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I Love To Draw Cats

Sugar Land TX , 77478
United States


Beverly really captured my Birman angel Melody in her portrait. I am amazed at the level of detail she showed in her eyes and facial expression. She really gets to know the individual characteristics of your Kitty in her interview process to produce a professionally made video to remember and cherish forever! Thank you so much Beverly for this one of a kind art work.

Millie and Roo's portrait and video

I absolutely love the video and portrait of my girls! Beverly perfectly captured their appearances and personalities! There is so much love and attention put into every detail on their portrait. It’s currently hanging above my sofa in the living room for all to see. She kept me up to date every step of the way, and I can not recommend her highly enough! 10/10

Franki's Portrait

Beverly is so very talented! She drew my Franki with that judging look she always gives! I've already recommended her to anyone and everyone I talked to! Thanks so much Beverly!

Kallie's Portrait and Video

I feel so honored to have Beverly's work in my home/life! Not only did she beautifully capture my Kallie girl on paper, but the accompanying video of the process and Kallie's story is such a unique and incredible tribute. Beverly is truly gifted and a wonderful person. Feel so blessed to have met her at PopCats Austin and get to know her thru this process. She's so darn good, when I'm ready for another portrait, I know I'll have to take a number :) But I'm very happy to see her business growing. Her talent deserves to be shared by many.

Miss Kitty's Portrait and Video

It was a pleasure working with Beverly! She drew a beautiful portrait of my cat. As much as I loved the drawing, I think I loved the video even more. Beverly put a lot of work into telling my cat's special story. The video is such a great reminder of everything that we have been through together and how much I have learned from my sweet kitty.

Salem Print

I won a Salem print at Meow Meetup in Chicago. It is a lovely piece of art and I am amazed by her talent. It hangs on my wall where I can see it all the time.

Junior's portrait

Beverly was awesome to work with! So sincere, so talented and great communicator!

Jugg's portrait

We love the way Beverly captured the purrsonality of Jugg in her paw-trait, her art is finely detailed, clean and precise, we love the style and it works purrfectly for cat portraits.

We can't wait to frame the meowsterpiece and hang it on our wall :)

Salem Print

Beverly is an amazing artist, she captures not only the beauty of the cats but their aura and character as well. I was blessed to be her drawing winner from her Austin Pop Cats show and I absolutely LOVE the drawing I won. I feel so blessed to be her drawing winner!! - Dawn Elizabeth Brown


Beverly is a wonderful.Artist (which is evident when you see her work) that is able to beautifully express the character and essence of the furry felines that she renders on canvas, or paper, surface. I recommend this Artists work to any and all whom are also cat lovers that what to "immortalize" their furry pet by a drawn work of art!

Izzy's portrait

With the combination of a drawing and video, Beverly captures the spirit and love these beautiful little creatures share with their humans. Her work is a uniquely thoughtful gift for any cat lover; including you!"

Video with TimTam's portrait

Recently we received the portrait that Beverly drew of TimTam for us. Part of the package was a video of her narrating TimTam's life story while showing the actual process of the pictures creation. I love it so much!A manly tear may have been shed when I watched it for the first time.  So beautiful, Beverly! 

TimTam's portrait

Beverly is a US based artist who draws cats and videos the process, that we know from the internet cat group, Cat vs Human. We decided to have a drawing done by her of our beloved cat TimTam. The drawing started with an internet chat between Beverly and I where we discussed all the little details about TimTam and her life. It was an easy process and not only that we were kept informed of the drawings progress. Beverly was genuinely interested in TimTam and would sometimes message us to confirm a little detail.Before our first look at the drawing that arrived last night, Sue and I were so excited. As soon as we saw it we both exclaimed, "Aww!!! It is so beautiful!" The first thing I noticed upon seeing it was how Beverly had captured TimTams' spirit. The next thing was the detail; it's like you can see all the individual hairs in her fur. We loved it immediately. The next thing Sue said to me was, "What size is it? We have to get it framed!" Which leads me to my only problem. I now have to decide where to hang it on our wall.Thank you so much Beverly!  

Meowth's portrait

Our portrait of Meowth is one of our most cherished possessions.

Mr. Orange's portrait

I got it and it is so BEAUTIFUL, Beverly! ...THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing gift to keep Mr. Orange with me forever. I am eternally grateful for this.


Beverly is a very talented artist! We highly recommend her work,


Beautiful art by a wonderful friend. Buy something!


I am very impressed by Beverly’s artist abilities, her compassion, intelligence, and adventurous nature.


Beverly is an incredibly talented artist and a kind hearted person.