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Krem Skin Care

St. Catharines Ontario , L2N 6Y7

I love the Krem skin products. I regularly use the hand and body lotion, cleansing milk and hydrating mist. All of the products are non-greasy and leave my skin feeling fresh and healthy and smooth. I love the mild fresh scents and the whole concept behind the Krem brand. Thank you Liz!

I recently was traveling with a friend who has a skin condition, rosacea. I was praying about his condition and God told me to let him use my Krem plantain ointment. In three days the flacks skin and redness was healed! Thank you Krem!

3 years ago when my son was born, we used several products as lotions but no good results. Until a friend suggested Kremskincare which worked wonders. Since then we kept using it. I will highly recommend to anyone. It's a great product.

I can not say ENOUGH good about Krem skincare!! I started using Krem Skin care products about four years ago and will never use anything else, it has CHANGED MY LIFE! When I travel to remote places, like Africa, the only thing I care about bringing is, and will always be, my skin routine! Dr. Liz is BRILLIANT and has been passionately pouring in her entire life into this line of work for well over 30 years. Her dedication had proven to provide absolute excellence that you simply do not find in todays world. I'm 27 now, but I stated seeing Dr. Liz four years ago because my skin went thru a hormonal flare where I formed deep cystic acne and was needing serious treatment! I highly recommend, with my whole heart these products. Not only have they healed my skin but they have helped restore my self confidence as a young woman. Products that I routinely use: - Acne Soap Facial Bar (this is a must! Keeps blemishes clear and clean) - Exfoliating Milk Cleanser (gently keeps dead skin cells from buildup and gives me a fresh face) - Rejuvenating Face Cream (TOTALLY brings me face to life! I often don't wear any makeup, but a small portion of this and I am glowing and healthy) - Face Oil (this is a special blend that Dr. Liz makes for me, but I am certain is or will be offered in the future. If so... get it! It has been a staple for years) If you want a product that is all natural, small-batch created with YOU in mind, then you NEEEEEED to invest in this product line. I will say this too-- make the investment for three months. I promise you... after three months, you will be hooked for a lifetime! Give it a shot! Your skin deserves it. You deserve it. You'll be revolutionized! Thank you Krem for changing my life by healing and helping my skin. I am and will continue to be a lifetime customer!

Krem Hand & Body lotion is a very good all-around cream that has helped to brighten, exfoliate my skin and keeps my hands soft and supple, absorbs quickly and does not leave a grease feeling behind. I have taken care of my skin and hands by applying the Krem Skin care Products.

I highly recommend Krem Skincare Products as i have been very pleased with the Results.


Thank you Krem Skincare.

Krem products are the best in the market. I've been using Krem for over 3years and can't believe how good my skin looks and feels. From the cleansers to the anti aging creams every product is awesome.

I switched to using Krem over 10 years ago and it did not take long to see the incredible results; soft, balanced, youthful looking skin. I will never use anything else and anyone who I have introduced the products too is amazed at how their skin looks and feels afterwards. I believe long term use of these products is why my skin has built up so much health and resilience that I no longer have to wash and moisturize my face daily. It stays fresh, balanced and blemish free for days at a time without any maintenance. This has come in very helpful when I'm out in the wilderness for long stretches at a time.

I use Krem acne bar. I'm a 17 year old and have acne flare ups. Since using the acne bar, my acne and flare ups are at a minimum. Thank you for such a great product

I use Krem acne bar. I'm a 17 year old and have acne flare ups. Since using the acne bar, my acne and flare ups are at a minimum. Thank you for such a great product

I have been using Krem Skincare products now for many years.Rejuvinating Day/Night Cream (AHA) and Shea butter Blend, not only has significantly helped with my monthly acne flare ups, but it has also made my skin look radiant and dewy. My neck has no wrinkles or lines.


Please continue to make great products.


Thank you  Krem Skincare

I have been using Krem skin care products for 15+years. Everyone asks me what my secret is, to the fountain of youth. Well Krem is it!!! When I run out of my lotion and have to use something else I instantly see and feel the difference. Krem is absolutely the best. I have a ruddy over sensitive skin and Krem skincare has been my saviour. And now my daughter only just a teen is already using and wont use anything else. Thank you for keeping me looking and feeling 10 yrs younger. We will never use anything else.

As an older adult with problem skin, I always felt extremely self-conscious. I applied numerous products, but nothing seemed to help. That is…until I tried Krem  Cleansing Milk. It cleaned up my blemishes and left my skin feeling radiant and soft to the touch.

Thank You Krem!