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Was Really Impressed!

The studio is brand new, and really clean. Koyo Corey Ray gave us a nice discount as a couple so I got tattoos and my wife got permanent makeup. His work is really incredible! I also liked being able to pay online and schedule my own appointments on the website, it was very convenient. I absolutely recommend KOYO STUDIOS!


I was really happy with my permanent make-up and overall experience! It was really easy to schedule a session and pay online! The artist was professional and knowledgeable and the studio was clean and comfortable! The artist also does tattoos, so the permanent make-up lasts for years without touch-ups. I feel more confident and beautiful and would highly recommend this studio to anyone wanting permanent make-up or tattoos!


My wife and I were going to be coming to La Jolla and made an appointment for my wife to have a tattoo by Koyo studios. Unfortunately our travel plans have changed to head to another city, and Koyo studios was very gracious to refund our deposit. I do look forward if we get back to La Jolla to work with this great guy.


Koyo Studios' artist, Koyo Corey Ray, did  my full-sleeve tattoo AND my permanent make-up!! For the sleeve, he designed the whole piece based on my life story and the aesthetic I wanted to portray. He did a beautiful full color, Japanese-themed art piece, that literally looks like an impressionistic-realism painting on my arm.    For my permanent make-up he did my whole face. Eyebrows with pencil shade, eyeliner with lash extension, two-tone lip color, and even blush! He made me look and feel so beautiful! He was able to accentuate my facial features, and knew the best way to do my make-up! He also gave me very detailed advice on the tattoo process and how to care for my tattoo and my permanent make-up. My permanent make-up has lasted for two years with NO touch-ups! It still looks like I just got it done!! I can just wake up and go to work every morning with no need to put on any make-up!  And I look so professional and ready for work or fun!


came in for a online scheduled walk in tattoo, was immediately greeted by the artist who did my tattoo, KOYOCoreyRay, he was super nice and he totally took his time with the design that I wanted. really pleased with the final result. Will definitely be getting my future tattoos here! I have 3 other tattoos and this place by far is the best. Would give more than 5 stars if possible!