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Intercomm Networking

59 Frederick Road
Royal Park SA , 5014
0431 696 453

Testimonial #1

my review as a customer on Intercomm Networking is that, it's one of the best computer repairing team that I have come across by far. after a few months of getting all the problems getting fixed on my laptop, not once any of problems and errors have came back on my laptop. which i am proud of. one thing about Intercomm Networking is that its cheap and affordable for all types of people who are experiencing computer problems. because Intercomm Networking is not like other companies where you "have to be rich to pay for PC repairs".. where with Intercomm, it is cheap and affordable. Intercomm Networking helps repair you computers, but they also teach you how to do some simple minor fix ups so when you come across a small error, you can easily do it yourself. So Intercomm is a PC repairer and a Teacher when it comes to repairing your computer. because of the amazing jobs they did to fix my laptop, I do not have any regrets on making the first call to them. Intercomm Networking is the best, and no other company will ever compare to anything that Intercomm has done for me.