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Yate , BS37 5JG
United Kingdom

Thank you

Jo is simply incredible. There are no words to do her kindness and empathy justice. I'm so grateful to have found her. Can not recommend highly enough

The grey cloud has lifted

I was recommended by a friend to contact Jo as I had some anxieties I wanted to work through since having my children. From the minute I met Jo, I felt at ease in her company and as if I was in safe hands.

I had been experiencing intrusive thoughts which were causing me a lot of anxiety. She has such a warm and reassuring nature and I always looked forward to our sessions and found them so relaxing and comforting. After only 5-6 sessions I felt so much more in control of my anxieties and my life and I now have an underlying feeling that everything is going to be OK.  

Whereas before I had always felt an uneasiness in the pit of my stomach with the worry that I feel for my kids, I now feel that the 'grey cloud' that I felt I had before, has been lifted. Would recommend this as a process for anyone that has any issues however large or small to work through.

Thank you, Jo x

Anyone considering it, just do it, you won’t regret it!!

I’ve now finished my hypnotherapy course and can not recommend this enough!! I’m 2 stone lighter, in a completely different mindset and am a different person to the one I was before I started. Jo is such a calming influence, and a lovely, lovely person, which makes hypnotherapy the most wonderful experience. Anyone considering it, just do it, you won’t regret it!!

I do have the power and ability to influence and control my own thoughts and life

I didn’t really know what I expected to happen when I first started having sessions with Jo, I did however know that I felt certain things in my life needed to change and any help with that would be welcome. I was also looking forward to being covered with a blanket for a lovely little lie down. 

My life was feeling very busy and intense, I was struggling to focus and plan my day which then made me panic and become angry very quickly. I doubted myself constantly and the overthinking was exhausting making it hard to enjoy even moments in my life when I knew I wanted to feel happy. The guilt of not feeling happy then made me panic further and I felt unable to control any of this.

 I didn’t have one specific phobia like spiders or flying so I didn’t know how I would be able to tell if hypnotherapy was working for me or when I would know that I had been “fixed”.

 I’ve discovered that when it comes to anxiety there is no magic wand that fixes all, but learning about how my brain works, focusing on what I can change and visualising how I want my life to be has really helped me find a little bit of calm – which feels good.   

I build on things daily, trusting that I can do things and actually noticing that I am enjoying the little things in life that had previously almost become lost in the fog of stress panic.

 This week I have felt my stress levels rising and so I immediately know where to go, back to listening to the 20-minute relaxation session before I go to bed to empty my stress bucket and give my mind space to breathe.Hypnotherapy sessions with Jo have taught me that with the right tools, I do have the power and ability to influence and control my own thoughts and life and I can choose to make it better. It feels as if somebody has given me a big hug inside and said “it’s ok, you’re doing really great, you got this”  - thank you, Jo, for teaching me where to start and how to keep going xxx's made such a difference!

I've been seeing Jo for Hypnotherapy for 9 weeks now and I can't believe how it's made me feel. Life feels very much easier now. My anxiety is so much more manageable and I feel that I can get back into the real world again. Thank you! 

Helping to lift the fog

I was unsure about hypnotherapy in regard to coping with life stresses, I had heard about it for weight loss, stopping smoking & the usual, but actually supporting day to day coping I was intrigued and at a point where I was ready to try anything. 

As most full time working mums, I found it difficult getting the balance right when it came to coping with a stressful life. I have a 13-year-old son with Asperger’s and a 10-year-old son, who is not treated greatly by him.

 My eldest struggles with all daily events, but copes away from the home. The minute the doors close “boom” = explosion. No, I could never get away from the guilt; guilt of working full time, not keeping the house sparkling, the guilt of my 2 boys not being close, always guilty, and anxious that I was doing it all wrong. 

Then I had a session with Jo, who made things seem clear and put things into perspective. It’s taken time and I’ve still improvement to come, but I keep listening to Jo’s soothing voice, and it all doesn’t matter as much as I thought it all did. Yes, Life is life, but I could not get my head clear for the fog of guilt and anxiety.  

I couldn’t cope with the continuous explosions and I was wound up all the time. Jo has helped me to file things and get things in place. The house is calmer as I can deal with the outbursts, and I have a clearer mind to deal with it all.

I can’t thank you enough, Jo, for all your support, coping skills, coaching and understanding. Xxx

Less stress and better sleep!

I've been attending Jo's meditation class on Thursday nights since last year and It has made such a difference to my sleep patterns and I'm definitely less stressed. Jo also does meditations on confidence and offloading worries and stress. It really works. Definitely recommend to give her class a try x 

Lovely Meditation Class!

I just tried Jo's meditation class and it was fab! It left me feeling very relaxed and Jo was lovely. I can thoroughly recommend it