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Jacqui Olliver - End the Problem

46 Aeroview Drive
Beach Haven Auckland , 0626
New Zealand

Valuable information!

Thanks a lot for the information which I value highly.

Jacqui's session is practical

I was nervous and a bit scared, leading up to the session. I think that the emotional response technique could really help me. Jacqui's session is practical and cuts through a lot of the other stuff other counselors do - which doesn't seem to be very helpful.

It’s having a life impact that's for sure

We’ve been truly affectionate with each other which is great, absolutely moving in the right direction. One more thing to report is, I almost had a wet dream which normally would have meant I wake up and be so far gone I wouldn’t be able to stop it. However, as soon as I woke up, I applied ERT and managed to settle everything down again which I was super happy with; nothing came out at all which was absolutely fantastic.

On a side note, I’m trying to apply ERT to life in general, in many very different ways in terms of just reframing the narrative and bringing out the positive in just about anything that could be considered adversity. It’s having a life impact, that’s for sure!

Valuable Program

Your content so far is on point and very valuable.

Thank you!

Thank you sooooo very much and I will always admire your contribution in building my life.

I have a cool story already!

Last night I shared my session revelations with my partner and this morning I decided to test myself. I was able to arouse myself in about 90 seconds and pull a nearly 100% solid erection out of nowhere! I didn't even need a fantasy! I was so proud to show her. She was so thrilled and she exclaimed: "OMG, only one session and it's working!" Just wanted you to know how fun, encouraging, and happy we were!

I can't thank you enough

I can't thank you enough for everything you have given me these past few months. Your words and advice have my heart feel whole again and please know you have helped me clear my mind of all my sexual inadequacies and made me a better person, a better partner and a better lover. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Really appreciate all your help

Thank you for your care and good advice that you give me. I really appreciate it.

You are Genius

Thank you for your time and efforts much appreciated. Keep inspiring and sending through more tips really helpful and showing signs of improvement at my end. You are genius in what you explain.

Happy Customer

I can happily report that the last couple of times, I’ve had less anxiety and less issues with performance, thanks to your program. I’m looking forward to getting better every day. I’m so keen to put all of these things behind me!

Thanks for all the support

I appreciate your knowledge and emails they remind me to continue to make Sex a priority and give me different ideas on how to keep it from becoming so routine.

Very helpful

Hallo Jacqui! Am grateful of your support. I have been reading every article you have been sending to me and all have been helpful.


I'm impressed. Thanks very much.

Remarkable Results

I've been using the techniques that I learned with your program and the results have been remarkable. Me and my wife are once again having great sex and a lot of it. I have my confidence back and want to thank you for everything.

Best Program

Well, I have to say your program and technique written in End the Problem was the best one by far what I read. It is easy to follow and logically explained. My problem started with the PE. Now once I manage to lead her to orgasm, after 15 minutes or maybe more, I let myself go.

Enjoyed your course

I enjoyed your course and look forward to your support emails. They really clarify and reinforce things. I had noticeable improvement with my ED over the weekend after practicing your teachings. Consistency is crucial! I am encouraged.

It is great to Climax

I just wanted to let you know I spent the whole weekend with the girl I was telling you about, I was able to reach climax 4 times. It still took quite awhile, but the experience with her was absolutely amazing. Thank you for all of your help.

Thanks Jacqui!

Hey, I would like to say that your strategies are hands down the best so far from the other techniques out there. I'm very thankful to you.

Outstanding Results

Good news. Within a month my sex life began to improve, the problems I experienced (PE be hard and stay hard) began to disappear. The duration increases to an hour. I got the positive result gradually of course, from 5 to 15 mins to 1 hour.

Amazing Program with Great Results

We have a very joyful life after enrollment with your program since 2 years as you discussed everything openly hearted. I often see such patients with stress and a lot of problems with their partners, I always prefer them first go through your programs. It helped them a lot to get rid of their sexual issues and other mental health issues after reading your emails and watching your program.

I think we should not hesitate to discuss our problems, due to this my friends, colleagues start opening up. One of my close friend he was near to commit suicide he was in so much depression and stress because of his health related issue but after reading and watching your videos about mental health he overcome his depression, I can feel his inner happiness then I pray for you, how much relations and life you have saved.

