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Leak Doctor

1247 36 Ave NE
Calgary Alberta , T2E 6N6

Great Job!

I waited 11 months to write this because we wanted to wait to go over this past winter season. I am very impressed with this exterior work. Both the materials and the service was excellent. More importantly I found the integrity of Leak Doctor and his team to be outstanding. During the demo process there was a little damage to the railing and the supervisors did spent a tremendous amount of time to research to find the same model of railing and took several trips back and forth from Calgary to Okotoks to make sure the repairs were such that the railing repaired, quickly did return exactly like when they were new. You can trust these guys knows how to repair a large stucco leak and at the same time provide an excellent costumer services. The project took 10 months to be completed, but the amount of work involve in this restoration was massive, we are pleased with the results and glad we did hired Leak Doctor. They really are experts when comes to leak detection and they did resolve the issue at first try, at contrary of other contractors that we did hired in the past, that were trying to guess without any results. Gary S.

Major leak discovery thx to Leak Doctor

I noticed signs of a leak in my house and Vittorio came to assess it within 2 days. He discovered a major leak that was going to cost me a lot of money to fix (insurance only covered a small part). My house is only 3 years old, so I called the builder, but because the warranty was up they wouldn't help. I was in a huge panic because I had renters with young children (moving all the way from Europe) who were supposed to move into my house in 3 weeks. The leaks required major reconstruction and mold remediation and I didn't want to expose kids to that. Vittorio moved fast to send me a quote in less than 24 hours, and he moved around his other projects so that he could get to my place right away. Then, only 3 days before he was scheduled to start the work, I heard back from my builder (after I posted a negative Google review), and the builder was suddenly willing to help. I felt terrible because Vittorio went out of his way to help and I had to cancel. When I emailed to tell Vittorio, he was incredibly understanding and happy that the builder was willing to help, and he even refused the service charge that I was willing to pay for his original visit to assess the damage. To me, this is an example of a business person with integrity and a genuine interest in his customers. He knows that, because of his willingness to help and his understanding, he has gained a huge advocate. If I ever need them for anything (roofing, renovations, etc.), I will definitely call him first, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have not seen his work, but given the other reviews, it seems like he would do a great job. Thank you Vittorio!

wonderful experience working with The Leak Doctor!

I have had the most wonderful experience working with The Leak Doctor! Everyone was so professional. The installers did a wonderful job and were efficient and left no mess behind. Highly recomend using them.

Well done Leak Doctor

Leak Doctor was hired by our property management to restore the exterior of our condo. We live on a ten unit townhouse complex that had been badly damaged by a water leak after that another company had install some new windows and sliding doors. A special "thank you" to the staff for his attention to detail and ability to restore and correct some significant damage We highly recommend Leak Doctor.

Exterior Renovation

We had a water leakage issue with our back wall where we could not identify the source of the problem. Vittorio did a water test against the entire wall in conjunction with thermal imaging, correctly diagnosed the problem and proposed an appropriate solution. Beyond fixing the leaks, Vittorio and his team replaced 13 windows and 3 doors, fixed 2 foundation cracks, repaired the deck, re-stippled 3 ceilings and repainted the stucco for the entire house. This work was completed over a 6 month period and we are very satisfied with the results. What I appreciate the most about Vittorio is that he is competent, he works hard to hire competent staff, he acknowledges issues and addresses them in a timely manner, he is committed to a quality result and he is trustworthy. I give high marks to Vittorio and his team for the quality of their work.

Insulation Upgrade and Roof inspection

We were extremely satisfied with LeakDoctor's assessment of work that needed to be completed. They were efficient, stayed on budget and were very professional. Staff was knowledgeable, polite and cleaned-up after work was completed. We would recommend them.

Plumbing Leak

I called Leak Doctor in November 2017 to come out and investigate the source of a plumbing leak behind the walls in my rental property. What appealed to me most about them is that not only do they identify the leak and repair it, they also restore the house to its original state, as opposed to organizing the work with multiple contractors. It was a pleasure dealing with Vittorio (Leak Doctor owner) as he was very knowledgeable and genuine in trying to spend only as much as was needed as well as schedule the work to be completed as quickly as possible.