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The Law Offices of Barry J. Simon

1001 S. Meadows Pkwy, Unit 837
Reno NV , 89521

Great Attorney!

Barry is as good as it gets!
Needed an attorney when I was involved in an accident and a friend recommended Barry.  He was a pleasure to work with and will work his hardest to ensure you receive what you deserve.
Even when insurance companies engage in sneaky tactics, he will fight for you.  Five star service!

Excellent Services

Barry is the absolute best!
I was hit head on in my vehicle right after the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was recommended to Barry from a family member that had worked with him in the past. Let me tell you -- He is the man to go to when you need help. He is very friendly, detail-oriented, honest and supportive. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help them. His experience and skills are excellent! I highly recommend.

The Law Offices of Barry J Simon

Barry your the Best! Got into an accident on the fourth or july, didn't know what to do and where to go when a friend recommended Barry. He was awesome, and very professional. I would definitely recommend him!


10/9/20191 check-in

I work in healthcare and have worked with Mr. Simon on multiple occasions. I can honestly say he is one of the hardest working attorneys for his clients, and with that he gets great results. If you need injury representation don't hesitate to call him.

Barry J. Simon My Attorney

I was rear ended and pushed into another car. I found a highly rated lawyer name Barry J. Simon. He took my case and there were some serious problems with it because I had prior injuries similar to those from the accident. Barry amazingly was able to get the insurance company to understand that this accident made my low back injury worse. Barry got me a great settlement that took care of all my bills. Not only was he great but he kept in close touch with me day and night to make sure I was doing okay and he cared about me personally, not just my case. I would give Barry the highest recommendation for anyone needing a caring, thorough and hard working lawyer who gets the best result. THANK YOU Barry for all the help you gave me.


I recently moved to California and was rear ended while in a ride share service. Upon some research I found an attorney with numerous years of experience,...


Did a great job for us! This happened in a time where I just didn't have time to deal with the insurance stuff. Wife was just about to have a baby and we...


People in LA are lunatic drivers! Fortunately, I was able to find Barry to help me out after being rear-ended. He is such an amazing attorney. Consistently checking up with me and following up with everyone to settle my case. It's just nice to know that he was there to take everything off my hands. Will be recommending him to family and friends who are seeking legal assistance! 



I decided to hire a lawyer 9 months ago after my consult with Barry Simon. He gave me a straightforward and comprehensive understanding of the process, and handled the insurance company every step of the way, quickly addressing my concerns and anxieties with rapid email replies.

My personal injury case was favorably settled and it's all thanks to Barry going to bat for me.

Have questions? Just call him!


At 5:30pm Christmas Eve of 2017. I was in a motorcycle accident. not knowing I was hit buy a car until I woke up in a hospital bed ( I. C. U. ). Some of my injuries were left compounded femur, four broken ribs, broken right clavicle, and splenectomy. I was in no condition to deal with my insurance company or the other party's insurance company. I contacted the first attorney and did not understand any of what they were telling me. I spoke to my daughter in law in Colorado and she read the contract they wanted me to sign. She told me not to sign And said she would help find me a attorney. This is the good part she emailed me Barry's web page and said that he sounds like the best person to handle my case.

.So I emailed him. He called me that day and I told him what had happened and the injuries I was dealing with. Barry was more concerned with how I was coping with all the injuries. And was very kind. So of course I asked if he was willing to help me. Throughout my early rehabilitation time Barry updated me on how the case was doing. And asked how I was getting along with my recovery which he was truly genuine and concerned. The insurance company of the other party had filed bankruptcy which freaked me out and Barry said not to worry it will just take a little more time to settle. He settled my case in five months total And settled my hospital bills. I am very grateful to Barry and his honesty I truly recommend him to anyone in need of caring professional attorney.



I highly recommend Barry for all personal injury accidents.  He was always quick to respond to my needs and went above and beyond my expectations.


Words alone cannot describe Barry. 

He is the most compassionate, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, patient, lawyer I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. 
I was rear ended at a complete stop on the freeway from a vehicle traveling in excess of 60 miles an hour. Needless to say I was injured. 

