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IV Therapy Doc

50 Bellefontaine Street
Pasadena CA , 91105
United States


I just had my first IV Drip!  It's great to be doing something healthy while catching up with a good friend!  The atmosphere is spa-like and relaxing.  The process was seamless from booking to starting the IV With Jenny, an expert IV nurse.  Feeling refreshed and clean on the inside!   Upbeat.  Why didn't I do this before?!!  Definitely will do this again.


Amazing experience! I came in for a custom IV therapy (Meyer IV treatment modified with high B 12 vitamins). The office was friendly, treatment felt like a spa day (warm atmosphere, comfortable chairs, blankets). Painless experience and I feel energized and healthy! I will be back.


Dr. Anvekar is my primary physician and I was lucky enough to get a spot for the grand opening day of her IV therapy clinic last week. As I am a Registered Nurse myself, I'm pretty observant about the way things are done in a medical setting--especially since I recently had a very negative experience at a different doctor's infusion room more local to me.

Jenny (the nurse) was efficient, kind and explained everything thoroughly. Her IV skills are also excellent which is SO important in an infusion nurse! The IV bag was custom-prepared for me under a sterile hood (!!) which I found damn impressive and very reassuring. The cleanliness all around is superior and the fact that they even use tegaderm to secure the IV site (instead of leaving it open to air or poorly covered with random tape) further demonstrates their commitment to patient safety and comfort. 

Both Dr. Anvekar and Jenny were super responsive and attentive to my individual infusion needs throughout the process. By the way, I highly recommend the glutathione (aka super antioxidant!) IV push as it seemed to definitely help me with my aches and fatigue. You know a business or service is good when you're willing to drive allllllllllll the way from Ventura County to Pasadena--and yes, I'll definitely do it again!


Dr. Anvekar has been my primary care doctor for over ten years. She is dependable, easy to reach,
and personable. And of course, she is incredibly knowledgeable, stays read in, and is always looking for creative ways to improve patients' health. 

So is it a wonder that she recently added IV drips to her full suite of internal medicine services? And you don't have to be her regular patient to get the drips. I came by after having been sick and still not feeling quite myself. I'm leaving 45 minutes later with a reboot to my immune system. I'm coming back next week to get a fat buster to rev up my  weight loss efforts. So you'll see me there every week. 

I'd also be remiss if I did not give a shot out to Dr. Anvekar's staff. They are professional and kind. They work to make sure everyone feels important and well taken care of. Be sure to look out for Armando He has been there a few years and takes the time to get to know you and your family.


I couldn't be happier with IV therapy Doc. No pain putting in the iv and I could sit back and relax while hydrating and nourishing my body. Highly recommend!