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Superstar lil kicker

The Superstar lil Kicker is an amazing tool. I used it with both my rec team and church team. It was a little basic for my older kids, but was fantastic for the 5U kids. The product was simple to set up and use. It was a great conversation starter when talking to the younger kids parents. My daughter used it as a training tool and has now advanced to a club team. I highly recommend this for anyone that has a child that is just starting to play soccer.

Darrell F.
9U boys, 11U girls, and 5U coed soccer coach in Morrisville and Cary, NC.

Immediate gains with just a few brief practice sessions

Easy product to set up and start playing with right away.  A fun product that can be used both inside and outside.  My kids (almost 8 and almost 5) still have fun playing with it.  My oldest was already fundamentally sound on both feet, so it didn't help him with mechanics but the targets within the goal present a challenge for him.  My daughter saw some immediate gains with just a few brief practice sessions.  The mat's simple design allowed her to pick up the foot placement goals quickly and with only a few coaching pointers. It helps teach good form to novice players and reinforces good form to younger players that rely too much on speed and strength and not enough on technique.

Very Practical and Convenient

to setup. Easy to do! Very practical and convenient. 

Definitely promotes techniques

I got the superstar kicker for my son who is 7 to refine his
kicking skills. I really like it! It, definitely, promotes very strong


As a soccer player/dad, I
always tried to entice my son, who's is now 4, to play soccer. Whenever, I
took him to the park to play, he would ignore the ball and
instead pick up leaves and pull up grass. I was disheartened. I got the
superstar kicker soccer set and set it up in the living room. He absolutely
loves it! I am soooo elated! A MUST HAVE FOR KIDS, ESPECIALLY 3-5!

Great for Target Practice

​Great for target practice! My son and I play soccer all the times ... often in the house. One thing we do for target practice is to pass the ball through each other legs. The first time I saw this, I said, "I definitely need to get it for my son ... and me." ;-)