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Benton Integrative Primary Care

388 N Highway 16
Denver , 28037

It can be a tumultuous process finding the perfect doctor that will provide care for your children throughout their school years. Finding a Doctor who will take the time to ascertain the problem, take history into account and truly try to find a solution and not just "fix the symptoms" - this doctor seems all but gone these days. Dr. Benton proves that they're all not gone just yet! Her "Country Doctor" personality along with her knowledge and keen intuition have helped our family over the last 2 years under her care. Last year, she diagnosed our son with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever before any physical symptoms appeared, allowing for prompt hospitalization and a full recovery - a testament to her experience. She's gained our respect, has our complete trust and we're blessed to be able to call her our Physician.

Tailored approach

I started researching functional medicine after having a laundry list of symptoms dismissed by my previous doctor once my labs came back "normal." I knew that I was sick and in need of help from someone that would look beyond standard labs, and that is exactly what I found in Dr. Benton. I did the six month wellness program and by month four I was the healthiest I had been in many years. She was able to personalize the tests and supplementation to fit my exact needs. My only regret is that I didn’t find her program sooner!

As a patient of Cammy Benton, I have achieved my goal of optimal health. She is my supplement guru and assisted me greatly regarding a recent surgery. I have complete confidence in her as my healer. I feel very fortunate to have found this phenomenal doctor!

Cammy brings her professional excellence and her own health journey to her practice as a strong advocate for families to make informed choices about all aspects of their health care. I recommend her highly.

I am so blessed to have found such an awesome Doctor! She is the supplement master! She listens and gives options and has helped me so much already! Benton Integrative is the best!

Also need to give a shout out to the best office managers who are so incredibly patient and responds to questions and concerns with the best response time ever!

Dr. Cammy really listens to you and is staying abreast of the latest research

Dr. Benton is a true doctor who treats the whole person and is compassionate, understanding, and actually listens to your needs and responds accordingly. She also is truly integrative in her approach. Thank you Dr. Benton for being true to your chosen profession.

Love love Dr Benton! She cares about each and every patient. �

I am so thankful that God lead me to Dr Benton. Dr Benton, her staff and support group has helped me with my fight with diabetes. I have gained a lot of good health and am now living a healthier life style by knowing what is not healthy and what will help me to stay with healthy food . If you have health you can fight it without harmful medication the way God creationed for our bodies.

Information for a lifetime!

Given my diagnosis in July 2016 of Hashimoto's disease, I began my journey of gathering information to begin healing. Information overload was real!! So much to process and figure out. One day while trying to grocery shop and pick the best foods, I ran into a former colleague and after catching up, we realized we had the same issues and expressed the same frustrations. She gave me Cammy Benton's number and I called the next day. When my husband and I attended the informational dinner, we knew we were in the right place. Cammy was well informed, articulate and caring. At my initial meeting, she listened to my concerns and addressed each one. Upon completing the program, my symptoms have improved and I feel better equipped to go forward and manage my disease. If you are having medical issues that you cannot seem to resolve or if you are confused by conflicting information, I recommend giving Dr. Benton a call!

How an Accident Can Change Your Life

Years ago, I had the lucky accident of seeing Dr. Benton when an insurance-assigned doctor in Lincolnton was not available. She struck me as remarkably efficient, and made me feel heard when other doctors seemed robotic and more concerned about getting to the next patient. I’ve since followed her as she’s moved locations in her career, proudly listing her as my family doctor. I was excited for her to open her own functional medicine clinic where she could practice medicine on a dedicated, individual level without time restrictions or mandates by big businesses.

When my health issues became too frustrating, I enrolled in the Wellness Program to have Dr. Benton guide me out of my unhealthy habits and reset my body. Within a few weeks of simple diet modifications with the supplements she provided, I felt better mentally and physically, with more energy and much less bloat. It took almost two months before I’d fully committed to the program, but Dr. Benton and her staff never judged me or prodded me to progress; instead, they understood that it takes time to make and adopt changes, and they supported me in that journey.

I’ve worked in allied health, and am embarking upon a second career as a Physician Assistant, so I am admittedly skeptical as to whom I entrust my privacy, health, and medical treatment options. I consider myself fortunate to have Dr. Benton as my provider as I wholeheartedly trust her medical expertise, but more importantly I appreciate her compassion and dedication to my health. I recommend Dr. Benton and The Wellness Program to those looking to improve mind and body with positive, long-term effects for overall health.

