouth bass. What a day. OH...and the wife said she was so relaxed knowing Mike was in control of everything....she totally relaxed and enjoyed the day very much.....Thank you Chick Hill Guide Service! Jim

nr 36

"First trip to Maine and fishing was our plan. Mike Hegarty did an excellent job getting us out on the Penobscot River and getting us on some great fish. We will be back for sure!"

Testimonial #35

"thank you Mike for your great instruction! We enjoyed it very much and will certainly look you up for future occasions!"

Testimonial nr 34

We had a great weekend fishing with Mike at remote ponds near AMC's Little Lyford Lodge. So many wild brook trout we lost count! Mike is very knowledgeable about fly fishing in general and many classic fishing locales in Maine. Would highly recommend a trip with Mike.

Testimonial # 33

Had a fabulous time! Great fishing (lost track after 50 brook trout) and great company. Many thanks for the tips and guidance. We WILL be calling you for more adventures. Jim Elliot

Testimonial # 32

“I had the pleasure of spending a day with Mike at Baker Pond fly fishing for brook trout. Not having cast a fly for several years, Mike’s encouragement and well-timed tips had me casting and catching fish in no time. His enthusiasm was contagious and made for a great day on the water.”
Nick Puiia
Scarborough, Maine

Testimonial 31

Mike is a great guide. I had the best fishing experience of my life with him. He is knowledgeable, friendly, explains things well and generally knows how to teach and make it fun. Scott Efland

Testimonial #30

Fishing with Mike was one of the best fishing trips I have been on. His boat was amazing and he is so enthusiastic about what he does. So encouraging when the fish weren’t biting and lit up when a fish took the line. Fishing with someone who loves the outdoors and has tons of knowledge is such a great experience. I would absolutely recommend a day on the water with Mike. Great company, fantastic weather and a great time fishing!

Testimonial #29

Mike is a great guide and provided much insight and techniques for fishing these waters. He put us on some beautiful water and was never short on conversation. I really enjoyed my time in Maine and Mike made the experience one I won't soon forget.

Testimonial #28

A year came and went it was time for my annual fishing trip to Maine. After last year’s trip with Mike there was no doubt we’d be fishing together this year. We talked beforehand and made a plan. The Roach River it will be. Mike took time before hand to recon the river so no time was lost when we got there. We had a great day on the water. Mike is a great fly fishing guide. Can’t wait till next time. (Look out East outlet)
Easton, Pa.

Testimonial #27

I was looking for a local guide to take my son and me fishing during our first trip to Maine, and Mike delivered big time!. Mike was a terrific teacher for two novice fishermen and we both caught a number of fish! Mike made sure to check in beforehand and he planned a perfect day on the water. He even helped us fix a flat tire before we went out on the water! If you are looking for a knowledgeable guide who is a pleasure to spend a day with, I highly recommend Chick Hill guide service!

Testimonial #26

My son and I spent two days with Chick Hill Guide Service. As first time fly fishers, we learned a lot - Mike's patient coaching methods enabled us to not only become better fly fishermen, but we started catching fish! The Penobscot river was beautiful, with lots of bass. Loved the boat, and quality gear. Thanks Mike, for a great two days.

Testimonial #25

"Great day fishing the Penobscot river. Mike put me on a lot of fish, including this 20 incher......He really knows the river and fishing, and it it was great talking to him."

Testimonial #24

Great day fishing West Grand Lake. Mike got us into fish right away. He is a great boat driver and knowledgeable guide, and a pleasure to talk to. LOVE the Maine Freighter. Comfortable, and handles well in the wind. Thanks Chick Hill Guide Service!

Testimonial #23

“I couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water with Mike. His canoe was so stable, I stood and casted effortlessly! Mike is considerate, funny, and genuine - You could feel his true excitement when I had hooked up on a fish! I really appreciated the helpful hints and tricks he provided that put me on so many fish I lost count. I CANNOT WAIT to fish with Mike again - highly recommend.”

Testimonial #22

Had a great day. I really advanced my casting and overall fly fishing knowledge, and got lots of practice hooking and playing some very nice smallmouth bass! Mike is a great guide, and I enjoyed talking to him throughout the day.

Testimonial #21

Loved the boat and how comfortable it is - caught a beautiful smallmouth, as well as lots more fish. Mike is a very knowledgeable guide, and easy to talk to. Saw Bald Eagles and lots of loons!

