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Healing & Clearing-Diverticulitis

I got very, very sick a few years ago and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I wish I met INFINITI sooner, but when I did I was already able to eat again and wasn't in 24/7 pain...However, there still wasn't any rhyme or reason to what I could eat even from the list of things that seemed fine, it was constantly changing. It just seemed that my issue was always in flux and I didn't know what was ok to eat. I became afraid to eat anything. It was miserable. INFINITI explained that I had energy blocked and also took on energy of what I ate. After my first session with INFINITI, I felt so different. Not only was I lighter, but I could eat without my stomach getting upset and being up all night in hell! Once I forgot and ate some corn, but INFINITI was able to even help me that night over the phone! Normally I would have been in hell, but she helped it get through my system and I slept fine that night and the next day I had a normal day!Not only is she a tremendous, miraculous healer but if you're stressed or worried she is the person to talk to, she is so calming and loving that I always, always feel better after seeing or talking to her. Truly, my Angel!
I'm so grateful for you, INFINITI. 

Infinite Love Energy Healing-Chronic Multiple Areas

Infiniti has been a miracle in my life. 

Nothing else has helped me like her treatments.


I've had a very serious back injury for nearly 20 years after being in a bad car accident.


I've had surgeries and multiple procedures done and have tried all sorts of things (strong medication) to help my pain and sciatic nerves but nothing helps like her healing!


It's not just my back, it's my hips, my shoulders-everything was in constant pain, until I met Infiniti. I didn't think she could help me, because nothing does, but I was so excited when she did a short treatment on my feet and it was amazing. The pain and swelling were gone in minutes and my walking was better for days. 


After that I felt that I shouldn't stop myself from believing that it could work, even a little bit would be nice. If it was a similar improvement to my feet, it would be well worth it.

I've never experienced the relief in pain, the boost in energy, the range in motion (I CAN BEND OVER and DOWN NOW!) and I can SLEEP like I have never been able to for the last 20 years. My wife is so happy we can do things we haven't been able to do in a long time.  To say that it works is an understatement.

The more I see her the better it gets, not to mention that with this better energy flowing that I can actually feel, I am finally able to lose weight and I haven't even really tried yet.


I'm just amazed that there is anything that can give me relief but I truly feel that INFINITI is touched by God and definitely An Angel! 

When I went on a business trip for over two weeks and several car and plane rides I didn't have to suffer like usual, not that it was as bad as before anyway. 


I'm so happy that she can do what she can do when I'm not even with her. It always blows me away, but it works just as well as when I've been with her. And to travel like that, I haven't experienced a pain free, good sleep, having a nice time type of trip in many years. 


It really is amazing what she does, no doubt I highly recommend her. 


Thank you so much.