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real appreciation

Yesterday the set arrived. The handling was really easy. It is certainly a big effort for all bands to make these adapters. I am very impressed! Thanks again for the opportunity to use this great band on my latest Apple Watch. And of course I'm looking forward to the end of October, when the new blue band is available. Thanks again!

38mm Brushed Revo the perfect apple watch band which I looked for my whole life

I am a Apple Watch user and I really like the Apple Watch product which made me seek for a perfect watch band that matches my watch and honestly I almost bought all of the metal watch bands that was recommended on YouTube and finally I found my perfect match. First it wasn't easy to make a decision because of the price it was quite expensive than the ones I've bought before but I read through all of the reviews all other customers were satisfying with their experience through juuk so I just clicked the shop button and after a few days it arrived in front of my house. When I opened the box I was sure that my decision was correct. And normally I don't leave reviews because I don't know what I'm talking about either after I wrote this whole bunch thing but I am sure whoever buys this watch band through juuk you guys are gonna love it because I am too.

Stunning apple watch bands

Wow, I felt in love with these as I was looking through Amazon for a substituto of Apple's stainless steel band which is super expensive (almost what the watch costs), so I came across Juuk... and its Aluminum bands! Affordables, elegant and lightweight! Even better than the steel ones, because my Vitero 44mm matches almost (if not 100%) perfectly my Series 5 aluminum space gray. Actually, I'm getting a Monza one now! Love them!

The Vitero - Elegantly beautiful yet aggressive, chunky and light :-D

I started with AW Series 2, Nike, tried several 3rd party bands but none quite satisfied me until I chanced upon JUUK! The Silver Vitero, it was love at first sight and I didn't think twice ordering it. I practically have my Apple Watch on my wrist for almost 22 hours every day, save 2 hours for charging - the Vitero not only looks super awesome it is also absolutely comfortable on my wrist all day, its chunky sturdy yet so light. 😊 It's one of the rare few aluminium bands to perfectly match the sports AW, if not the only ones. I'm moving onto Series 5 now and am still going to match it to the Vitero 😊 Good stuffs JUUK! Keep it up.

Seriously amazing!

I’ve had my eyes on a Vitero Cerulean for almost two years now. Well, a week ago I finally ordered one. And guys. This is seriously amazing! For the price, it’s surprisingly good quality, the design is an eye candy, and adding/removing links is child’s play with the way JUUK came up with. Plus, every tool you need is included. Hey, they even give your spare pins! I had used a few other bands and loops but none of them felt so good to wear and look at than this one. As soon as I opened the box and did some adjustments to fit my wrist, I sent a photo to a few friends and I’m still getting the “I’m so jealous” messages! I can’t be happier with my purchase!

Great Looking, but may not be material as advertised.

I purchased the Vitero band. I have to admit it is one of the best looked bands I have found for my Apple Watch. But, it is not very durable. After only a couple weeks of use (and really only having it on my watch for 3-4 days a week) it is showing wear and the anodization is wear off showing the aluminum underneath. Unfortunately, a band that is that delicate, especially at the price, is not going to be my go to.

WOW--really great craftsmanship!

Just received my Vitero Frost band, and I'm blown away! I have quite a few bands from a variety of sources, as I like to change bands with outfits. My Juuk band is everything I expected and more! It is very lightweight, the links are finished beautifully and look every bit as high class as my old Raymond Weil and Tag Huer analog watches! I'm thrilled to find a beauty for my 38mm Apple Watch. These bands are definitely sized for men--I had to take 4 links out to fit my size 6.5" wrist, but the tool and the online video saved the day. Sporting my new band this morning--can't wait to hear the compliments! Thanks Juuk!

Korza Vayder - really great strap

Although this took some time to ship, it was definitely worth the wait. Such good quality leather and components. It adds a really classy finish to my Apple Watch. I would look to buy another colour and would love an orange one. Only one concern. The lugs that connect to the watch (S5 44mm) are not quite flush. They seem secure enough but it is not a precise fit but I wouldn’t let this put anyone off. Also, I think Juuk should look in to making Lorica versions of their leather straps then they can be used for water sports, etc. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

Are you serious!

