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Island Vitality Sea Moss

This Stuff Works!

I’ve been working in the health and fitness sphere for 15 years. For many years I took vitamin and mineral supplements and didn’t feel like they were doing anything. So I decided to try to get my vitamins and minerals from food instead. With the soils being deficient in many micronutrients and minerals today, it was also difficult to feel as though I was giving my body what it needed with food alone.  I had to leave a review because I’m so glad I discovered this product. I can get almost every mineral and micronutrient in sea moss in one serving every morning, and I have felt and seen a very noticeable difference in many areas of my life, mostly in my energy levels and sleep quality. My mind is also sharper and I am in a better emotional state.  I have also been trying the “Hair & Skin” and love it! It is great on my skin overnight and I use it in my hair as a conditioner or gel. This is one of the few things I take daily and will never go without. Thank you! I’ll be a customer for life.

I should also mention that I live in Iowa and I don’t have access to this product anywhere near me. The Island Vitality jars always get here in perfect condition. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

LOVE the packaging

I purchase this sea moss from the marketplace and have always been a fan of the packaging. I am happy there is now a website where I can show my support! It is a great product. I always feel good about bringing it home.

Great for my skin and mood!

Using Island Vitality Sea Moss on my skin has helped so much with my acne and hyperpigmentation! I use the Hair & Skin every night as an overnight mask and I wake up with refreshed skin and notice faster blemish healing. I also eat the sea moss gel everyday and my mood levels are more uplifted. Frequently adding it to my morning routine has also decreased the severity of my hormonal breakouts.

My favorite sea moss provider

I love the consistency of this sea moss! It is thick and not watered down like others I have tried. You really feel like you are getting value for your money. My favorite is the turmeric-ginger. It is earthly and oddly refreshing. I eat it right from the jar and use it weekly as a brightening mask.