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Law Office of Cedric Rainey, PLLC

10130 Perimeter Pkwy, Ste. 200
Charlotte NC , 28216
United States

Civil Litigation Defense

Cedric and his associates did an outstanding job with handling my legal matters. I have never been a part of any legal issues before, so to find out that there was a court case pending against me was quite troubling. Cedric took my case on without hesitation and set realistic expectations from the very beginning. He laid out the procedures and steps that he was going to take and executed everything in a timely manner. He kept me updated every step of the way which made me feel very involved. The level of comfort and trust i felt with Cedric regarding something so sensitive came as a shock to me, but im so glad i chose Cedric to represent me. I am beyond satisfied with the results and outcome of my case, especially with how quickly everything got settled. If you ever find yourself in any legal trouble, please give Cedric a call because you wont regret it.

Very Helpful!

My experience with Mr. Rainey was wonderful. He was extremely professional and patient as my wife and I explained our case to him. He directed us straight to the established law that was pertinent to our case and explained to us how it applied. Any time I got confused about a subject, he explained it clearly to me. Not only did he advise us how to fill out our paperwork, he was also willing to review it for accuracy. We won a full judgement in our case and we could not have done it without Mr. Rainey's thorough advice. If the need ever arises, my wife and I will most definitely consult him again and we will be strongly recommending him to anyone we know needing assistance. Thank you, Mr. Rainey!

Wonderful Client Experience

"He did a fantastic job and produced great results and I am very pleased with the way he handled our case. He was very professional and kept us informed throughout the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a great real estate lawyer."

Highly Recommended!

"I came to Cedric with a business transaction that needed to be settle with my business partners. I was a broken man and felt hopeless. Cedric reassured me that he would look at every option available to me. He walked me through the entire process and didn’t show any frustration even when I wasn’t being the most obedient client. He has dealt with me so much, I feel like he’s a part of my family. Not only will I keep him as my business attorney, but I’ll also keep him as my personal attorney. I will surely recommend him to friends, family, colleagues, and other business owners. Cedric, thanks for your professionalism and caring attitude."

Excellent Civil Attorney

"Cedric helped me with a Civil case. I cannot say enough about how he was incredibly professional and well prepared. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of legal counsel."

Great North Carolina Attorney

"Cedric Rainey is the most trustworthy lawyer I know in North Carolina. I won’t hesitate to refer any of my N.C. clients to have because I know they will be taken care of."

Denial For a Concealed Handgun Permit

"Mr. Cedric Rainey helped me with a concealed handgun permit case. He was very professional and well experienced. I was very please with his attitude, kindness of communication and the way he handle my case in the court system. I would very highly recommend him as an attorney."