My lasting time improved in bed

I was suffering from ED and poor performance in bed. Recently I am fully confident and getting improvement day by day. Exactly for the last 7, 8 months during COVID19 it was a great time to relieve stress with sex and was a good experience of having sex in a good mood and libido.

Thank you so much!

Actually this created a great relationship with my partner and now, I can say that we're in the mood. We're happy and there's more trust and love and I appreciate your help. You were very helpful. Thank you so much.

Valuable Advice

Many problems have been resolved by your advice.


You have been of immense contribution to my life as a whole with your positive work. Kudos Jac.

Great Resources

Thank you for your encouraging words and the great resources. I’m gaining confidence that this is something I can overcome completely. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to really get aroused and have had an easier time getting hard. I just wanted to let you know that the resources have been helpful and I’m looking forward to growing and learning even more with time and practice.

Amazing Technique

I could not ejaculate during sex with woman. My girlfriend came to my home last Sunday. We didn't talk much but we had a good love making time. She came again last night and love making again. I also ejaculated thanks to the technique you have taught.

Great Program

Just reading some of your material is already making a positive difference. Your cognitive approach is unlike anything I've encountered before!


Thank you so much for your great advice.

Safe & Effective Program

I have been using your program "Hard and in Control” and it’s very good so far with me. I can say it’s far better and safer than any pills.

Great Results

Just to let you know I am now lasting longer in bed, about 12 minutes!

Successful Program

The PDF’s are super helpful! This is definitely a good program because it teaches how the mind works. Something I’m sure most of us know, but don’t understand how it affects our sex life. It all makes sense now! We’ve only had sex once since the course I took on Friday. But it was a good success for both of us. First, I was able to get very hard, so yay. During, I had started to go a bit soft a couple times (when I wasn’t penetrating) and started to go into my mind of worry, then I adjusted what I was doing and the hardness came right back. So success there!

Keep up the Good work

Keep up the good work my dear. We rely on your advice for intimacy. God bless you.

Problem solved

Thank you so much for all your good suggestions. Now I'm fine and feeling good and my sexual problem solved.

Thank you for this program

I would like to thank you for this program and your methods. You have helped me quite a lot.

Great Program

You're truly a great inspiration. Something unexpected and very cheerful happened to me yesterday morning and I was so thrilled that I just have to tell you. Usually when I have a spontaneous erection, it only lasts 10 minutes before wilting. NOT THIS TIME ! ! ! ! ! For some reason that I cannot explain, "he" stayed full - not rigid - but full for a complete hour plus 10 minutes!

More confident than ever!

I knew it was all mental. I hated taking drugs and being dependent on them. I wanted to tackle the real issues. I wanted to have control and not leave it up to chance whether I perform well in bed.


I had a problem of ED, Jacqui helped me to focus my mind that helped me to function properly. I feel a man enough by just using her advice. You too can end your sexual problems.

This Program works!

This program outlined my problem exactly and had exactly what I needed to fix it.

Thank you so much Jacqui!

Thank you so so so much Jacqui, I love and appreciate all you teach. My life has officially changed and become remarkably better. I can't wait to mail you more results and progress.


I'm really getting enlightened with your program.

Thanks Jacqui :)

I was impressed with everything about your program from start to finish. How you laid out the reasons for losing hardness all the way through practical techniques for being able to stay hard during sex. The videos/slides are easy to understand and as I neared the end of part two, I was already feeling more confident on why I was losing hardness and how I can correct it. The worksheets were also very helpful.

Best Program to fix sexual problems

I have been able to fix my problem I'm able to last longer I have my wife begging and I give her orgasms like no other now and I have also gained in length and thickness.

Amazing results

Instead of trying to prove myself, it feels so good to lose myself in the moment. Now I can enjoy the person I am with and stop thinking about the results.

Best and Effective Program

It's totally awesome to be able to get hard when I want and have complete control and a good sex drive as well.

Thanks Jacqui!

I'm very happy to make you know that I've overcome the problem which I was facing. Your advice played an important role to fight it. Thanks once again.

