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Jen Barber Productions

A Powerful Shift!

Jen's background speaks to her life-long experience and authenticity in the world of energy through visualization, imagination and thought. Having met Jen for the first time at one of her Silva Method classes, I immediately sensed a loving, peaceful and reassuring energy emanating from her.  Her calm, patient and warm manner truly made the introvert that I am, feel immediately at ease.


    Reaching a place of transition in my forties, I felt that compelling nudge or pull, to go forward with an open heart, an empowered voice, and tools to assist in creating a life resonant with who I am at my core. I knew that I needed to shift old stories and out-dated stuck energy patterns within me, in order to begin anew, from the inside out.  Meeting Jen when I did, was perfect timing!  Previously, through friends, books and blogs, I had a limited awareness of several modalities of energy work and philosophies, but I maintained a healthy dose of skepticism and wariness, all the while believing that 'anything' is possible and that we are surely so much more than we can fully imagine.  While I had some intellectual knowledge regarding some of what could be expected from an energy clearing session, (I'm fairly certain that each person has a unique experience), I did not truly believe that I would experience more than a brief sense of peace or temporary euphoria - something akin to what we may sometimes experience after a lovely guided meditation. 


    During my initial dialogue with Jen regarding the subject of energy clearing, I instinctively knew that if I was ever going to give it a try for myself, she was the person I could trust and work with.  I did, and indeed I was stunned and completely taken aback by the powerful spontaneous energy shift I experienced during my first session with Jen.  Prior to that, I generally lived with an over-active solar plexus.  Since the energy clearing, it is with relief, a calm inner center and an emerging sense of new personal power and energy flow,  that I now begin to deliberately cultivate my life and construct my world each day.   I cannot thank Jen enough! Her work is Amazing.

Immediate & Powerful Shift

Working with Jen brought on some immediate and powerful shifts in my energy, and in the afterglow of that wonderful experience I am already seeing pieces of my life and business goals coming into clearer focus.  I finally identified the millimeter shift in my perspective needed to align my heart with my vision.  I’m excited to see what else reveals itself  in the months to pass... if all this happened in under one week!!