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Integrated Hypnosis

France Avenue South,7550
Edina Minnesota , 55435
United States

After one session I noticed a difference in my life!

Josh is an awesome hypnotist to work with! He really makes sure to spend quality time with his clients to help them achieve their goals. After one session I noticed a difference in my life! I have been struggling to get my conscious and subconscious to align, as in do the things I really want to do, and working with Josh has done just that. I kind of felt like Josh was a coach too, he really helped me in a few areas with my business and gave me some valuable advice. I highly recommend!

I have more clarity now

He’s amazing to work with

Josh Peters combines art and science to light up the brain in such a cool and super super EFFECTIVE way that is truly impressive. The power of human mind is unparalleled and Josh knows exactly how to unleash it. He’s amazing to work with. And *I* am amazing now too!!

I am blown away by the power of it

As someone who knew nothing about hypnosis before I met Josh, I am blown away by the power of it. During the consultation, Josh does a demonstration that's about 5 minutes and in this simple 5 minutes you get a feeling of how powerful hypnosis can be. I didn't know this at all, but you can use hypnosis to overcome ANYTHING that is holding you back in life. Josh has an approachable style that makes you feel comfortable and open in his space.

He makes you feel comfortable

As a newcomer to hypnotherapy, Josh does an excellent job at explaining what it is and how it works. With his calm and positive demeanor, he makes you feel comfortable discussing specific challenges and goals. He's passionate about helping people understand that our beliefs can sometimes be rooted in untruths and create blockages. Josh can help you uncover the real truth and create new pathways to realize it, which brings hope and freedom. He's great!

Josh is amazing at what he does

Josh is amazing at what he does. Our minds are always running deep seated scripts and sometimes those scripts aren't so helpful, even harmful! Hypnosis can be incredibly powerful in changing these underlying beliefs and creating new ones but only if you have the right hypnotist to work with! Josh is absolutely the right hypnotist! He's also a fantastic public speaker, not a moment goes by where your mind wonders off - totally captivating.

Helps people improve their lives

In one session Josh helped my son out immensely with his fear of spiders. I can't say he loves spiders now, but it has been over a year and he has yet to have a breakdown when he sees one. Josh is very skilled at his job and truly helps people improve their lives.

I'm at ease now

Overall a great experience!

Joshua at Integrated Hypnosis is very passionate about what he does and how he utilizes his skills to help people. He takes the time needed to find out what you are looking to achieve and does the follow up to get the results you are looking for. Overall a great experience!

Can't thank you enough

An eye opening experience

It's easy.

I'm sleeping again. It's pretty awesome!

My mind is blown!

I just had a hypnosis treatment from Josh, and my MIND IS BLOWN. I am no stranger to personal work, as a hypnotherapist myself I have received a lot of work and his session was phenomenal. Very thorough, very clear, and very very deep. Josh came at a complicated issue from it's many angles and facets which was both revelatory and healing for me. I am really looking forward to being able to move forward in life without the burden of having to manage the issue in the very poor way that I was before his help. Thank you a million times!!!! And yes, I absolutely recommend him, even from a distance, as we did our session via video online.

Incredible Feeling Of Power

Clear Away The Fog

The time I had here was not just helpful, it also opened my eyes to things I was unable to see. What I came in for originally was the only thing that I saw. With Josh and hypnosis, I was able to start to clear away the fog that was blocking what were my actual issues. I've been to many places and they worked for awhile, however with not being able to see what the root causes were it was unable to stick. Change will take effort and it can be done. If you’re really trying to change this is a great place to take those steps. Thanks Josh!

It's completely changed my life

Very Good At What He Does

Josh is very good at what he does. I highly recommend him!