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Special Topics Class

I love this class!

Easy to Understand - Great Class!

Great class for beginners! Julia goes over everything slow enough so everyone understands. The information is clear and tips are given to help you remember the vocabulary. Resources are even suggested to help continue the learning if you dont continue with their courses. The goal is to help more people learn sign language and it shows through the class room material. The teacher is great and knowledgeable but also willing to find help if she doesnt have an answer for your question at that time. Great course!

Great Class for Beginners

Taught with a sense of humor, which made it fun, and tons of little tricks to help remember the various signs. A great class for beginners!

Beginner like me could understand!

I give this class a 5-star rating! Not ever really having engaged in ASL, it was described and demonstrated so even a beginner like me could understand. The instructor explained everything as she gave the signs. Questions were answered. Loved it!


Courses are tailored to the pace of the group. Networking is encouraged. Additional online resources are given to help everyone with their individual progress. The teaching and learning are mixed with fun and games so that each day doesn’t become mundane or ordinary. I look forward to every class and practice session.

Excellent Instructor

"Excellent instructor. Her knowledge of American Sign Language is extensive and her presentation of material is thorough. She is fluent in variations of ASL that occur in conversation, usage differences that are not always covered in a classroom language course. And somehow, with all that, she manages to make the lessons fun and engaging - holding the students' interest and making the material stick."

Patient teacher

I’m currently taking the class. The instructor is patient and helpful!

Patient and Helpful

I’m currently taking the class. The instructor is patient and helpful!

Will be signing up for classes!

The presentation was well done. It was also nice to get some background information. Will be signing up for the beginning class this afternoon.


The class was so warm and informative!

Introductory ASL Class

This was so great! I cannot wait to start a class! Angela was so welcoming and so fun!! I am so excited!

Love my weekly class!

I enjoyed my weekly ASL classes. Angela is a gifted and patient teacher. Can’t wait to learn more!

Makes Learning Fun!

I love having Angela as my ASL teacher. She makes everyone feel welcome. She has a friendly easy going fun loving personality and makes the class fun.

Knowledgeable Instructor

Angela is a knowledgeable instructor, and it has been a pleasure learning ASL from her. She is flexible enough to meet individual needs no matter the student’s age or level. Her method works well as she combines teaching/lecturing, games, student-focused practice, and quizzes. She offers plenty of memory aids as she teaches, and she makes lessons fun and encouraging. Also, she provides thorough explanations to student questions, which shows her depth of knowledge in ASL. I highly recommend Angela!

Love this class!

Love love love this class. Angela is a fantastic teacher, she is always ready and prepared with a lesson plan for each class. She has fun creative ways to learn ASL that helps you remember what you've learned. The best online class and you will not be disappointed.

Will help me moving forward

Absolutely perfect environment to learn ASL at any age and any skill level. As someone who is loosing their hearing, this class is not just fun, but a necessity moving forward.

knowledgeable instructor

Angela is a knowledgeable instructor, and it has been a pleasure learning ASL from her. She is flexible enough to meet individual needs no matter the student's age or level. Her method works well as she combines teaching/lecturing, games, student-focused practice, and quizzes. She offers plenty of memory aids as she teaches, and she makes lessons fun and encouraging. Also, she provides thorough explanations to student questions, which shows her depth of knowledge in ASL. I highly recommend Angela!

Wonderful instructor

Angela is a wonderful instructor. She is knowledgeable and brings years of experience to her lessons. As a student, I look forward to her classes which are fun and full of great information about Deaf culture as well as new vocabulary and grammar.

Phenomenal instructor

I've been taking classes with Angela for many months and I keep signing up for more because she's an phenomenal instructor! Her class is the perfect mix of new information and low-stress practice. She's a total expert who is also adept at explaining ASL to others, from new learners to advanced signers. Terrific teacher! Highly recommended!

Enjoyable classes

I can not say enough wonderful thinking about Angela and her classes. I've always wanted to learn ASL and Angela had made that a reality in classes that were enjoyable and really helpful. Her use of memory aids and games when learning vocabulary really helps to make the signs stick. I've taken at least five classes with Angela and don't plan to stop now!

