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Pure Lifted

PO Box 3172
Bloomington IL , 61702
United States

Highly Recommend

The combination of high quality and excellent price point makes this Company the best I have ever used. Additionally, the owner is extremely professional and responsive so reach out to him if you have any questions! I have been using the the tea for about 8 months as an alternative. I have torn cartilage in my hip/knee. It helps me as I approach the procedure to fix my injuries. I was eager to try this company because I found limited options available in Illinois while I was traveling. My only regret is not using PL until now!! I plan to use this company for future orders and highly recommend them!

Best Customer Service and Quality

There is no better costumer service than at Get Pure Lifted. This is a company that cares about their product and their customers. The best aspect for me is the consistency in quality. Their Green Maeng Da is excellent all around. Any Gold or Yellow is the best I have had from anywhere for calming. I would recommend over anywhere else. With their blends and strains, I don't have to look for new vendors anymore. I would feel confident in recommending them to beginners to kratom enthusiasts. I am glad I found them.

Red Borneo sample

I was sent a sample of this strain. Not being paid to say anything.. I am new to using this (only used 2 other companies product). The product was very fine ground and a good color. Smelled fresh. I actually liked this strain compared to other reds I have had. I am planning on trying this strain again when I am needing to to refill my jars. I am looking forward to other strains as well. Maybe the solution is to really mix up strains and also companies. Guess I am kinda skeptical about it but not anymore; I will for sure order some soon. Thank you for the sample!

Gold bali

This is a great place to start your tea journey with. I got Gold Bali, yesterday and received it TODAY!! Gold Bali put me in a great mood and some energy ???? I will definitely be coming back here. Beautiful coloring also.

Quality and Quantity

Pure Lifted has the best product I have ever tried. The only way to describe it is crisp and clean. With their coupons, and their ability to serve any amount you need, their product is the cheapest I can find in the New Orleans area. My advice is to try the Red Bali. Superb.

Awesome company, fantastic people

I have gotten product from this company a few times and it has been nothing but amazing. Clean, properly labeled and packaged product, fast shipping, amazing customer service.. I have nothing but the best to say about the product and the company! Give them a shot.. You won't regret it!


I tried the Velvet strain, after winning it in a social media contest. Customer service is great & shipping was quick. Green Velvet is smooth. I look forward to placing my next Kratom order with this wonderful company!

True customer care!

First time buyer, new loyal customer. Very impressed with the professionalism and the customer care from these guys. Fast shipment, the best communication and forget about the products! Thank you.

Simply Incredible

I’m seriously so impressed. Ridiculously fast shipping, incredible product, and a huge freebie sample! Thank you guys for being awesome! Much appreciated!!! Ur my new go to!!!

Great experience!

I tried products after the site I used to purchase Kratom from stopped responding. Getpurelifted was a breath of fresh air with their good information, great customer service and shipping speed. Dustin in particular was very effective and friendly.

True customer care!

I became a loyal customer after my first experience with this company. Very serious business people and great products as well. Will keep buying from them, no questions asked!

Great customer service

I've been a consistent customer for 3 months now. Fast delivery, good quality products, especially red, and green maeng da! Whites are good as well, as they make you feel more alert. Reds are the most mellow, and greens are in the middle. Highly recommend the Maeng Das!


A friend told me to try Kratom and for the first time in months I feel like me again. Started with white, gonna try red by the end of the week. AMAZING

High quality kratom, great variety, and for an extremely reasonable price.

First off, before I started going through Pure Lifted, I was stuck on one strain of kratom and I didn't realize how tolerant of it I was. All the variety I've found through Pure Lifted has changed the game for me. They've got everything. I was also buying from overpriced apothecaries because I wasn't sure where else to get quality kratom, so now I'm even saving money. Lastly, but most importantly, these guys have the best kratom when it comes to quality. I can always count on it.

Great Kratom!

High quality product, fast and efficient delivery, 100% satisfied overall. Will be back to order again soon!