Excellent Program

I could get hard when I was alone but only occasionally when I was with a girl. I felt tense and very nervous wasn't relaxed and quite often couldn't get hard at all. I would worry if I was skilled, sexy or "big" enough for her. Before going through your program I worried about myself worth for a long period of time. I feel good about my sexual performance now. Sometimes I last as long as I want and give a girl multiple orgasms. I can only get better from here.

Best Program

I had looked into supplements and diets and even medication but nothing worked long term. I didn't want to have to resort to stronger medications because of the side effects. I read about your program and figured it would work for me by giving me the confidence to get hard and stay hard. I was right.

Barrier free now! Amazing program!

I started to put up a barrier to getting close to new people because lately all women I met wanted and expected sex straight away! Now I can be alone with them and intimate without the pressure to perform. No more anxiety!


Sex is now fun and natural. I enjoy it immensely and feel good about myself after good sex. It makes me feel lighter, happier and excited to be alive.

This program has changed my life forever

I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want, when I want to - without fear or anxiety making my life decisions.

Outstanding Program

I now feel satisfied that I can perform as a man and also pleasure my wife and enjoy our sexual relationship.


Sex used to be daunting for me and I avoided it largely during my last relationship which ended because of the problem. It's life changing to be confident and relaxed during sex with my new partner :)

Worth buying!

Sex is special to me, it's a way for me to show my partner how much I care about her. Great sex means I am able to enjoy it for myself as well as satisfying my partner.

Thanks a lot!

Not being able to perform reduced my self-esteem and caused other relationship problems. Sex is very important to me. It makes me feel like a real man when I can satisfy my partner and it is also very enjoyable.

Feels great

Sex is one of the main things that holds a marriage together. It makes me feel closer to my wife and makes me feel more like a man. Having great sex makes me feel complete. I had great hopes for your program; thank you.

Confidence Booster

Now I have confidence when going to have sex whereas before I never knew if I would have a problem getting hard or not.


My wife used to sense my sexual anxiety and I didn't blame her it was a mood killer. I used to find myself replaying all the negative experiences in my head all the time and losing sleep over it. Great sex is one of the most fulfilling feelings I've ever experienced.


To me, sex means to share intimacy, pleasure and connecting with my wife. Providing good sex makes me feel like a man who's more respected, loveable and willing. Now I am confident in the act knowing I have the control to fulfill both our sexual needs!

Life Saving Program!

I used to ejaculate at the beginning of penetration and couldn't maintain an erection after that. I could quickly get an erection a little later but by that time my wife was usually frustrated and not in the mood anymore. This program has been a life saver!

Enjoying Life

My erections are coming easier. At 78 years of age and taking NO meds, I'm thankful, very thankful to have occasional erections - sometimes spontaneous, sometimes self-induced. In fact, having just typed that, he's standing at attention now, wanting attention! After several days of not having opportunity to play, I've had several days when I had 2 erections and ejaculations less than 7 hours apart! For someone getting closer to 80 with no meds, I'm enjoying life!

Amazing Program

I've been married for 53 years. At my age, every erection is a miracle and every orgasm is a miracle and every ejaculation is a miracle! Now I don't need any prescribed supplements for arousal nor over the counter supplements.


It feels so good to be normal! To be able to create and foster intimacy with someone.

Great techniques

I previously spent money with a therapist and also on meds. It did help a lot but was far from a permanent solution. It felt like they were not solving the root cause of the problem and no one could tell me why. I had no idea what I was doing during sex so I thought having someone teach me technique could help. I over think a lot so I figured understanding the steps to take would help me learn this.

Best Program

Previously I had never thought that this would happen to me. I had a few individual episodes as a younger person, but these were situational. Occasionally, I would have some performance issues, but it really started to become more common about a year ago and dropped off quite a lot. Sex is important to me, admittedly, from a manhood perspective. Also, the idea of not being able to please or be pleased with my erection was not a happy thought.

Amazing results!

To me sex is being able to fully arouse my wife and make her want me every day. Great sex to me means not worrying all the time and just letting go and enjoying my wife and fulfilling each other's sexual needs

Worth Buying

Having gone through the site fairly thoroughly to determine if it was legitimate, and liking what I saw. Jacqui seemed earnest in her writing and videos and I like the idea (and believe) that the issue is primarily mental. I figured the cost for the video program was reasonable and worth a shot.