Knowledgeable and motivating

Angela Ashworth is a very knowledgeable and motivating instructor. She paces her lessons by skills, topic, category or from student requests of need. Through a variety of reinforcement games, students have the opportunity to practice in a fun and inviting way, the vocabulary and or sentence structure of previous lessons. Repetition among all the signers in the class helps gain confidence as we learn from each other with Angela's guidance. Best ASL class experience ever!

Patient and knowledgeable

Angela is an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgable about ASL and the most up to date signs. She is patient with new learners and able to increase learning for those with experience. She presents her lessons in engaging ways, but always with patience. I highly recommend Angela as an ASL instructor.

Helping my receptive skills

The detailed explanation of classifieds and going over everyone's sentences has been a huge help in my understanding of ASL's descriptive format. I'm feeling more confident. Just need more practice in reading finger spelling. Maybe you could plan a five to 10 minute segment of finger spelling reading. Or, is there another resource for that?

Great way to learn ASL

Great way to learn ASL signing in a fun relaxed way. I learn new words and concepts every week.

Like the game format

I really liked the game format for the repetition of phrases. Although it took a while before I understood the procedure, being number eight, I had plenty of recognition practice before my turn. I know I made many mistakes but wasn't embarrassed because of the relaxed, no stress atmosphere. Too bad Zoom can't automatically enlarge the person signing. That was the hardest part, seeing the other signers clearly like in the smaller class size. Looking forward to next week!

Love learning by handshape

I love going through the signs in The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary

So awesome!

I can not say anything but good, great and awesome things about my instructor and her classes.

Knowledgeable instructor

These classes are very helpful. Angela is a knowledgeable instructor, and she does an excellent job of teaching ASL in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Attentive instructor

I wanted to give Stephanie 5 plus stars. She was amazing. Very attentive and explained things well. She also gave helpful hints. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to learn ASL.

Low stress and fun

I love Angela's intermediate ASL class! The class is low stress, fun and informational both in how to sign and in understanding deaf culture. I enjoy the breakout rooms to practice two way conversations with my classmates and then the feedback from the instructor. This is my third experience in taking ASL classes and by far the best!

Loved the topic and ideas

Loved hearing the reasons to teach little ones sign language, as well as the personal stories and ideas!

Great class

Great learning in conversational talking.

Great class

Great class

Enjoyed learning new words

I enjoyed learning many new words about foods in a non threatening environment. It's a nice bonus getting the recording of the class to review all class information.

Best class ever!

Best class ever! Unlike other ASL classes I have taken, this one was fun, engaging, low frustration and the instructor, Angela, gave lots of explanation and examples. The students had lots of opportunities to sign back and forth with each other and the instructor.

Fun practicing songs

Fun practicing songs beginning with thinking about the meaning of the lyrics, matching ASL signs to the gloss and then to the beat of the actual music!

Really enjoyed the music class.

Really enjoyed the music class.

Great resources provided

Great resources provided - excellent class!

Love having the recordings

Recordings really helped me! This school semester has been very busy.

Great course!

Valuable tips and tricks to improve both expressive and receptive skills with fingerspelling. Presentation emphasizes importance of clarity over speed and how to appropriately ask for clarification. Instructor provides opportunities for students to network and practice. Great course!

Learned a lot

It was fun! I feel as if I have learned a lot already

Enjoyed the class

This was such a useful class, really enjoyed the content. Also, it's nice Angela recorded the session and sent it the class.

Great Class!

Practical examples of common phrases and how to effectively communicate with Deaf, with time allowed for practicing signed conversation in pairs. Great class!

Ready for the next one!

Class was amazing so helpful and really excited for the next one! Thank you so very much!

Always informative and fun!

Always informative and fun!

Fun and educational

Learning a language is not easy but Angela makes it fun and educational

Excellent course

Excellent course - Good variety of topics & instructor adjusts pace of course to the needs of the group & individuals.

