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Cornerstone Special Education Alliance

101 Century 21 Dr., #110
United States


My concern for my child before calling Cornerstone was he had been struggling for several years at home and in school with different things but especially reading . I felt like he wasn’t getting all the help he needed at school and was frustrated and not feeling supported or heard.

Dealing with my child’s school on my own made me feel lost and overwhelmed. You're sitting across a table of several people and you're feeling like your the only one really fighting for your child.

Cornerstone has helped my child in so many ways! He is making gains and I feel like our voice was finally heard when Dr.Angel joined our team. She never gives up and will advocate her hardest for your child! She’s been a friend and a shoulder to cry on for me . I don’t know where we would be without Cornerstone. They go above and beyond to help each child and family . My child is so much further now because of them.

My child is feeling more confident and knows that his needs will be met because he has a team that will never give up on him. I feel now that whatever comes up we will tackle it because I have people on my side that are informed and know how to guide me through it and that is so reassuring .

Cornerstone is the best investment you can make when facing these challenges that our children have . I recommend them to every parent I meet who is going through similar situations. I wish I’d met them sooner because we have made so much progress after utilizing their services . They will never know how truly grateful me and my my family are for all they have done for our child. Thank You Cornerstone Special Alliance Inc.

Sincerely Amber Godwin

We did it!

My son was a sophomore in high school who had struggled all his life. It didn't look like he was going to graduate on time, if at all.


The school never addressed any of his real issues and didn't do an evaluation for him to even have a chance at success. 


But then I called Cornerstone. It took some time to get everything right but my son finally got an IEP and he did graduate on time with his class!


He felt so confident in himself that he went out and got a job so he can pay his way through community college! 


Cheryl L.

Happy we found you

As they say, "you don't know what you don't know". Angel's expertise and coaching has allowed my wife and me to fully understand the IEP process for the first time. With her help, and in conjunction with the school's ESE team, we have developed a meaningful education plan for our son that meets his needs like never before."


Walt M.


Dr. Wildes is astutely passionate for this work and those who it benefits. Highly recommend to champion the needs of those who learn differently.



Dr.Wildes is awesome she has helped get my sons IEP undercontrol we appreciate her tremendously, couldnt of done it without her.


Let's face it. IEPs can be overwhelming and fighting for your child with a roomful of people is daunting and frustrating. I had a very difficult IEP meeting today, as I did in the fall. The difference with today is that I didn't feel alone, having Dr. Wildes as an advocate by my side. She spent so much time prepping for the meeting, at the meeting itself, and I know will stick with me through this difficult process. Thank you!!!


Dr. Wildes is such an essential ally for parents and students with disabilities. She holds a PhD in special education leadership and administration.She helps you read the school records, testing information and the IEP so you understand it! She attends the meetings with you and levels the playing field so you are not alone or at the mercy of the school system.