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Texas Hybrid Batteries

The Best!

Texas Hybrid staff gave me knowledgeable practical advice and sent me a perfect combo meter to fix my problems. I could not ask for nicer or more honorable people to do business with. After calling multiple automotive businesses bereft with people who do not know what they are doing, do not know hybrids, do not care, or who just want to over charge you and not solve the problem at hand, it is wonderful to find such a great place that is full of honorable people. Thank you Texas Hybrid Batteries, you are the best!

A person you can trust.......

Matt replaced our hybrid battery and brake actuator in our 2005 Prius. We were so extremely impressed. It is rare that you find someone who cares most about the customer, and will do seemingly anything to help provide a great service at a reasonable price, and will do anything to save his customers as much money as possible. I would trust Matt with absolutely any repair on my car, and not feel like I ever had to check anywhere else. There are so few like him in this world. When you find them, they absolutely need to be recognized. We couldn’t be happier that we drove 900 miles round trip to have him fix our car. We were probably fortunate to make it there, but then again, because he is such a straight forward standup guy, I think he more than likely would have came to our rescue if we wouldn’t have made it. His philosophy of taking the best care of his customers as humanly possible and everything else will take care of itself, will serve him and his customers very well for as long as he chooses to be in business.

Honest, Helpful and Affordable!

Wow! I feel so lucky that hours of frustration on a Prius chat board led to Matt's name and Texas Hybrid Batteries. We were quoted $1400 and weeks without a car to replace the combination meter on our 2006 Prius. Matt installed the part, brand new with a warranty, in 30 minutes for less than $300. And he answered a million questions and gave us advice about caring for this aging beauty of a car. If you are able to have your car serviced by him personally do it, if not, at least have him order the part. A very trustworthy person!

Outstanding knowledge and customer service

I spoke with Matt a couple times over the past 2 weeks about replacing my Hybrid battery and combination meter. He has been incredibly gracious and is an expert in his field. I feel he knows more about my Prius than the dealership, and most certainly has taken more care in educating me. I can't thank him enough and am happy he takes such pride and care with what he does! A genuinely good guy.

Real life example of how to run a successful small business

Some people do reviews based on one or two good experiences but I'm hesitant to do that. I have used these guys for several hybrid battery replacements on my 2007 Toyota Prius and always gone beyond satisfying me. More recently, I found out that they also do other repair work and I have had the smaller battery and the hybrid cooling system pump replaced. Although it is a small company with only a couple of employees, they have more expertise than some of the dealership mechanics that have worked on my car in the past. Every job they have done for me has been done quickly and carefully and always taken less time than I anticipated. The best thing about their work is that they do "house calls" making the repairs at my house. I have recommended these guys to multiple friends and will continue to use them.

Matt is fantastic!!

I was on a road trip and was going to have several maintenance items done on my Prius while passing through. Before I got there, I had a major problem and thought I might have fatally damaged my battery. Matt spent a lot of time of the phone giving me advice about how to proceed safely (since I still had about 700 miles to go before I got there). It turned out that all was well, but he greatly reassured me through a very scary experience. His prices are extremely reasonable, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!!

Fantastic Service

I had a great experience with Matt. I knew I could trust him from the very moment I talk to him on the phone. He was very responsive and always available to answer my questions. Matt was so helpful to someone who is not a customer, that resonated well with me. The service was done well and on time as he promised. He is also a true gentleman and made it totally worth the drive from Houston. If you need Prius service , do not look any further , he is the one. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Sincerely Oumar

Fantastic Service

I had a great experience with Matt. I knew I could trust him from the very moment I talk to him on the phone. He was very responsive and always available to answer my questions. Matt was so helpful to someone who is not a customer, that resonated well with me. The service was done well and on time as he promised. He is also a true gentleman and made it totally worth the drive from Houston. If you need Prius service , do not look any further , he is the one. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Sincerely Oumar

2004 Prius

Matt was awesome. Very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to give some pointers to a new hybrid owner. He fixed a previous persons mistake and got my car back on the road. Can’t thank him enough.

I've used him multiple times

I've bought 2 batteries from him for 2 different Prius.  He's the best without question.  I'm about to buy a speedometer from him.  Mine has gone out.  Straightforward, trustworthy, expert.  What more can you ask for?

Call Matt first!