Barry took the time to listen to me and get me to the right doctors to take care of me. From my Chiropractor  (Dr. Tyler Clark) to my pain management doctor (Dr. Eric Chang) and my surgeon (Dr. S. Samuel Bederman) all of them are the best in there field of medicine. Very compassionate, professional, and the best bed side manner. They talked to me as a person never did they talk down or make me feel uncomfortable. 

As a veteran of many years severing our country. I look at attention to detail, pride, loyalty and honor. Barry is all of that and more. My case took over a year to complete because of the nature of my injuries. Barry made sure on a daily basis that I was ok. He would always answer my questions or concerns any time of the day or night. Whether it was 7 am, 7pm, or even 3am. He was always there for me. His constant contact was very comforting. Brenda was always there for me too. Barry is my lawyer but now a dear friend too. 

I highly recommend Barry J. Simon. The Best personal injury attorney law has ever seen. If I had to do it again (hopefully :-) not ) I wouldn't hesitate to call Barry. Whether it be for me a family member or friend. Barry is the BEST !!!


In a city as large as Los Angeles, car accidents can appear to happen more frequently and regardless which side you are on, life takes a sudden left-hand turn into the stressful and hectic. Especially when you are injured. Compound that with a totaled vehicle and the immediate need to deal with insurance companies and claims, and life can seem damn near impossible for a bit.

Now it goes to reason that where there are a lot of accidents, there are a lot of accident lawyers. I'm not to sure how everyone else feels about lawyers, but in my past dealings, I have yet to have a single positive experience with one of them. The biggest factor was they made it seem that I was the least of their concerns, even when dealing with cases of mine where I was not at fault. That is...until now.

Barry J Simon and the folks at his office are by far the most effective and courteous law professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. To top that off, I feel like one of the luckiest accident victims in Southern California being that I found Barry Simon online! I am not a man of legal savvy, nor do I have the first clue what to do as far as the insurance companies, the claim against the other driver, document I need from work or even what doctors or specialists to go to. 

I gave him a call, explained the details of my auto-accident and that was that. Barry himself (not an assistant) told me he would take the case and gave me step-by-step instructions and guided me through the entire process. Everything. Nuts to bolts. 

And when my personal life came in between my ability to keep up with the case, Barry gave me the time my family needed to sort things out, coached me on how to handle the stress and was there for me every step of the way.
As for the Insurance company and the claim? 

7 Months. That's right. I was fortunate in that my injuries did not necessitate surgery. So, with paperwork and my 6 month chiropractor treatment plan being the only things we were waiting on for the case to be completed, Barry J. Simon had the insurance company claim, all paperwork and all proceedings, AND had the check for my injuries IN HIS HAND 6 months and 3 weeks after the day of my accident.

In a city as large as Los Angeles, in a sea of accident lawyers, And without being say that I got lucky finding Barry is a ridiculous understatement. 

To say that the Law Offices of Barry J. Simon should absolutely represent you in your personal injury case, now that's accurate.


I was hit by a car while riding my bike and was offered a measly amount from the insurer. After waiting for so long, Barry took my case with only 6 months left until the 2 year mark where nothing could be done. He was able to negotiate a better amount in that time with two months to spare. I do not know the stress or work load put into my case but it seemed like it was huge at the end. It was not an ideal situation but he did it.

Barry... friendly and understands the situation your in
..Tries his hardest to help you through the process
..Explains the law system well so we can understand it
..Will work with your schedule. I was never able to meet him in person as I was in school and communication was done solely through email (excluding first time questionnaire).
..Will keep the process in the forefront of your mind even if you are busy the one that you talk to, not some automated machine or secretary

I would easily recommend Barry to any of my friends who get into an accident and have no idea what to do; I had no idea what to do and wasn't expecting much when the accident happened but Barry was able to turn it around.


Had a wonderful experience with Mr. Simon. After having a woman completely destroy my car and affect my working capabilities, Mr. Simon helped me with my settlement. I don't know what I would have done without all of his help and insight. Thank you!!


I was victim of an accident (was rear-ended) and Mr Simon followed me for six months, till settlement of the case. I chose him among three other attorneys I called because Mr Simon immediately talked to me kindly and professionally, as it should always be in such a delicate situation like an accident, he guided me through the steps of what would happened (e.g. medical expenses, car damage and repairs, request of proof to settle the case with the car insurance) and he was always punctual in reply to my emails and provide assistance. He is surely expert in car accidents, I never met him on person cause it never was necessary, Mr Simon resolved issues by email, sometimes by calling, which was very practical for me. If you need somebody to trust, call the Law Office of Barry Simon, you will be well followed and assisted!


