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Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar

733 Eden Way N
Chesapeake Va , 23320

Amazing service and knowledgeable staff. Not to mention such tasty healthy drinks! Loved my experience here!!

Great place to fulfill your vegan appetite and to detox and reboot your system. Did the seven-day cleanse and felt great afterwards. Definitely will continue to visit.

On my first visit to the Alkalicious Juice Bar, the owner took the time to do an experiment that validated all the many health benefits of alkaline water. I immediately ordered the one day renewal plan and because I live out of state I asked if it could be shipped. At that time, the store had only been open a few months and they had never shipped their products before. Well, you would have never known because the product was packed so maticulously on ice and in insulated bags. Each product was clearly labeled with their ingredients AND benefits along with concise Instructions. It truly was a reflection of their passion and belief in the product and the entire philosophy.

Just completely my second 24hr juice cleanse in 2 weeks. This time I was out of town, and Lisa was VERY accommodating and shipped it to me. Again, FANTASTIC Service!

About the cleanse: I feel Great! Not sluggish. My mind feels Sharper.... And of course, my ph levels are up.... What more can I ask for?

If you've never cleansed and are apprehensive, start with a 24hr detox. It's NEVER too late to change your life. It's easier to prevent illness than to treat!

I absolutely love this place... I have done the 2 day water cleanse and the master cleanse!!! I felt great on both!!! Recharged my body and gave me lots of energy!!! Plus the juices and smoothies are delish!