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The Bass Player's Choice

Isaac is an amazing drummer. He has an exceptional knack for picking the right grooves or feel applicable for every genre or artist. I believe it's the producer inside him that hears drums within the complete body of work instead of just as "another instrument". He sees the big picture! That allows him to be tasteful and timeless for every situation. You can give him any genre--the newest R&B, Motown, Country, Rock, Gospel, Jazz... doesn't matter! He can play them all SKILLFULLY. I've had the honor of having Isaac in the creative process of making my first album and he has set the benchmark for what's to be expected for drums on my project. I look forward to what his musical journey has ahead of him. I'm certainly glad to have him as a part of mine. 


I've had the opportunity to work with Isaac on a few music projects and I have it say he's on point with his drum performance. It's great to see a young man like him who understands about being a professional drummer. From properly tunning his drums correctly to giving a music track what it needs. I would recommend him for any professional situation that needs a drummer.

Testimonial #3

A masterful musician - always a pleasure to play with in any capacity. Prepared, professional, responsive.