I ordered the Viterio Cosmic Gray, and i'm here to tell you this is the most awesome band i have tried, will try, and seriously i love this band. It is so light yet, makes my AW4 look so elegant and sporty at the same time. I have went through a ton of bands trying to find the just right one and i finally have. Thanks Juuk, it's great :)

Very pleased!

I ordered the Ligero for my Apple Watch 3. I really like the look of it and it is very well made. Eugene was extremely helpful and accomodating. Delivery was as promised. Highly recommend!

Juuk best 3rd party apple watch bands

I have the Ligero and now the Vitero. Both are awesome quality and they look great on my apple watch series 2 and 4. Eugene is top notch on customer service.

Just received new Viterio for Watch 4.

All I can say is wow. Received the redesigned Vitero in gray and ruby and it is super. Fits great. Perfect in every way. I have been waiting to order one since I bought the Watch 4 just after they came out. Super happy, super quality, super service. Thanks Juuk.

JUUK bands - bands designed for timepieces

Locarno two tone The Locarno is my second band from JuukDesign (third if you count the one i purchased as a gift). It is an actual watch band; a high quality, piece of jewelry, watch band. It elevates the computer on your arm to a timepiece. The owner of the company is a watch lover and has worked in watch design for years. His products are made in factories that produce bands for top luxury watch brands. The difference, Juuk bands are affordable. They are still AMAZING quality, but you can afford to strap one into your wrist. And you should, at least one!! There is an exceptional eye for detail. The curves match the watch exactly. There is a tool included in the clean, modern packaging, which allows for the extremely simple removal or addition of links. (And there is a tutorial video just in case) The weight of the product is perfect. It is just heavy enough so that you know you are wearing a solid product that will last. (If you find it’s too heavy for things like exercise, get an aluminum band from Juuk; you don’t even know you are wearing a watch. The aluminum is super light!) I am amazed that I don’t see these bands everywhere. I am stopped constantly when I wear mine because the quality is apparent. I happen to love this link design, but there are others add all are beautiful. I own the Vitero and can speak to its quality as well. The owner of the company is an fair businessman who actually will reach out to his customers personally. He runs a high end and yet customer focused company. Even more reason to purchase a band from Juuk. (As a note, I am not compensated by Juuk in any way. I have really just had a great experience with the product and the owner and would love to see continued success so I can keep new bands!!!)

Best Metal Bands Available

Juuk bands are just unbelievable in quality and finish. I purchased the 42mm Cosmic Grey Vitero band to go with my Space Gray Aluminum Series 3 Apple Watch and it matches perfect in fit and color. Adjusting the band to my wrist was simple as well. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Juuk provided amazing customer service too, answering all my questions before making my purchase. You have a great company and a superior product compared to others in the market place. Well worth the money. Keep up the great work.

Just Wow!

Have had my 42mm Vitero Ruby Grey for a month now and it is BY FAR the nicest most comfortable band for my Apple Watch I’ve owned and I’ve owned a bunch. The fit, match, and quality is outstanding. I am so glad I bought this watch band. Don’t let the price scare you, it is definitely worth it. I was also pleasantly surprised at the shipping speed. I was actually expecting it to take much longer. Definite Thumbs Up!!

Absolutely Gorgeous

I just received my Vitero Ruby Red band in today. I could not be more pleased even if Apple themselves made this wrist band. The quality, fit and finish is most admirable. Delivery very fast. This will be the first of what I feel will be many more orders from this very professional tier 1 company.

Testimonial #64

o    Have been wearing my new Velo Obsidian for a week now. Completely satisfied! Looks (and is) so much better than other stuff around. Resizing the band was a bit "stiff" due to newness, but thanks to the additional tool and the video it was no problem at all. When asked for a delivery time I heard that the packaging was behind schedule. And without asking I got a 20% discount which was returned to my account. Thank you Eugene! (might even consider purchasing a Vitero... couldn't choose between the two...)

Best Apple watch band!!!

My Rainbow Ligero Watch band is AMAZING!!!!! The look and quality of the band beats any Apple band out there! It was so easy to take out the links to make it the correct size for me....thanks to the included sizing tool! And the customer service is top notch!!!!! I could go on and on and on : )