Best Solution Provider

I could not keep living with zero sexual confidence, it's ruined relationships for me in the past and it was only a matter of time before it happened again. I didn't want to grow old having lived an entire lifetime full of sexual anxiety and disappointment for both parties, it simply wasn't bearable anymore. I watched your videos and everything you say in your interviews and videos sounded like exactly the type of solution I needed.

Amazing Experience! Must Buy Program

Your program was a very different experience. I realize what I did wrong on the bed. So that’s the most important, I realized my mistakes and what I need to do to have better sex. I’ve been told I need to relax but during intercourse we can’t have breaks, we don’t have time to relax. So I think that your technique is easier to follow by doing action because we don’t have time for breaks so we can switch on our minds, that is a better way to control. I think it’s a really great program and looking forward to extend my intercourse time, I really am happy.

Amazing results

For me sex is a way to connect with my partner on a deeper level. I wanted it to be fun, pleasurable, easy, and relaxed for us both. I was tired of making up excuses for my weak erections and I just wanted to feel like a real man who can please my partner at will.


I was looking for a different approach to drugs and therapy and found your info online and downloaded your free Penis Strengthening Exercise. After thinking about it I thought the amount of money for the program was no more than a few weeks costs for pills so I decided to give it a try. Being able to provide a satisfying sexual experience for my partner is very important to me.

Best treatment program

I have looked many other places for treatment. No other options have resonated with as well as I had hoped. I am still improving, however, just not as effectively as I need to be. I feel that you have communicated things better than any other and I feel more confident just after watching your first video.

Excellent program!!!

I am happy I can now give and receive pleasure, and finally get my self-respect back.

Best Program Ever

Sex is the coming together of two souls, to me that time should be fun and stress free, something of a release for both. Not a time of fear and mismanaged thoughts of not lasting long enough. Honestly I consider myself to be pretty content with all other aspects of my life, often I would tell myself if I could only just get this one thing in control I would truly be happy. I don't know if I can describe how happy I am that this program worked! It means the world to me.

Amazing program

Sex was not high on my list of fun things to do. I felt that having great sex would make me feel like a new man again and my relationship with my wife would improve. Your program makes me feel like I'm in control and now I have more confidence.

Hard and in Control - Best Program

I didn't think my issues would fix themselves, I really wanted to satisfy my wife's needs sexually so I bought your course. Now I feel like I'm in control of my own body again and can please her.

Great Results

I am now able to control my penis. The duration of intercourse is now under my control as I can control my ejaculations and maintain a strong erection. I am not limited in motion or position. I am able to thrust long or short, fast or slow and maintain control. I am able to have oral, vaginal, and anal sex under control.

Effective Program

Being able to be spontaneously intimate with my wife provides a great sense of confidence in me and in my marriage.

Genuine Course

I was always of the idea that my problem was more mental than medical. The exercises given in your website seemed practical and made me think the course would be genuine too. Great sex means happy wife and happy life :)

Boosted my self esteem

Great sex is where we have less inhibition about our bodies and sex is just something fun and spontaneous. It makes me feel wonderful and complete. It also increases my self esteem.

Happy Customer

I'm glad to have my old enjoyable sex life back as I used to avoid situations with girls, especially if I was sober as I was too scared it would be a disappointment.

Beyond Expectation

I spent a lot of time “resetting” my brain after a long time of watching porn and it didn’t do a thing. This program was different, it definitely exceeded my expectation.

Confidence Booster

I never used to have trouble with ED and even when I didn't really want to be with the woman I was with I could still perform. I just wanted to get my confidence back and be able to experience have pleasure with a woman.

Best Program

Good sex means staying in control and lasting as long as the situation calls for. My hope was that your program would allow my sex life with my wife to improve. I'm now lasting as long as I want to last. We went to some counselors previously who said it was a physical problem. It's a relief to have our sex life back. Thank you.

Outstanding Program

PE was an issue for my wife and since we first began seeing each other nearly 20 years ago. It was always a burden in an otherwise solid relationship. I have done most or all of the things you find in books or via urologists to little improvement. PE had always affected us, but it kept getting worse. I wanted us both to have a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship so I bought Jacqui's program. My wife and I are both really pleased with the results.