A Blessing to Me

I can’t begin to express how wonderful Dr. Benton is.  I have been with Dr. Benton for quite a few years and can tell you that she is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever met.  I never feel rushed when I am with her and I feel like she truly cares about making sure I reach my wellness goals.  She truly understands that treating a patient is not just about physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.  I am 39 years old and struggled with my weight my entire adult life.  This year I injured my back, had to be put on blood pressure medicine and found out that I am prediabetic.  I began living in fear of my health and what that meant for me and my family.  All these things have been causing a lot of fear and anxiety in my life.  So when Dr. Benton started her new practice I knew her program was something I had to do.  I joined her first group and I am having amazing results!!  With Dr. Benton’s help, I have lost 65 pounds.  I am no longer on blood pressure meds and I am feeling SO much better!  I don’t crave foods like I used to and I finally feel in control when it comes to my eating habits.  I used to be the type of person that would have to take a nap every day.  In fact, I would get angry if I didn’t get a nap.  Now, I have so much more energy and rarely nap.  I have learned so much from the classes included in the program and everyone on Dr. Benton’s team is knowledgeable and super supportive!!  With all the changes that I have been going through over the past months, Dr. Benton’s support has been absolutely the key to my success.  I truly believe she is a blessing to me and my family and has saved my life! 

I Can Do It!

I am so thankful for finding Dr. Cammy. I have been diagnosed with a multitude of problems and have suffered for years feeling like I have not been living just surviving. since starting my program with Dr. Cammy I was on the 4th week when I noticed I was having more energy and less pain I know I'm on the right track and that was incentive enough for me to continue. I still have a ways to go but with Dr. Cammy and her staff by my side I can do it !

Saving My Daughter's Life

My daughter Lucie started life with lots of challenges, especially with her gut. Lucie has had 2 pediatricians before Dr. Benton in which were fired! I came across Dr. Benton and so glad we did. My daughter started seeing her at 11months. She is now 19 months and showing so much improvement. Dr. Benton truly cares!!! That is so hard to find these days. We live in West Statesville but drive out to Denver because it's worth it!! When you find someone that can't let them go! ESPECIALLY when it comes to the health of your child! Thanks Dr. Benton for truly caring for or sweet Lucie! Love the Simmons family!

It is imperative that we as Consumers of the Medical Community stand up and chastise the conventional health care system which is clearly not working and demand better! Doctors and medical care facilities being rewarded for time limited treatment by the insurance industry/government is not acceptable.


Fortunately, a few quality physicians such as Dr. Cammy Benton of Denver, N.C. are stepping beyond the social norms and offering medical care that gets to the root causes of symptoms versus just treating the symptom(s) alone. Dr. Benton achieves this with a keen desire to listen to her clients first (amazing skill), access each person (not a number) as presented. Follow-up with clients personally to consider how various health issues may be related. Dr. Benton provides referrals with specialist as necessary to rule things out and/or address them in a timely fashion. Her open mindedness to what many in the insurance industry/government term as unconventional medicine such as acupuncture, meditation, reiki, yoga, shamanism, nutritional supplements, dietary improvements even though it can eliminate and/or minimize medications!  So clearly, you need to do some soul searching and ask yourself: What do I want from my health care provider?  What does my health and wellbeing mean not only to myself but for my spouse, children, parents, co-workers, and friends? Dr. Benton goes the extra mile in realizing that medication can be provided in a financially responsible manner- my B-12 injections were costing approximately $200.00 for eight doses, upon her review I now have that being met for less than $40.00, for 30 doses! Now that's caring healthcare.


Game changer!

What a difference Dr. Cammie Benton has made in my daily life! Dr. Benton's approach has allowed me to improve my total health condition so effectively without the need for prescription medicine that other people in my life comment on how well I seem since my care began.  I no longer limp along from joint pain. I actually cancelled my orthopedic appointment which had a plan for surgery to "relieve pain." I never realized my energy level and clarity could be improved so much by following such a simple plan. The common advice from previous doctors was to marry a pharmaceutical medicine and live happily NEVER after. Having a physician spend the time to customize your care is a rare thing to find in the medical field which is what sets this clinic apart from what is the "norm." My entire family are now patients of Dr. Benton. I highly recommend Benton Integrative Medicine. It is a game changer! 

Being referred to Dr. Benton for a family Dr. could not have been at a better time for my family, but I had not anticipated how timely it turned out to be. My pregnancies have been accompanied by a very painful blistering in my third trimester. This mysterious skin disorder has cost us so much, physically, emotionally and financially.. I can not put into words the defeat that I experienced from not being able to hug and care for my children, my husband taking up the slack as I rested on the couch with huge areas of my body appearing as a burn victim. I had to stop working and experienced sleep deprivation and panic attacks from the pain. Trivial as it seems, the inflammation and scarring kept me from milestone family photos, events and playdates with friends.  On a medical side the dermatologists, Dr. & midwives were all just as puzzled as I was, the labs were normal. I ended up in the ER from a secondary infection, urgent care the day after I delivered, only to be sent home with antihistamines and topical steroids that didn't touch the pain or diminish the flare up. With each pregnancy producing worst flare ups, we had pretty much made up our minds to not have the 5-6 children we had always hoped/planned for... - Shortly after my fourth child, my oldest started praying for one more baby. My husband and I decided that we would not change our plans around this disorder and went on to try for our fifth. I began to have flare ups at ten weeks, this was earlier than any of the other pregnancies. I called Dr. Benton and she took me off of inflammatory foods.. I had started have the flare ups every few weeks, being that they last two weeks, this left little time for a break. I talked with Dr. Benton in the middle of a bad flare-up, she gave me a regimen of amino acids, vitamins and immune supporters that immediately caused the angry blistering to retreat!!!! I have not had blistering since then and we're going on 32 weeks pregnant. I am so grateful that we were introduced to Dr. Benton by our midwives and that she was willing and able to redeem what pregnancy is to myself and for my family. 

