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Josiah's Oils

8 Meadow Lane
Lancaster PA , 17601

Testimonial #60

I purchased the Magnesium Lotion for my wrist pain from arthritis and used it even before Josiah’s was finished checking me out ! It took the pain away immediately and for over 5 hours ! Ninette added Sweet marjoram and Bulgarian lavender to mine and it smells amazing ! I can’t wait to use it tonight on my neck for my night time spasms ! My husband also has restless legs and used it as soon as he got home from work and so far so good !! Thank you Josiah’s Oils!!

Firming Face Cream

I bought the firming cream for the first time. I love it. You can feel the difference how your face tightens quickly. The firming cream also makes your skin soft, smooth and is greaseless.

Testimonial #58

I love using your oils! Your germ fighting and congestion blend are amazing! I like them so much I bought them for my grandson as well. The Shea lip balm is great. Everything I have purchased at Josiah’s Oils is amazing. Best store in Lancaster County!

Pain Relief Blend

Ive been using Pain relief for my hands and finger joints..oh what a relief it is when I rub this on my hands helps so much with my hand pain.and the it also softens my hands. Will never be without this..Thank you Josiah's Oil!

Congestion Blend

It's been a bad winter for colds, etc. I bought "Instant Relief Congestion" in a ready to use roll-on. I keep it in my purse for use at all times. My 9 yr. old daughter says it's the only thing that works to relieve her congestion (rolling it under her nose and behind earlobes). She's quite impressed - me too!

Use & Safety Guide (Book)

Essential Oils Use & Safety Guide 3rd edition. This book is filled with so much information ! I ordered it online and it arrived quickly for me to download and read on my iPad. It is very easy to understand Ninette’s great teachings on use and safety of essential oils. I especially love the detailed explanation on when to diffuse , use topically and ingest oils as well as the section on blending and how it has been simplified with dilution rates - given in drops ( vs percentages) per top,middle ,and base notes. There is even a helpful list of which oils are in those three categories. I also love the recipes throughout the book! Thanks Ninette ; I learned so much from this book and will be referencing it often !

Sugar Scrub

Ladies of a certain age LISTEN UP!!!! I made the mistake of thinking that I could no longer get a clean shave on my legs because of my razor. After many failed attempts to find the right razor I asked my sister to help. Ninette, the owner & my sister went right to work. She designed an all natural sugar scrub that is safe for the entire body. It turns out that it was not the razor it was my skin. Now I take the scrub directly into the shower & use it right after shaving my legs. I come out silky smooth and feeling great! Thank you Josiah's Oils your products are a Godsend.

Firming Face and Tea Tree Oil

Iv'e used the Tea tree oiland the firming face cream,Love the product,my skin on my face is soft and supple,I just ordered Cinnamon oil and Peppermint oil

Josiah's Oils

I love coming in to Josiah’s Oils & referring friends here. It smells lovely when you walk in & all employees/owners have been helpful & knowledgeable. We love the variety of products & the quality of them. Shopping local to support families is also another big win!

Germ Fighting,Sleepy Time, Lip Balm, Body Butter

I placed my first order last week after my amazing sil Jackie gave me some oils to try. The Germ blend has cleared the nasty cold I had for weeks. I suffer from insomnia & now with the Sleepy Time I am sleeping SEVEN hours a night. Which is amazing for me but the best products I am most thrilled about is the LIP BALM & BODY BUTTER. I took a nasty fall a year ago and did quite a but of damage to my bottom lip & jaw. Required some surgery to repair. I developed a tight keloid (band of scar tissue) from the center of my bottom lip inside to my jaw. It caused me a lot of pain moving my lip. I have been using the lip balm & the keloid has loosened up & I have had ZERO pain in it. The body butter works so well without that greasy feeling. I am allergic to so much that I am really impressed I can use the yummy smelling peppermint without any reaction at all. Thank you so much for the quality products.

Josiah's Oils

Great variety and amazing quality. A hidden gem of a store. Love that the staff are knowledgeable and that I can shop/support local business and always find what I need.

Migraine Relief

I deal with chronic headaches and get migraines. I have read up on the oils used in treatment for migraines and wanted to see if they would work for me. I purchased Josiah's Migraine Relief in hopes to get rid of the nasty pills and side effects from those pills. This morning was the first time I got to used it. I woke up with a start of a migraine ( it hurt to put my head on the pillow kind of migraine). I applied the oil to my temples, forehead, and the base of my skull, laid back down for an hour. After that hour I was TOTALLY RELIEVED of my migraine!!!!!!! I am fully functional today. If I had taken pills, I would not have been functional and missed work. This is amazing and I am in love with Migraine Relief oil!! Thank you Josiah's Oil for giving me my life back. You guys are amazing!!!!

Josiah's Oils

Amazing customer service, products, and atmosphere! My go-to place for essential ols


I contacted Josiah's Oils about making the ZZZ blend in a roller. Ninette responded quickly and was happy to add the roller as an option. They had very quick shipping and I received my ZZZ roller (along with several other things I ordered) a couple of days ago. After only 2 nights of use, I have already noticed a difference at bedtime with my soon to be 4 year old. We apply the ZZZ right before we read his bedtime stories. He no longer tosses and turns and fights his sleep. He now lays down and begins to relax immediately after lights are out. I am amazed at the difference! If you have a little that fights their sleep, I definitely recommend giving the ZZZ blend a try!

Firming Face

I have bought the coffee bean firming face lotion 2 times and I will continue to use it! Love ❤️ it! It makes my face feel and look great!! It has a nice creamy mousse like consistency! Fair price point and it lasts for about 2 months.....or more!!

Lemongrass Detox Deodorant

I recently bought the Lemongrass Detox deodorant and I love it! Wonderful product for feeling fresh and detoxing at the same time!

Sleepy Time Oils Blend

I love the sleepy time blend! I am a very light sleeper and have trouble getting to bed. Whenever I diffusee this blend at night I am asleep in no time and don't even hear my diffuser turn off! Sweet dreams....

Immune Boost Roll On

Love the Immune Boost. Using it daily I feel like I have more energy and get sick far less often. Bonus is that it smells great. Even the kids love it It smells great.