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Islamwise is definitely a blessing from Allah

From the day I took my shahada through all the questions that I had and through my first Ramadan and soon to be first Eid the team at Islamwise have been there at each step. Free gifts for Ramadhan and another for Eid, Ramadan buddy in Abid and a three course lunch at Eid in the Park there can be few other reverts who have had such a supported entry in to Islam. This is not to mention the online Quran classes with Qari Zakaullah Saleem.. Green Lane and Islamwise have to be the shining example of best practice when it comes to reverts across the whole Ummah. Can't thank the team and those who donate their sadaqah to make it happen.

Iftaar meal deliverd plus free gifts

Islamwise has been working very hard to help new muslims.I enjoyed a lovely iftaar meal and enjoyed iftaar meals at the masjid the team are very dedicated in making sure that new muslims are involved with the community.