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21 Meola Road
Auckland North , 1022
New Zealand

By Annaliese Kidzshout is really fun and it’s very free to do what ever. It’s not controlled so you don’t have to sit on a mat and listen

Mini forest


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Video Testimonial - the one and only Jackson! This was a trial, but it sure is a natural testimonial!

Testimonial #20

Hey Jenny,Thanks for this update.  The girls just love Kidzshout.  You clearly have such a gift for working with children and we are really grateful to know they are in such good hands on a Tuesday.  All the best as your business grows,

Immediately loving it!

just wanted to say the place, set up and people look great and we're looking forward to getting started. After a 20 minute, slightly shy visit, my daughter got in the car and said 'Can I go there everyday now forever from now?'. Keen as!

great place

Thank you for everything...Just perfect place for the kids to relax and enjoy the freedom to be creative.

Kids shout waz its all about!!

kids shout rules! you do lots of fun things like arts and crafts,archery,obstacale corses,dancing and you go to the dairy on also get yummy afternoon teaKIDS SHOUT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial ##16692

My son looks forward to the fun and games and enjoys his afternoons very much - Jenny is always smiling and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic after school program.

Jenny's enthusiasm

Jenny shows real enthusiasm for providing a range of activities for the children under her care. She set up zones with a variety of activities to clearly engage the kids. One of her strengths is her ability to choreograph children from diverse age groups to perform fun Michael Jackson and other dance routines. Our kids were safe and enjoyed being under Jenny's care.

Passion and Drive

That is how I would describe Jenny.  One determined, passionate and driven lady with an inspired vision for a unique and valuable community facility.  Good Luck

Great Idea

Fabulous idea Jenny to keep all those full of energy children entertained and out of trouble - definitely filling a gap in the market. Well Done.

What a great concept

At last, someone has created a cool environment for our older kids. This is such a great idea, totally outside the box. And with Jenny's knowledge and passion for all things creative the kids will love it. 

Great Idea!

Jenny has such passion and a real gift in relating to boys. My 8 year old son loves hanging out there doing really cool stuff, especially making movies. Good luck Jenny. Kidzshout is a fantastic idea!

Great Idea!

Great to hear this is extended to age 14, this works around my job and home alone situation!

Fun with learning

My son has played with Jenny's youngest son since they started school. I have always been very impressed if slightly envious of the way Jenny uses her i.t skills to come up with the most original and innovative activities. She satisfies both the educational aspect for the parents and the cool aspect for the kids. It does a lot to dispel my fears of children stuck in front of screens. 

Fabulous Concept

What a fantastic idea - so refreshing to see a programme that wouldnt make me feel like Im leaving my kids at your average / run of the mill after school care facility.  To combine creativity and 'the Arts' in a programme is so cool - wish this was around in my day! Pure Genius Jenny! Will be keeping tabs to see when this kicks off!

Fabulous idea !!

Jenny is great with kids. She inspires and encourages them along  with her creativity,energy and awesome ideas!  She is the perfect person to be doing kidzshout! 

Kidzshout before Kidzshout

While waiting for Kidshout our kids have had the fortune to have a taste and enjoy Jenny's work for almost 2 years. They have been with her everyday after school and have experienced many of her skills and abilities. Jenny has been able to stimulate their creativity with the right mix of patience, flexibility, love for their age group and the right tools. She did a wonderful job, also considering our kids at the time were new to this country and English was their second language. We still tresure their artwork and clips! Thanks Jenny.

Julie, local Westmere Mum, has this to say... 

From:     julie.senescall     Subject:     I have huge admiration for Jenny's energy, initiative and creativity. She inspires kids to learn,create,act,use media techniques, dance or whatever inspires them but especially to have fun. My kids have a wonderful time with Jenny !!Julie Senescall    Date:     8 June 2014 2:24:15 PM NZST    To:     Jenny Linton

Great Idea!

This is an awesome idea! As father of a 6 year old with far too much energy after school, I'll definitely be getting on board - let me know when you're up and running! Good luck with everything!

Here's what local Mum Rachel has to say...

Jenny has a great ability to relate to kids with her talents in media, music, & film.

She choreographed my son in dance and he along with her son won a Talent Quest a their school.  This led to a further performance at an Arts Festival.


Star Personell

27 May 2014 - Hi Jenny, Many thanks for responding.  I've just had a look at Kidzshout and what anincredible idea, you really are a star!  I wish something like that was aroundwhen I was just a tad younger :) All the best of luck with it, it looks like a great programme! Best RegardsGemma BardsleySTAR Personnel Limited | 29B Cavendish Drive | Manukau | DDI: 09 262 2155 | Mob: 020 4021