When the dealership quoted a VERY large sum for a new hybrid battery for my 2005 Prius (and I had to ask about the so-called "core credit" but received nothing in writing), I looked for another option, found the posted testimonials for Texas Hybrid Batteries, and called Matt.   Even though I am outside of the coverage area, Matt made a house call and brought my Prius back from the dead. With Matt, you get A+ customer service, professionalism, efficiency, and a VIP seat to watch and talk to an expert at work.  Looking back after three months, the only thing I would have done differently is call Matt first and never bother with the dealership. Matt, thank you!


Best customer service at the best price and warantee!

Matt brought a new battery to me.  He helped me vacuum in the area which used to be under the old battery.  He put things together nicely then let me drive it on a test drive while he monitored the battery through computer software.  Not only did he charge me way, way less than the dealer for the same new product and give me a 4-year warantee, but it was a very convenient and productive experience - he even explained more about the hybrid system as we took the test drive!

Testimonial #20

Matt not only saved me money but he came out to my house on a Saturday to replace my Prius battery. I VERY highly recommend giving him a call if you are having issues with your Prius.

Great service, I'm just way late in the compliment

I have to say that Matt was timely in his responses to me as I had two or three e-mails, discussed the trouble codes it was giving me, and a phone conversation with him. I generally do most of my own automotive servicing and explained this to him. I told him that I would most likely remove as much of the interior to get down to the battery as I really wanted to see how Toyota put this thing together, and I wasn't going to be able to be present when he actually did the job. He said "not a problem" stop whenever you get to a place you're unsure, reminding me these batteries hold upwards of 200 plus volts so they can do substantial harm and/or kill you.

Per my wife: He was on-time, friendly and professional. Did the whole job in short order. In short he was "buttoned-up." When I took a look at the job he had done, everything was reinstalled, and appeared factory original, clean and tight all around. I would most assuredly use his services again if I get to a job I cannot do on my own. Matt, I'm sorry that this review is coming so late as the servicing I am referring to was done late March of 2016. You did a great job and you deserve to be recognized for the quality in your workmanship.

Great service

Matt was very good,

Showed up early and made sure I dinit miss amy appointment and left the car in great shape!

Price was good for  a real battery.

Lexus gs450h

Matt is awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable and hard working. I will send everyone I know his way...

Prius owner

My Prius had 98K miles on it and it was 10 years old.  I had it for three years.  The dealership said I needed a new battery and only offered me $1K trade in for it, or I could replace the battery for $3500.  The car was barely worth that much.   I still loved the car, so Matt came to the rescue.  Found him online and he was as advertised. He did exactly what he promised, new battery, car is running great and significantly less cost than what the dealership was trying to charge me.  If you want to keep your car, and not have to pay for a new car, then Matt can get you up and running again with confidence. Thanks Matt. 


Such an amazing experience start to finish! I can not thank you enough!


Great Job all around! Thanks Matt for taking care of us.


I can't say enough about Matt. He cared enough to take the time to diagnose the problem and the repair work was excellent. He repaired the transaxle in our Prius and saved us over $4,000 from what two others would have charged (including a local dealership). Thank you!


Matt was on time, and very thorough and professional. Great job!!


Matt was awesome! Came out within 24 hours. Had the battery changed and the car ready to go so quickly. I will be recommending to all my friends! Thanks Again!


Matt came to my home the day after I contacted him and replaced my battery. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent customer service!


Matt's service was great! he was on-time, well equipped, knowledgeable and willing to explain his service! It is great to be able to deal with an honest and forthright person who delivers what he claims at the price quoted at the time scheduled!


Excellent customer service! Thank you Matt!


Best experience I've ever had in fixing my car. Matt was professional, nice and understanding about a frustrating situation. I would highly recommend them in the future.


I did a lot of research before choosing Texas Hybrids and I don't think I could be more satisfied. Matt did a great job and probably would have done it in about an hour if I hadn't talked him to death. I have been in the retail car business for 16 years and I know what to look for and I recommend Matt and Texas Hybrid Batteries as highly as possible.


Very prompt and professional, very helpful, took time to listen and explain and very knowledgeable about the Prius. True to his word, didn't hurry to get out and made sure I had the answers to my questions. Was there exactly at 6 like he said and was done at 7:30 after he made sure I was satisfied . No additional charges like he said. Great job!


Outstanding work and would highly recommend. Called him on a Saturday evening and he came to my house Tuesday.


On time. Fast ,friendly,and efficient. Great experience. Would use services again. Thanks


Matt is flexible, professional, friendly, punctual, and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service and installation!


I am extremely happy with the service I received. Matt was awesome. He is very knowledgeable and kept me informed during the entire process. He had my Prius up and running like new in less time than I expected. I would highly recommend him.