Testimonial #20

A great day - we caught lots of fish - Mike really knows how to get you on fish. I was impressed with the Freighter Canoe as it handles very well in the wind. Loved it - thanks Mike!

Testimonial #19

"My wife and I are novice fly fishers and Mike made the day fun, informative and we had a great time. We explored parts of the beautiful Penobscot river, saw bald eagles and caught many fish"

Testimonial #18

“Mike is truly an exceptional guide. He’s the whole package: a really nice guy, extremely knowledgeable about fly fishing and the Maine outdoors, a patient teacher, and a raconteur. Without question the best guide I have ever met. I highly recommend him!"

Testimonial #17

I haven't been fishing since I was 12, and an opportunity came up while I was working in the Bangor area to reconnect with Captain Mike Hegarty and also try fishing for the first time in 30 years. He accommodated us on fairly short notice (2 days), and offered a half-day on the Penobscot River. Through his guidance, I was able to make the first catch, and managed to reel-in 4 more throughout the afternoon. Between the two of us, we caught a total of 8-10 Penobscot Smallies. Great time, with a great guide, and an old friend.

Thank you so much for the relaxing and fun afternoon!

Testimonial #16

Great trip - exceeded my expectations. Shot birds every day. Dogs were outstanding. Mike knows his stuff.

Testimonial #15

Had a great time with Chick Hill Guide Service - loved the dogs!

Testimonial #14

Had a ball! Hunted several days with my dog. Mike was very knowledgeable and we got into lots of birds!

Testimonial #13

Spent a great three days with Mike! Very professional.

Testimonial #12

Just finished my second outing this year with owner, Mike Hegarty. He's a very colorful character, and truly excellent at what he does. I'm already looking forward to next years outings with him. The total experience is simply amazing.

Testimonial #11

Thanks for a great week of fishing/camping. Fly fishing in Grand Lake Stream & trolling for bass in West Grand Lake were phenomenal. I’m pleased to have caught the record breaking 61st fish of the day. Camping & fishing on West Branch of the Penobscot were also incredible. Great weather, fall colors and good friends made for an ideal trip!

Testimonial #10

Just a Great day fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot. Caught lots of fish to include my first landlocked salmon. It was a perfect day. Mike is a great guy, very personable we hit it off right off the bat. Even before I got to Maine I knew Mike was a great guide. Just by all the phone calls and email corespondence it was far and above what anyone could expect. I can't wait till next time! Fish On! Wayne Kline

Testimonial #9

Fantastic time fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot.....caught my first salmon on a fly rod....Mike is a very patient, knowledgeable teacher. I learned a lot, and had a blast! thanks!

Testimonial #8

Had a amazing day yesterday with chick hill we caught over 60 fish from small mouth to perch amazing day and amazing guy he was well prepared and did everything to keep us on the fish all day long

Testimonial #7

Fished with Mike today and had a great experience He goes above and beyond to make sure you have the trip of your life

Testimonial #6

We had a great day on the water with Chick Hill Guide Service. Mike was very knowledgeable and professional. My Daughter caught her first Fish ever! We will definitely be going back......thanks CHGS!

Testimonial #5

Spent a couple quality days on Grand Lake Stream introducing my son to fly fishing. The instruction provided by our guide, Mike, was excellent. We caught plenty and had a great time. Looking forward to another trip with Chick Hill in the Fall.

Testimonial #4

First trip to Maine, first time flying fishing, and long awaited Father/Son get away. Mike's guiding service exceeded all my expectations. He has a way of removing your mind from burdensome obligations and forces the opportunity to enjoy life as it should be. In 2 days, I caught 6 bass,1 salmon, and potentially a lifetime fever for fly fishing. The take-away value far exceeds his humble guiding fees. Already reserved my spot for next year's hatching season.

Testimonial #3

Chick Hill Guide Service provides an experience you soon will not forget! Mike is an excellent guide who provides great equipment (Maine Freighter canoe, waders, fly rods and flies, etc.), expert knowledge of the local water with low-pressure instruction! Thank you for a wonderful couple of wonderful days of fly-fishing on the Penobscot River. Uncle Wayne and I could not have asked for a better trip!

Testimonial #2

I had a great time fly fishing Grand Lake Stream.....will be back in the fall for the salmon! Thanks for a great trip, loved meeting your dogs.

Testimonial #1

Used Chick Hill guide service for camping, fishing and hunting....all in the Fall when the colors were in full bloom. Had a great time getting to know Mike and his dogs. Looking forward to a trip in the Spring.