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KARILOU Automobile Sales Training

Great Experience

My family and I bought about a dozen cars from Lou over the years. We kept coming back to him because of the great experience.

Extra Sales

I sold a minimum of 2-3 additional new cars a month using Lou's prospecting ideas.


I averaged 4 additional new car sales a month using Lou's prospecting techniques.

35 Years Ago

Lou was one of my first managers in the car business and he showed me the way to be a successful salesperson. I have been in the car business for 35 years plus and currently a sales manager at a Chevrolet Dealership in Roselle IL.

Four More

I've been selling cars for 20 years. I increased my sales by 4 new cars a month by spending 30 minutes a day prospecting. Lou's training works.

Salesperson of the Month

I was at a dealership for 5 years when Lou was hired.. We started talking about goals and I mentioned that being salesperson of the month was one of mine. Two months later I made salesperson of the month for the first time. Lou's training definitely made a difference in my production.