Barry J. Simon has been a tremendous help with two injury cases for our family members. Barry represented and guided us through an otherwise very painful and confusing process. His experience, honesty and integrity made stressful injuries so much easier to cope, relieving much of our anxiety and worry. We are very appreciative of the professional services Barry provided for our family. Thank you!     


I'm a local chiropractor in South Bay and have managed multiple car accident cases with Mr. Simon. He honestly cares about his clients and makes sure that they are well taken care of. Injuries can be a scary time for everyone and Barry will make sure it is a smooth process when trying to navigate the law, insurance, all the while in pain! Highly recommend!



If you are looking for an A++++ Attorney,

Barry is your man!!!
Let me first say that Barry is a man true to his word.  He mentioned upon consultation that he tries to always get his client's more than himself and more than their rightful portion of the settlement.  This is exactly what Barry did!!!  His advisement and references for treatment were impeccable alongside his knowledge regarding injuries.  Unbelievably, Barry even settled my case in record time as I was involved in an auto accident in January of 2016 and Barry settled the case by mid-May.

I found Barry by searching Yelp reviews in my area.  The first thing that caught my eye was his photo.  He has this great big kind smile on his face so I decided to read the reviews.  The reviews I read were wonderful and exactly what I was looking for in an attorney.  The first time I called his office, he answered the phone immediately wherein there was no fee for a lengthy consultation.  During my first conversation with Barry, I was able to see that he was indeed smart, kind, caring, funny, experienced, self-assured, and knowledgeable.  Throughout the case, he made recommendations and took the time to explain anything and everything, whatever the question, and without hesitation.   Barry is an amazingly patient, down to earth, personable, responsive attorney with a great sense of humor who truly treats his clients like his friends.  

Barry handled the entire case with professionalism, ease, empathy, and honesty.  As you know, some attorneys can be hard to reach, arrogant, blunt, short, and expensive.  However, Barry was compassionate, affordable, and able to be reached at any time.  Unexpectedly, Barry was also willing and capable of communicating in various forums, i.e., telephone, email, and text which was very convenient and helped move the case along without delays.  He handled every turn with forethought and effective follow through.  

I want to emphasize that the bulk of my communication during this case was directly with Barry.  However, I did have the pleasant opportunity of speaking with his assistant, Brenda, maybe two or three times who was also kind and resourceful.  Brenda is a nurse and further explained my injuries to me.  They make a wonderful team and compliment each other very nicely.  

Lastly, Barry is definitely one of a kind.  I cannot say enough about Barry.  You can tell that he really loves his job because he goes out of his way to make sure that he takes care of you.  Never in my life have I experienced such warmth and professionalism from a lawyer.  Barry is on top of it!  I highly recommend Barry to you as well as my family and friends!


When you need an attorney, Barry is definitely the attorney you want to have by your side and I highly recommend his professional services. The law offices of Barry J. Simon was a life saver for my husband's auto accident case. Barry is the epitome of what a great attorney looks like. He handled our case with integrity, honesty, ethics, he was knowledgeable, informative, efficient and guided us throughout the whole case step by step. He went over and beyond for my husband, making sure he received a just and fair settlement. His efforts resulted in him winning the case and getting us the settlement we wanted. We THANK YOU Barry for not budging or backing down with the insurance company and your efforts are greatly appreciated!     


I consider Barry Simon to be one of the best attorneys among many. I considered myself lucky to have chosen him to for the attorney to pursue my accident case. I was injured, in pain and scared, not knowing what to do. Mr. Simon was concerned about my injuries and insisted that I seek proper medical care. When I was diagnosed as needing major surgery, he assisted me in finding a competent surgeon. When I became concerned about going through a major surgery, and what the results would be after, he was supportive, and reassured me that I would make the best decision regarding my injuries... Mr. Simon was very persistent in getting all my medical records and working with the insurance company, keeping them informed of my progress. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Simon’s ability, knowledge level and experience in dealing with all the aspects of my accident case. I strongly recommend him for anyone needing a great accident attorney.  


