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Kristeen Ann, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bye-Bye Panic Attacks

One Session

I've only had one session with Kristeen and she really helped me as I've been struggling with not feeling well this past year! I will continue to see her and I highly recommend her.

Professional Hynotherapist

Kristeen is a professional in her field. I felt comfortable and was able to trust and be guided through Hypnotherapy. Eventually was able to gain my confidence and move forward with the issues treated.

Relaxation Medicine for Life!

Just to be crystal clear, this woman really knows what she is doing. I purchased an Amazon Local voucher for a surprise birthday gift for my gf. I wanted her to feel what I believed was blissful peace & comfort. Well she got just that. After getting there & signing in we were taken to a back room where the mood just felt different. Then the session began. Without spoiling any of it, I'll just say the time & money was well worth it. Even if we did not buy the *Local voucher, that'd be a great thing to do anyway. I need to go back to Kristeen for myself. I need her to help me as well. Everyone can benefit from this type of therapy. You come out feeling so much weight lifted off you. I would trust her with my life if it depended on it. Needless to say, we'll both be back to see her. Thank you Kristeen.

Outstanding Experience!

Kristeen does an amazing job working with individuals and all of our little quirks, or big ones for that matter! I've loved visiting with her and going through the process of hypnosis with goals in mind. I'd recommend Kristeen to anyone, even if you're skeptical of hypnosis, give it a try!


The hypnotherapy I received from Kristeen was a great eye opener. I was able to put parts of my life into perspective. Very helpful.


I am so glad that Kristeen came into my life. She has really helped more than I expected. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Change Your Life

Kristeen is a beautiful soul. Just being in her presence will warm your heart, calm your fears and inspire you to reach for your dreams. She has the gift of delivering profound wisdom and insights that will truly change your life.

My Story

What a wonderful blessing it was to sit and tell my story to someone who actually had the ability to help me change my "stuff."