Learn something new every week!

I learned something new every week! Super fun!

Fun, educational and interactive!

Fun, educational and interactive!

Fun learning

Really fun learning! We moved super fast while still making it manageable and fun.

Love learning by handshape

I loved how this class focused on sign with the same handshapes!!

wonderful instrutor

Loved the class, wonderful instructor. Looking forward to future courses.

Learning so much

I have been with Angela for awhile now and it just keeps getting better!! We have so much Fun while learning ASL She is so Patient and loves to Laugh I have learned more from her in last couple months than I did when I was Teen sitting in a Classroom.

Fun way to learn

I love the interaction! I love the 1 on 1 teaching. It's a fun way to learn!

Love the challenges

Emma did a great job hosting Game Night! She started out basic since she did not know the players' levels and then on request challenged us a bit more!!! Plus an amazing prize from Bingo!!

Fun way to learn

It's awesome! It's a fun way of learning ask.


One word. Amazing!

Terrifie teacher

SO happy that I continued to learn ASL, great classmates and terrific teacher.

Awesome class

ASL is awesome to learn. I have a good time learning with Angela. Awesome class!

Lots of chances to practice

Terrific class. Lots of opportunities to practice and ask questions.

Love having recordings to re-watch

Angela and her team are amazing. Even though I missed 2 out of the 4 classes, I have the recordings to look back on. I love the fact that I love and have as well. And I can not wait to continue on this journey with the team and go further in the ASL world.

Great class and teaher

Great class. Great teacher. So glad you're on line!

Excellent class

Excellent class. Perfect mix of learning and low stress practice.

Like the weekly themes

This class was great to review basics as well as go further into vocabulary and sentences. I like how each week has a "theme" !

Game nights are fun!

These game nights are so much fun! Games, laughter, learning and fun...just great!

Knowledgeable and patient teacher

Angela is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, and funny. She will keep you engaged with her humor and the variety of activities for learning. You will not be disappointed if you take one of her classes!

Enjoyed the class

I really enjoyed this class and the instructor. And will be registering for the next one.

Learned new signs

Fun games tonight and learned some new verbs to sign:)

Awesome, fun way to learn

The best part is the support from everyone because we are all trying to learn! An awesome, fun way to learn new words and practice them!

Learned many new signs

I learned many new signs and had fun.

Enjoyed game night

Game night was a little fast paced (opposites) but yet and still I awake the video to see myself aback and learn from it (the video). I really enjoy game night as well as I enjoy my Sunday class. Thank you Angela and Julia

fun way to learn

Fun way to learn and review words:)

Super fun!

Super fun!!!

Game night makes learning fun

Game night makes learning fun. This is a great approach to group learning. Angela is a great teacher!

Fun way to practice

What a fun way to practice and learn new vocabulary!!! I need a lot of practice and this offers not just a fun way , but a comfortable enviornment!!!

Really enjoying learning

I've always wanted to learn the language, Angela's courses allow it in an easy casual fashion and modern medium. I'm really enjoying learning to be more proficent!

Excellent teacher.

Excellent teacher.

Strongly recommend

Very pleased with the amount of results I receive within the first few weeks. I would strongly recommend Angela for others that are interested or need to learn ASL.

Teacher was excellent

Seems like there were all sorts of levels trying to learn. Teacher was excellent.

excited to continue learning

Angela is wonderful!! She is very patient with us as we learn and very positive when we make mistakes. I am excited to continue learning ASL with her!!!

I understand signs better now

It was a really fun class I understand the signs better then with the class I'm trying to get over with. I feel like playing games and quizzes and making it fun is a great way to learn

fun class!

Fun class

fun class!

fun class!

Very interactive and fun!

Very interactive and fun!


Very welcoming to newcomers.

fun way to learn

Such a fun way to learn and spend time with great people all at the same time!

Patient and clear

Very patient and clear in her teaching ASL.

great teacher

Angela is a great teacher and very knowledgable about the Deaf community. I have learned so much in the short time that I have been taking classes. I highly recommend taking one of her classes!