Barry represented me in a case where I was hit by a car while at work. Even though the case got a bit complicated at times, Barry always made the process very simple and easy. He took care of everything for me. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need of legal help. He's the best!!!   



Mr. Simon represented my position in a recent dispute. He was professional and courteous at all times...along with the patience of a saint. I highly recommend him for your personal injury needs.  



"With my working and personal relationship I have with Barry I would highly recommend him for any legal needs.

He is aggressive and cares about his clients. He WILL get the job done. If he can't help you, he will turn you in the right direction to resolve your legal needs. This quality is hard to find these days and is truly appreciated. 

Thank you Barry for your help you've given me...


"Barry is a person with strong ethics and a great drive to be of service to others. He is dedicated to his clients. He has a bright, analytical mind combined with a compassionate heart." 


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Barry Simon since 2007. I hired Barry to negotiate injury accident case. Not only did Barry expedite the processes, but he got me a settlement I was very pleased with. The process was 100% transparent, I always knew exactly where we were in the case. It is with tremendous honor that I extend my highest recommendation to Barry's Law Office and Legal talents. "   


"Barry, is very thorough & honest in the handling of a case like he did in my sister's wrongful death case! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his legal expertise. He digs deep into finding the facts & uses an arsenal of legal strategies to expose the truth in representing his clients interests".



 "Mr. Barry J. Simon is an extraordinary attorney, based on the way he handled my accident case.  My injury was devastating enough without the added stress of any legal matters. Mr. Simon explained the importance of taking immediate steps to protect my legal rights, explaining what they were.  Any time I had a concern or question, he was always available to help me. He was considerate, and understanding of my needs, and remained uncompromising and dedicated to getting the desired results.  He successfully negotiated a settlement, getting the maximum compensation for my injuries. He was prompt, effective and expedient in the entire process.  I feel that Mr. Simon’s experience made all the difference in settling my case. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.  This is the second time Barry has represented me.  See my previous comments...


"Barry is an unusual PI attorney in that he's not an ambulance chaser looking for a large number of cases. He takes a small number of cases of the David vs. Goliath type. The little guy fighting a big company that's trying to screw him. He works every detail of the case himself instead of farming out work to other attorneys. Just an outstanding person." 



"Barry Simon is by far the best Attorney I've ever known. Barry is not just a great Attorney but will fight for what is right, a man of true ethics. I would gladly recommend Barry Simon." 



 "Barry Simon represented our family on an issue that was very sensitive and personal. He was discreet and caring, giving 110% at all times. He never was too busy to take my call or to offer guidance. He is passionate about what he does and will make sure that he is educated, prepared, or the expert in the area of law he is representing. He is a trustworthy individual and does not give up easily. I would recommend Barry to anyone who is looking for an attorney that really cares, gives his all to help you no matter the outcome, and that will respect your needs and wishes." 


Guy E. Graham

"Barry Simon represented me against the VA after I went in for hip surgery and came out partially blind. He wrote hundreds of letters to the Reno VA and was given the run around. But he didn't give up. All we were asking for was the VA to increase my pension due to my blindness. Mr. Simon appealed the VA's decision to deny me benefits all the way to Washington, D.C. and he won the case for me on appeal. It was one of the happiest days of my life as I had been so depressed as a WWII vet in my 80s and because of Mr. Simon's persistence and quality of work, he literally brought me out of a deep depression I was in and helped me to enjoy life again. He not only helped me but he put in countless volunteer hours trying to improve the VA system for other veterans. He also reported to the Nevada attorney general irregularities in the VA's records to hold the VA accountable. There is no better lawyer in my opinion that exists anywhere than Barry J. Simon. I will always be his biggest fan as he saved me from living in very dire life.  I am eternally grateful to him.  Barry represented me a second time as described in my following statement".




                                April 2000

​Barry Simon represented me when I was rear ended by a truck and received extensive injuries. He is the best attorney I have ever encountered. He really cares about doing the very best for his clients. He personally called me to discuss all the issues during the course of my litigation. I could reach him when I needed to speak with him even if it was 2:30 a.m.. He explained everything and was concerned about what was best for me. His knowledge was superior and after watching him during litigation I realized he is an excellent attorney. He is not afraid to take on difficult cases (as mine was) and he is definitely not intimidated by anyone. Thank you Barry!