Thank you!

It means everything to have confidence with my partner. It means the world; it feels amazing. Having great sex is amazing. Thank you so much.

5 star

Jacqui helped me with my problem promptly after reaching out. It was vey affordable and worthwhile. Great communication and knowledge goes a long way.
Thank you!!!!

Great program

Thank you so much for your program. It is very well explained. I am very confident I will improve myself.

Happy & Satisfied

It means everything to me to not worry during sex that my wife will be satisfied and that she won’t have to try and rush the encounter as well. I love leaving her exhausted and satisfied at the end!

Happy & Satisfied

Sex means closeness with another person. Great sex makes me feel relaxed and connected with the other person on many levels without thinking about whether I am going to last. Being able to perform for longer periods of time makes things better.


I would go down the path of trying to figure out how to deal with this problem, I’d try something and it wouldn’t really work then become a little bit distant. Then I always had a really healthy sex drive, I’m in pretty good shape and I exercise really regularly and all these things should be going well and I found my sex drive kind of dying down a little bit. My wife’s probably been a little disinterested because of these problems so I didn't even know what the definition of a great sex life would be. Being able to please my wife without being anxious and worried about finishing early is great.

It works

I was always tense. Always thinking about my performance. I didn’t want to go down the route of using drugs. A urologist gave some shots and it just seemed so artificial and I couldn’t find a lot of research on the long term effects of these shots and so that kind of scared me as well, so this seemed like a much better option.
I’ve done a lot of research, everybody in America just tells you to pop pills and have antidepressants and I have no interest in that because I’m not depressed and don’t want to put up with the side effects of that. I gravitated to what seemed to be your psychological connection instead of the physiological thing. I'm glad to report to you it works.

Must Buy Program

After I saw your interview I already felt more relaxed and that night we had very good sex, I thought, “It works!” but then stopped working. I bought your program because I wanted to gain confidence and knew I needed to be aware of the issue and grow a lot in facing the problem in, “OK, I have this” and try to do something because otherwise you’re just wondering if it’s going to get solved or not.

Great program

This is best program I have come across till date. I would recommend it if you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction.


I am very happy with your program.

Your Program is Great

Your program is great because you help both males and females to enjoy their natural sexual rights. And this is what God wants. Sex strengthen relations between husband and wife. Hebrews 13:4! Thank you. 

Amazing Knowledge and Insights!

Being a medical specialist, I was amazed at Jacqui’s knowledge and insights regarding this subject matter – I know for sure there is no-one else teaching this! It is amazing! Jacqui is a true problem solver. Every person should have this education!

This program changed my life

I want to thank you for your Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program for women. I could never reach orgasm and it was extremely frustrating. now that I have a new boyfriend it really matters to me to fix this. I'm really impressed. This program has changed my life. I feel so much more confident now I can orgasm without any problems.

Hard and in control

100x Better

I am personally benefitted from her programme. She is very helpful and humble lady. I appreciate your work for humanity. I am a doctor in allopathic system of medicine. I can challenge medical community that her programme is 100 times better than all books and knowledge and drugs combined. I recommend all my patients to read your books and purchase your programmes for sexual problems. I strongly feel that your ideas for treating disease must be included in teaching programmes.

Happy and Satisfied

The course Jacqui Olliver offers really a blessing to me. I am 100% sure if any body is in problem and wasted lots of time and money, then I will suggest you to try a course called Sex Mastery Hard and in control and live a life happy and satisfied. 

Highly Recommend

It was after accepting that prostate cancer will affect you in emotional ways more complex than the physical, and finding out depression is a real part of having cancer. In my efforts to return to how I was before the cancer affected me, on advice from friends and medical people I looked at all options. Doing this ONE THING was a book I ordered as part of this process. It arrived in the mail lunchtime Saturday. With a coffee I sat down to read, only stopping to make more coffee or eat . By late morning the next day I had finished. This book has put clarity into thought as Jacqui's journey helped to explain reasons behind my downward spiral and how to stop this. This book is impressive and I have recommended it highly to friends.