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Most intuitive soul

Yengyee is one of the most intuitive souls I know. She is on top of her stuff and has such a caring heart. She has inspired and guided me through some of my toughest struggles. I couldn't have done it without her wisdom, resources, care and coaching. I am a grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Thank you Yengyee for all that you do! I highly recommend!!! 

Was able to achieve new goals!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Yengyee within my own business. As an outside sale representative, my role is demanding and when I started with Yengyee, I was simply dazed and confused on the best way to do my job each day. Just before starting with Yengyee, my sales territory doubled in size and I was struggling to build a process that I could use to maintain all these new customers and prospects. The amount of data I was looking at was overwhelming, but in talking to Yengyee about business, about process, about state of mind, and about the stresses we all have in life, she was able to help me organize it all and get back on track. With her help I was able to achieve new goals and without her help, I am not sure I would still have the opportunities I do, so thank you Yengyee. 

Life-changing and valuable

Yengyee is a phenemonal life coach. I reached out to Yengyee for her leadership coaching service in November of 2017. At that time, I was extremely burnt out from my work that functionaility, balance, and clarity became difficult for me in my professional and personal life. Throughout our meetings and messaging, I am always moved by her genuine care and professionalism. Our contract duration time is 6 months, but Yengyee's approach and methods helped me gain the insight, courage, and strength to make the biggest leap towards getting where I want to be and becoming the boss in my company within less than 2 months! We meet twice a month and in between Yengyee is always available to send me guidance and support through e-mails, messaging, or just to talk in general. Her positive outlook on life and healthy change is so contagious and I find myself applying every teaching she shares with me. My experience working with Yengyee has been life-changing and so valuable. I can go on and on about this incredible experience, but instead, I highly recommend you to reach out to Faithful Consulting today and find out more for yourself. Love you, Yengyee

Non-profit Board Training

Yengyee is professional, effective, and organized! She is not only passionate and knowledgeable, but delivers culturally and linguistically competent leadership and board trainings for The Hmong Institute. THANK YOU! --Mai Zong Vue, board president of The Hmong Institute.

Dependable, non-judgmental, thoughtful and kind

Yengyee is one of the most dependable, non-judgmental,thoughtful and kind people you could work with. She really helped me to stay positive during my journey to my next career and I couldn't recommend her more!

Great tips on goal setting

I just wanted to say thank you to Yengyee for the mapping strategy she shared. I find myself using it without even realizing it now. And all the other great tips you’ve shared like shifting yourself, goal setting strategies, knowing your personality, and so much more! Thank You and I hope to see more of you in the future.

Amazing and encouraging coach

To sum up my experience in a few words is impossible. Yengyee has been an amazing and encouraging coach. She has helped me in areas of my life where I lacked confidence and provided clarity. During the duration of the course, I’ve gained strategies to lead with grace, assertion, & confidently. I’ve learned more about myself and my abilities than anything else. There is no better teacher/coach than Yengyee. She practices what she preaches and is one of the most humble individual I’ve met. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Effective, to the point, caring, understanding, supportive, and nonjudgemental

Effective, to the point, caring, understanding, supportive, and nonjudgmental - these are just some of the qualities that Yengyee brings into class and her coaching. Yengyee is so passionate about her work that she will make you excited about everything you share with her. She exudes enthusiasm, and will leave footprints of her leadership with you long after you have interacted with her. She helps you find clarity, strengths, skills, and techniques to reach your goals. I honestly cannot recommend her enough! Looking forward to many more opportunities working together!

Genuine and Trustworthy

“Yengyee has a natural inspirational way of helping people find answers to life’s questions.  In the field of Life Coaching, Yengyee will guide you through the issue or problem and help you identify the necessary steps needed to reach your goals.  Yengyee has a magnetic personality that immediately makes you feel at ease as she gracefully guides you through personal and professional choices and decisions. I highly recommend Yengyee as Life Coach or Consultant; she is dedicated, hardworking and genuine, or what I would call an authentic Life Coach."

Focused, energized, and ready to rock and roll!

"As a new manager, I am so happy to have Yengyee as my leadership coach. She is so insightful and has a unique way of looking at things. Her coaching and guidance have helped me take huge strides in improving my management skills, and by the end of each of our sessions I feel focused, energized, and ready to roll!"

Gifted Listener

I worked with Yengyee for a nearly four month period and would not hesitate to recommend her coaching services. She is a gifted listener who made me feel...

Compassionate Coach

“Yengyee is an amazing coach. Her warm and compassionate style will allow you to feel safe to work through any issue!”

Highly recommended coach

I would highly recommend Yengyee to anyone looking for a coach. She has the ability to help you gain clarity and perspective on whatever you are currently working on. Yengyee has truly helped me move forward in my business.

Exactly expected of a Coach

"Yengyee has worked with me in exactly the way I would expect a Coach to do. By asking questions, not being judgmental, and holding me accountable she is able to help me discover, on my own, the specific challenges I’m currently dealing with. Yengyee’s enthusiasm for my success is a true motivator.  With her guidance, I’ve been able to discover the answers to those difficult challenges/roadblocks I face throughout the day. Our sessions have been an eye opening experience and I would encourage anyone to sit down with Yengyee to simply have a conversation.  What have you got to lose - and it may change your life!"

Powerful and effective life, leadership, and focus coach!

Yengyee is a very powerful and effective Life, Leadership, and Focus Coach. She has the perfect balance of warmth, empathy, and nurture with a firm hand to hold her clients accountable and motivated to follow through on their actions. I highly recommend Yengyee to anybody who is serious about gaining clarity on the next steps of their life and/or career. You'll be glad to have her in your corner not only cheering you on, but also pushing you further than you imagined and gaining valuable insight and strength that you didn't even know was there!