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Bought my PhoneHug this summer after seeing how useful it was in the outdoors- lent it to my 12 year old son at a festival soon after which certainly stopped him loosing his phone! Very handy at work too.

Photographer and Cyclist

Whilst out on location photographic shoots I find the Phonehug to be invaluable. Creatives and clients are forever calling me on the shoot, so the Phonehug really does act as another pair of hands, whilst I’m having to multitask. My phone is always grab-able via the handy Phonehug neck-strap which comes in handy when cycling too.

One Stop Festival Ltd

We introduced the PhoneHug range to our site 2 years ago and they continue to be a favourite product with our customers on


As a mum with young kids PhoneHug has been amazing. I love having my phone so accessible and safe. I never go to the beach without it.

Personal Trainer

I am a Personal Trainer and the PhoneHug has become a vital part of my equipment when I am out with my clients, I now have my hands free while out running and it is so easy to get to my apps on my phone, to use my stopwatch etc. Cycling is easy and even when I am not working I always know where my phone is. A PhoneHug is a must for everyone.

Direct Photographic

PhoneHug has made both my personal and working life so much easier! The design is fun, looks good and comfortable to wear for hours on end. Since owning my PhoneHug it has been with me on many adventures including Glastonbury Festival where it proved reliable, durable and very safe to hold my iPhone in crowded situations. It makes your phone features (calls, texts, Whatsapp messages, camera etc.) easy to access and within reach all the time. The design also retains privacy as the natural hold of the 'Hug' swings your phone screen in to face your body therefore your screen remains private.


I am on the move a lot and as a freelancer have to take calls where and when they arrive, taking and making calls while out has always been a worry. Not any more. Great idea, well built, safe and secure.


Brilliant bit of kit for using on a shoot or everyday exercising and general running around. Saves a fortune in screen replacements!


 “ I was selling my flat at the time I was on holiday, using a PhoneHug let me make those important phone calls on the chair lift, something that I wouldn’t have done before”


“PhoneHug is life-saver, well phone saver, whilst snowboarding.  Having PhoneHug attached to my phone makes the amazing sceneries, smiling faces and funny moments so much easier to capture.  No fiddling about with unzipping and zipping pockets, taking gloves off, finding my phone; I just wear it round my neck, it’s safe and easily accessible whether I’m boarding along the slopes, sat on a chairlift or relaxing at a refuge, I always know exactly where my phone is, whip it out, take a picture with no risk or worry about dropping or losing it.  Love your phone, give it a hug, PhoneHug it!”


“ phoneHug® was the best thing that happened to me and my friends. We all have our own colour and now we’re never looking back, because we can have nights out and festivals entirely care free!”

Production Manager for music events

A simple yet amazing idea that works a treat. I loose my phone multiple times a day with work and spend what feels like hours walking round venues in different rooms retracing my steps,as much as its fabulous for work it's amazing when I am at the yard visiting the horses and riding. How did me or my phone survive before! Unfortunately I need to order a new one already, as my mum has seen and " borrowed" mine on a permanent basis! I just love it!!

Concert Runner / Runner Manager

"What a fantastic devise !!!
I use it for work (concert runner)and it's stopped me from losing my phone on numerous occasions. Also in addition to this the countless times I have dropped my phone and this amazing PhoneHug has saved it from smashing every time. So get yourself a PhoneHug and stay happy."

Dog walker and horse rider

 “I love PhoneHug, which is great for looking after my mobile when I walk my dog and listen to the radio.”


Dear PhoneHug folk, “My friend had a PhoneHug; she was so enthusiastic about it, I bought one for myself. Great for festivals, I though, however I have ended up keeping my iPhone in it permanently and that's from last year (2014).  I put it round my neck when getting out of the car, it's easy to find in my bag and the other week, my phone got knocked of a table and bounced rather than broke! I'm upgrading shortly and will treat myself to a new PhoneHug as slightly larger phone this time round. In summary, I love my PhoneHug and wanted to let you know that it is one of the best things I have bought in years, thank you. Good luck and best wishes, you're PhoneHug fan”