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Kim Roycrofts Workshop

5970 Vasse Highway
Nannup Western Australia , 6275


I've known Kim for close on 30 years. He made us a beautiful country style kitchen for our home in Jalbarragup and he helped me build.
He was my go to man for everything to do with timber and gave me all the advice I needed.
Top notch workmanship every time.

A Helping Hand

Kim was extremely helpful with explaining the preparation for and application of, Livos KUNOS Countertop Oil for a dining room table I have built.  I initially finished the table with water based polyurethane and was not satisfied with the end result.  Once I get the poly off I should be on the right road.
Thanks Kim

I would recommend him every time

Kim made a double in pine bed for us. The bed head was scribed with our names, beautifully carved. The bed was solid and very well made and has lasted for years.  If I lived closer i.e. in Australia and not UK, I would want him to make all our wooden furniture.  Brilliant, I would recommend him every time.

Long Lasting Expert Craftsmanship

Solid Stylist Longlasting Expert Craftsmanship.
I have 6 pieces of furniture that Kim Roycroft made for me over 30 years ago. Kitchen dresser, desk, 3 book cases and dining room dresser. All still in perfect condition and in use every day and plan to pass onto my children in time.
Thank you Kim for fantastic family heirlooms that have stood the test of 30 years and here to the next 100 years .

Second To None

Kim's work is second to none. He made our beautiful Jarrah vanity so quickly, and with such care. He even installed it for us, making sure that everything fit perfectly. I'm so happy that we got Kim on the job, he gave us everything we wanted and more!

Highly Recommended

Kim made built in wardrobes in our bedroom and linen cupboards as well. He also put together a kitchen for our new house. He was efficient and his work was excellent, an obliging and excellent furniture maker, I highly recommend him.

Great Site

This site is great!

Amazing Work

Kim's work is amazing. Not only is it beautiful but structurally sound and long lasting.
Kim has the knack of bringing out the natural beauty of the wood grain.
I am still very happy with the kitchen he made for our house, my favourite being the freestanding island. I am looking forward to new pieces to be commissioned.
He also has a great sense of humour!