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I wholeheartedly recommend them as an exciting addition to any brand!

Hamleys South Africa currently has three Wattman trains running in shopping centers where its stores are positioned. Five more, customized color scheme trains are set to arrive in the next few months, representing almost a 100% hit rate.  Thus proving the commercial viability as well as the demand for children’s entertainment within the top 10 shopping destinations in South Africa.   Not only do these trains bring smiles to the faces of children as well as parents and adults alike but these beautifully crafted works of art also add immense value to the Hamleys brand (which is celebrating 258 years of heritage this year) as well as to the shopping centers in which they operate.

People are always looking for different experiences and activities these trains serve as crowed-pullers and allow Hamleys to offer a unique experience while simultaneously generating a revenue stream and brand awareness.

I wholeheartedly recommend them as an exciting addition to any brand! “ We have had three years of trouble-free operation and ongoing support from an amazing team,” comments 


Wattman gives you not only the most valuable, attractive trains, but offers an opportunity to spread happiness and joy among children. It is incomparable, unique and outstanding train. If you will have a chance to operate Wattman train, you need to know, that Wattman is choosing you (not you) and expects you as a futures train owner to respect and protect this genuine train and service with your efforts. Your always committed partner - Wattrain

A Very Happy Experience

Our experience launching the first Mini Express Train was very successful, with support from Wattman World, particularly Bart Giele, who worked closely with us step-by-step during the early stages and later how to grow the business. We very much appreciate the professional support and guidance that Wattman World has and continues to provide to its customers.

Exceptional service

Mikkelparken are very pleased with the train from Wattman. Children and parents smile and point when they see and hear the train arrive and can`t wait to ride it. The follow up and service from Wattman before and after purchase is exceptional. Thanks!

Great partner!

Wattman have been a great partner to Pirates cove over the last 6 years, we have grown our fleet to 13 trains across Europe. Reliable, beautiful and always a major hit with children. Buying quality pays off, we look forward to more revenue more trains and lots more success in the future. Thank you to the Wattman team. Karl Fleming MD

we have carried over 100 000 family's last two years.

Wattman's train works very well as we have carried over 100 000 family's last two years. Customer service works well also, they do what they promise. I can recommed!

We love the train

“We loved the train last year. It was such a tremendous draw and a focal point for the riverfront and we were very grateful for all of your help in making it happen for us. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Wattman Trains & Trams.”

Great addition to our park

“The City of Elgin purchased the Wattman train in 2008 for use at our new Festival Park, located along the beautiful Fox River. The train added an exciting new feature to our park that complimented our already existing unique play area and water feature.   Thousands of children enjoyed riding the train throughout the summer, especially during festivals and special events. We found that the train ride was just as popular with adults as with children, since the ride provided a beautiful view of the river.   It has been a great addition to our park and our community.”

The train is recession proof

  “The train is recession proof, our revenues remain stable and I sometimes can’t believe that I’m sitting on a gold mine. I should be calling you in a few weeks to purchase a another train and start my 6th operation”

Great attraction!

“Great attraction!  Visitors enjoy the ride, reliable and good source of revenue.”

Our Mini Express Train has been a huge hit wherever it goes.

“All aboard!! Our Mini Express Train has been a huge hit wherever it goes. We have many outdoor and indoor events here in Newmarket, and the train is a big draw at every event. Children line up again and again so they can ride in every car. Adults seem somewhat nostalgic when they ride the train. Our Mayor says, “It’s a fun thing, a novelty idea to make things a little different and more exciting.” We look forward to many years of enjoyment with our Train. Thank you Wattman Trains!”

Professional approach to customers

“I have personally enjoyed Wattman’s professionalism and customer-oriented approach during the process of procurement. With the increase of the mini train popularity at our Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center, I look forward to seeing more WATTMAN trains in Indonesia and around the region.”

The Mini Express is machical!

"The Mini Express is MAGICAL for the kids and for their parents. In June 2008, when our company started to operate the first train in a local mall, we discovered that sometimes a simple business is a better business. We have been in the garment industry for 17 years but know we are planning and focussing our efforts on growing with this marvellous opportunity."