Dr. Benton has been our family doctor for more years than I know and there is no one else I would trust with my care or my children's care! She takes her time with you so you don't feel like just another number in the door. My daughter was diagnosed with a skin condition that even her dermatologist wasn't able to solve. Dr. Benton spent hours doing her own research on her personal time to find alternative ways to heal my daughter instead of just throwing prescription after prescription at it. With the nutritional program she put together my daughter has seen great improvement that no one else has been able to do! Finding a doctor that puts that kind of care and attention to the health of my children is priceless. I wouldn't trust our care to anyone else!

Dr Bentom has been my family Dr for over 12yrs. She is also my daughters pediatrician. She is very attentive to my concerns and always knows exactly what to do with any type of illness. She always gives the best care and advise for any medical concerns. Ive never felt unheard or uncomfortable with her. Shes the best Dr ive ever came across and would not change her for anyone else!! If you are looking for a Dr I recommend you give Dr Benton a visit if you want the best service u can possibly get!!

Dr. Cammy Benton became our primary doctor many years ago, then friend, and a co-fighter when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She's never gave up hope and after 3 years, our family was able to find something to control her condition. Dr. Benton was more than happy to see her health be restored. When she saw Gabby last, she cried and hugged her. Dr. Cammy Benton truly cares for her patients. She will fight for you and she will never give up. Her heart is big and that contiguous smile allows you to keep faith.

Dr. Benton has been our family doctor for over 11 years. She has always made us feel as important patients and not just another chart. Ten years ago when we decided to start a family we also chose Dr. Benton as our kid's doctor. As parents it was very important to choose a doctor that genuinely cared, respected our parenting choices and listened to our needs. We now have two children and wouldn't trust our kids to any other doctor. She is an outstanding doctor with a warm and loving personality. Our family is very blessed to have her!

Where do I even begin? My entire family sees Dr. Cammie Benton. We met her many years ago. She became our primary doctor, then a friend, and then a co-fighter when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She's never gave up hope for my daughter that she would get better. After 3 years, our family finally was able to find something to control my daughters condition. Dr. Benton was more than happy to see her health be restored. When she saw Gabby last time, she cried and hugged her. Dr. Cammie Benton truly loves and cares for her patients. Anyone who meets her can't help to love her. She will fight for you and she will never give up. Her heart is big and that contiguous smile allows you to keep faith. We love you!

When I first became a patient of Dr. Benton’s, I was in the depths of despair due to numerous auto immune diseases. She listened, was receptive to my intuitions and enthusiastically accepted the challenge of discovering the root causes of my illnesses. Dr. Benton thinks creatively about the whole patient and the issues-at-hand and is committed to finding answers! She has a great base of science and formal medical training coupled with a thorough understanding of supplements, herbal remedies and alternative methods. And most importantly, she truly, truly cares! I am receiving treatment that is actually making a difference…how utterly refreshing! I am feeling better than I have in years thanks to Dr. Benton’s competence, guidance, compassion and devotion to me, her patient.

Dr. Benton has been my primary care physician since the middle of 2006, so a bit over 9 years.  During that time, I have always found her to be open, honest, caring and available.  Even while under the pressure that a hospital owned practice places on their physicians to manage patients within a “15 minute” window, Dr. Benton was not bound by that; she always had time for me and while there, I felt like I was the only patient she was seeing that day; I never felt like she was rushing to finish.  Dr. Benton brings to medicine an open, holistic approach, which I find refreshing. You do not get the “diagnosis du jour”; instead you get up to date methods and reasoning based on your needs, not what is designed for the masses.  I could not be happier to have Dr. Benton as my physician and look forward to continuing that relationship for a long, long time.

Dr. Benton has been my primary doctor for over ten years. My interactions with Dr. Benton have been delightful. She is very friendly, outgoing and takes time to listen to your needs. She is very passionate about what she does and it is very obvious. She goes above and beyond to ensure you know every aspect of your treatment.  As a Professional Executive, my time and schedule is very limited. However, Dr. Benton has been extremely accmmodating. We all want the best of the best and Dr. Benton is one of the best. I highly recommend Dr. Benton for all your medical needs.

So you want to know what makes an amazing Doctor? A caring, compassionate, and listening Doctor is what sets that standard for amazing! Dr Benton has always been the best doctor we could ask for, my entire family goes to her and she has always been exceptional! Furthermore, with our daughter who is handicap she has went above and beyond what most doctors would have in order to help ensure Brook's comfort, care, and quality of life. Dr Benton has shown her passion of being a doctor when it comes to our daughter, we feel so blessed to have her in our lives as a doctor and friend, we are so very thankful for her!